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Fluff Week: Red team movie night!

Red team is split on movie nights, between those who enjoy watching musicals and singing along to the songs, and those who hate musicals and wish they could just have a quiet night for once.

My cat has been sleeping like this while purring for the last 5 minutes. Help him.


now w the rest of the boys (minus their drummer)

inspired by x

K so I was going to save this for angst wars but yknow what let’s dump this everywhere right now

so we’re all assuming Grif’s coming back. From a Watsonian narrative standpoint it makes sense to have him come back, from a Doylist standpoint he’s an iconic character and I don’t think they could really get rid of him.

But what if he just


What if the troopers get into trouble, and get out of it again, and go through another Big Damn Adventure and make it all the way through and it turns out they don’t need Grif. They’re fine without him. They work

and then they eventually come back with the day saved to an empty moon.

Kai’s the one who sends them a message to let them know he went back to earth. Sarge grumbles about “good riddance” and polishes his shotgun a lot and no one can find Simmons for a few days

Donut eventually goes to visit

and he has to go alone.

He gets there and he knocks on the door and Grif answers it and just says “oh. it’s you.”

not angry

not upset

not excited

completely neutral.


“do you need something?”

“I just wanted to come say hi!”

“well. Hi.”

and they stand there awkwardly for a minute or so

until grif just shuts the door and donut leaves

and grif is never spoken of again

that’s it.


Dex & Zoe

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headcanon: when mitch was a wee child watching dumb cartoons(literally just anything he could because freddie has been confirmed to steal remotes) he stumbles across the show dexter's lab and proceeds to fucking harass freddie because they both had red hair and Mitch would say shit like "my nerd older brother is up here looking like fucking dexter" and then freddie would chuck the remote at his face


Today my hot politics teacher walked up to me and I was like “YOU KNOW WHO YOU KIND OF LOOK LIKE?😱”
And he’s like “Dexter?😉”
And I was like “..omf…..yes…😍…”

I stay late every class hoping he’ll kill me…but instead he just walks me to my car. :/

jordan looking very meow