looks like cris got some bad news

#96: He hangs out with his ex & you get jealous, so you make him jealous *CAKE*


Calum went to the beach with his friends. You couldn’t come because you were busy with work. You checked on twitter, and typed Calum in the search bar. You saw “Calum and Maddy” so you clicked on it. You saw a picture of Maddy. She was beautiful and everyone said she was nice. You were jealous. Calum was sleeping and a caption said “EWWW” with Maddy in the picture. You were jealous. So jealous you got angry. You saw some couple pictures of him and his friends. You angrily shut off your phone and sighed. You went home and went to change until your phone vibrate. You checked and got a text. 

“Hey it’s been awhile since we hanged out. Wanna hang out?" it was your ex. It was perfect to make Calum jealous. "Sure let me get ready,” and you heard the doorbell ring. “Oops already here!" you chuckled at your idiot ex. He rang the doorbell a lot. You groaned and opened the door. "Stop ringing the doorbell will you?!” “Well hello to you to?” he laughed. “C'mon lets just go.”  

You guys walked on the sidewalk and laughed and smiled. You missed the old times when you guys were together. The paps got pictures of you two, but you didn’t know they were there. You were arm & arm with him. Calum checked his phone. No text messages. He frowned. But he saw there were news articles about you. You were blowing up on the web. Calum clicked on one of the links.

Calum was furious. He growled. He stood up and grabbed his stuff. “Where you going Cal?” Maddy asked, standing up and stopping him. “I’m going home.” “Why so early?” she traced her finger on his chest. “Maddy, stop.” she took her finger away. “She doesn’t have to know..” Calum was angry. “Stop! I’m dating Y/N!” Maddy didn’t care and just kissed him. Calum pushed her off. “We can’t be friends if you keep doing this. I’m not dating you anymore!” He broke her heart. Calum walked away. But, the paps got that. They got the picture of her kissing him.

And then posted it. You went home after hanging out with Y/EX/N. “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!” Calum yelled in your face. He showed you a picture of you and Y/EX/N. “WE’RE JUST HANGING OUT TOGETHER! WHAT DO YOU THINK THIS IS?!” you showed him the picture of Maddy kissing him. You both were trapped.


Luke was sitting on the couch with you. You snuggled into his arms and he was texting and laughing. “Who are you texting babe?” “Huh? Oh I’m texting Aleisha,” he said. Every time, in bed, on the couch, when you guys go somewhere, he always has to text his ex girlfriend. You stood up and sighed. He didn’t even care. Like always he used to. You’re guys relationship is just nothing now. You decided to make him jealous, because you were. You walked to your guys bedroom and called your ex. “Hello?" 

Hey, it’s me,“ you smiled. "Oh hey Y/N! It’s been awhile. How are you?” “Pretty good. Luke’s been ignoring me and basically because of his ex," you sighed and then groaned. "Cheer up. Hey, lets hang out. Meet me by my place," you smiled.

Okay I’m coming,“ you grabbed your phone and walked downstairs, grabbing your shoes. You opened the door and looked at Luke. Him not even caring where you’re going. You saw him laughing then frowned closing the door. You cried. He didn’t even care about you anymore. You went to Y/EX/N’s house. He opened the door and saw you crying. He frowned and hugged you. You cried on his chest. "Luke is a bad boyfriend… If we were together again, I would care so much about you,” he softly said. 

“C'mon lets go for a walk,” you nodded. He made you laugh, smile, just like Luke. Paps were all over. They caught you and Y/EX/N. You hated them. They once pushed Luke and you helped him up, and you cursed at them. Luke looked around. “Y/N?!” he yelled. And he remembered you left. He checked the news if they got some information about you, and they did. He clicked on an article. 

Luke was angry and jealous. Your ex kissed you. You blushed when he kissed you. “Y/EX/N I-I’ll see you later…” you blushed and he nodded. You walked home. You open the door and closed it. Seeing Luke angrily staring at you. “SO YOU KISSED HIM?!” he yelled. “IT’S YOUR FAULT FOR IGNORING ME FOR THESE PAST MONTHS, TEXTING ALEISHA AND NOT EVEN CARING ABOUT ME!” you yelled and dropped to your knees. “You don’t even love me, but I know you still love her.." 

-Kelly :] x