looks like dexter


So I was starting work on a birthday post for Ever After High characters and remembered that Dexter and Darling share the same birthday and are twins. That was when I thought: What would they look like as twins?

Me seeing Timmy and Jimmy Power Hour 3

Wait a minute… Where I seen this before?

Yeah! I can remember

In the Jerkinators title card, Jimmy’s lab coat looks like Dexter’s lab coat, the gloves that he uses have the same color even the shoes are similar. 2D Jimmy have his white sneakers, instead of the Fairly OddParents style (Fused shoes with pants) but in this title card he does not have them and his shoes style looks like Dexter´s shoes style.

Sorry for my english… Again

“Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough”

Tanith Low, my all times favourite warrior. She is funny and baddass. What is not to love !

Good news, I finally created a sideblog just for my art !

I spy with my little eye…A CERTAIN BOY GENIUS.

Looks like Dexter loves The Human Fist as much as Robotboy, Tommy, Lola, and Gus.

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jordan looking very meow


Follow along with the song here..~


Mod Elixer: Welp, turns out that I have to separate the part I wanted as one into two parts now, uugh... >.<

Well, other than that minor issue, I figured out how to organize the boxes for drawings so that it doesn’t clog up the dashboard as much, yay!~ I also had a total blast drawing these, even figured out a new, easier brush setting for my lineart!~ I really love drawing my Starswirl, huehehe!~ >w<

is he trying to liken himself to donald trump and is he also implying that donald trump is an admirable guy just because he’s bigoted and continues to be bigoted even after people try to correct him….

yall im no longer confused about why dex is awful he fucking SYMPATHIZES WITH DONALD TRUMP. what he is saying right here is the same shit he says about himself………. ……

**also, if people see this later on, this is right after he said some ignorant shit and, lol surprise surprise!, people got mad and he tried making himself the victim.


Michael C. Hall Looks A Lot Like “Dexter”

He looks fine, the creepiness is in other people´s heads… I love that he is always a good sport about “Dexter” things.