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It’s been a great week - part South Africa

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Sunday, March 12

A quiet Sunday.

caitrionabalfe  Cape Town Sucks ….. #postproductionmeeting #we‘renotinCumbernauldanymore @samheughan @nightmaril #Karin

OMG!! Sam and Cait! Is this photo real? Did Cait honestly just post this!! Also, where can I find those sunglasses?



Monday, March 13

Filming has begun!

Tuesday, March 14

Steven Cree announces his kickstarter campaign.

Sam’s like on Instagram. Seems like a familiar couple that I’ve seen before. Maybe it reminds Sam of someone he knows.

Wednesday, March 15

The one year anniversary of the London Fan Event that so many here were able to attend. And the day some of the best interviews were filmed.

Also the 2 year anniversary of the LA Marathon.


Steven Cree now understands exactly what that means.

Sam tweets his support for Cait and confirms that he is still her biggest cheerleader. The man can’t help himself!

@abreathofsnowandashes notices something that we can’t stop laughing at.

Thursday, March 16

Everyone is heading to South Africa. Looks like Cesar is leaving soon.

And then this happened. Huge thank you to @surana17 for tweeting this to Sam. He NEEDED to see it!

And to top it all off Cait’s Instagram like:

Friday, March 17

And more twitter banter

Also Cesar and Lauren are in the air and on their way to South Africa! Cannot wait for Fersali!

Eagle eyes @sherrigamblin notices that the inflight entertainment unit appears similar to a photo Sam posted on the weekend of Cait’s birthday trip to Paris. Add it to the pile of receipts.

Saturday, March 18



We deserve this!

Sunday, March 18

Outlander goes hiking! All the love to Cesar and Lauren for sharing this adventure. See sharing can be fun!

Hai Cait! Love your necklace!

Oh just for good measure, here’s another fan photo of Sam and Cait out at the mall on Saturday, since they do things like that together.

One final shout out to all of our writers this week. We have been given so many drabbles and amazing fics this week.  THANK YOU!!! WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!

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And hopefully we still have more goodness today and I have to update this…


He’s so interesting and passionate and beautiful and alarmed at lots of people talking at the same time


history meme (plantagenet edition)  →  5 men (1/5), Henry II of England

Henry II (5 March 1133 – 6 July 1189), also known as Henry Plantagenet, ruled as Count of Anjou, Count of Maine, Duke of Normandy, Duke of Aquitaine, Count of Nantes, King of England and Lord of Ireland. 

Henry was the son of Geoffrey of Anjou and Empress Matilda. He actively became involved in his mother’s efforts to claim the throne of England at age 14, which was occupied by Stephen of Blois. Stephen eventually agreed to a peace treaty after Henry’s military expedition to England in 1153 and Henry inherited the kingdom on Stephen’s death a year later.

Henry was an energetic and sometimes ruthless ruler, driven by a desire to restore the lands and privileges of his grandfather, Henry I. He married Eleanor of Aquitanie and together had eight children. As they grew up, tensions over the future inheritance of the empire began to emerge, and in 1173 Henry’s heir apparent, “Young Henry”, rebelled in protest; he was joined by his brothers Richard and Geoffrey and by their mother, Eleanor. The Great Revolt was only defeated by Henry’s vigorous military action and talented local commanders, but Young Henry and Geoffrey revolted again in 1183, resulting in Young Henry’s death. 

A final rebellion broke out in 1189 and decisively defeated by Philip II of France and Henry’s son, Richard, he retreated to Chinon in Anjou, where he died from a bleeding ulcer. Henry’s empire quickly collapsed during the reign of his youngest son John. Historical interpretations of Henry’s reign have changed considerably over time. In the 18th century, scholars argued that Henry was a driving force in the creation of a genuinely English monarchy and, ultimately, a unified Britain.

Its impossible to watch TV with me.
  • Some guy on Oddities: Yeah I've been collecting fossils and bones since I was a kid and I dunno what this is but I'm 100% sure its a fossilized dinosaur skull.
  • Me: No. Its a hippo skull and there's no way in hell its fossilized at all are you kidding me.
  • Some guy on a supernatural investigation show: Uyup I've been livin' in the wilds of Texas mah whole life and I ain't EVER seen a creature like this before. Its definitely some government experiment or Chupacabra!
  • Me: Its a fucking coyote with horrific mange how the hell have you never seen that before?? Like I'm from urban New Jersey and even I know what mange looks like c'mon!!
  • Cesar Millan: *after abusing the hell out of a dog* See, he's submissive now!
  • Me: *screeching*

Hours passed as they walked by the lake, and more hours as they talked by the roaring fire in the cottage. Later they made love. And it was better than ever before. They lay together for a very long time, before either of them was willing to break the bond of silence, and then it was Lucrezia who spoke first. “Our baby is the most beautiful cherub I have ever seen,” she said, smiling. “And he looks just like…”

Cesare leaned on his arm and looked into his sister’s clear blue eyes. “Just like who? he asked.

Lucrezia laughed. "Just like…us!” she said, and laughed again. “I think we will be happy together, even if he is your son, and can never be mine.”
“But we are most important,” Cesare reassured her. “And we know the truth.”

—  The Family - Mario Puzo

@margarettudor @lucrizias I think you’ll like this <333

*shamelessly looks like a five year old after getting a hair cut* bYE

anonymous asked:

Do you believe in God or the Universe?

I believe God is energy and definitely not some old Father Christmas looking ass hovering in the clouds with a son who looks like Cesare Borgia