looks like dexter

My cat has been sleeping like this while purring for the last 5 minutes. Help him.

jordan looking very meow


So I was starting work on a birthday post for Ever After High characters and remembered that Dexter and Darling share the same birthday and are twins. That was when I thought: What would they look like as twins?

You’re laying down in bed reading a book when Jackson comes in and snuggles under your arm. He wraps himself around you enough so that he’s comfy but you’re still able to turn pages of the book

anonymous asked:

What's with the hypocrisy in the anti-DR CM group? Dexter looks like a scumbag - creepy as. His previous "drama" YT content was lame, but now he's "not about the drama". Sam obviously thinks breaking road rules and putting people's lives in danger is worse than a FB comment. The whole thing is ridiculous, and the hypocrisy is blatant. I really hope this does get to court and the judge throws it out and gives the Weasel a public tongue lashing for wasting everyone's time. We support you DR.

Cheers mate. :)

So many Casey Neistat wannabes! 

“Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough”

Tanith Low, my all times favourite warrior. She is funny and baddass. What is not to love !

Good news, I finally created a sideblog just for my art !