looks like breaking into your laptop will be a bit more difficult then anticipated

hummingbird heartbeat - pt33

The internet caught onto Kent’s boyfriend related hashtags immediately, and it didn’t surprise Bitty when he woke up to see Kent’s account inundated with questions – and insults. Kent responded to a few, all of them respectful questions that received very short answers. Kent gave a single explanation for why he wasn’t choosing to reveal his boyfriend’s identity – “we value privacy in our personal lives :)” – and he didn’t entertain further questions on the subject. In fact, he’d moved on to tweet a few hockey-related things before the activity on his account ceased for the day. The insults were ignored.

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unorthodox study methods

“dear mister kim seokjin, this letter is to formally notify you that the university watch has placed you under academic probation due to failure to comply with…” seokjin’s voice fades out, dropping the very official looking sheet of paper with his univeristy insignia emblazoned at the top.

academic probation.

after all those hours of sleepless nights, tucked away in the remotest corner of the school library, buried up to his forehead in textbooks, and studying until his nose began to bleed from exhaustion?

what will his parents say?

seokjin stumbles toward the living room, flopping back on the couch as his knees give way to the numbing emptiness slowly seeping through his bones.

he’d tried so hard. really he did.

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Caged [20]

Characters: NamjoonxReader
Length: 2758 words
Genre: Mafia AU
Warnings: Violence

Part 19  Part 21

The door opened softly and allowed for the light from the hallway to fall into the darkened room. You didn’t look up, your eyes trained on Jungkook’s relaxed face on the pillow. The wound in his shoulder had stopped bleeding a while ago, and you had made him take some of the strong pain killers you had gotten from the hospital so he could find some sleep. Hoseok and you had patched him up to your best abilities when you had come back to Namjoon’s place, and then taken him into the guest room next to Jimin’s room.

Namjoon and Jimin had barely even looked at him.

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EXO reaction to their girlfriend being in Jay Park’s MV MOMMAE 몸매.


He bites his lip, not even trying to hide the smirk that slowly spread across his face, letting his eyes drop from your digital self on his laptop screen, slowly back up to your body next to him. Shuffling in your seat on the couch, you lean over his lap and tap pause, warily watching his expression;

“Well… what do you think?”

He grins mischievously, slipping the laptop off his lap so fast that you don’t remember how he ended up straddling your hips, pressing your hands to your sides.

“I think those rabbit ears are going to come in handy.”


He’s staring wide-eyed at the tablet you’ve put in front of him, his gripping the edges of it so tightly that his knuckles are turning white. You rest a hand on his shoulder gently.

“O-Oppa? Are you okay?”

He whips his head around to look at you, jealousy burning in his eyes.


You cringe and play with the hair at the nape of his neck, trying to calm him down.



He’s had the video in his mind since last night. He was so jealous of how you wrapped yourself around Jay Park on the bed. You had consoled him, of course; telling him not to worry, you were just acting. After a few kisses and cuddling, you’d finally soothed him by telling him that you were planning something more intimate and real for tonight. He groaned, watching the clock as his members were rounding up their practice and finalising a few moves. His phone beeps and he jumps a mile. He looks down and opens the message.

Y/N: Your surprise is ready… come home.

He scrolls down to see a selfie you’ve taken in the bathroom mirror, bunny outfit on full display, a box of condoms at your feet. He texts you back and runs out of the room.

Kris: I’ll be home in 5, brace yourself, you won’t be walking for a few days.


“Jagiya, we need to talk.”

He beckons you over to his bed with a wave of his hand. You sit on the edge of the bed, trying to read his expression. No use, he’s got his poker face on. You were in trouble.

“What’s wrong? You cock your head to the side, waiting for his answer.

He shoves the phone screen in your face and watches you expectantly.

"You should know how I’d react to this. If you wanna make it up to me, I think we should reenact this.”


You were hoping that showing Lay your part in this MV would elicit a slightly different reaction out him. You were sure that texting him the link during his practice would hint towards what your were planning for tonight, maybe he’d drive straight home or send naughty messages to you- when he sends a video back, you lick your lips in anticipation. You read the message and feel your expression fall.

“No Jagi! You’re doing it wrong, you’ve gotta dance with like this!”


You woke up to the sound of giggling. It happened in a few second bursts; silence, giggle, silence, giggle. What the hell was going on? You pushed back the covers and rolled out of bed, following the childish tones of your boyfriends laugh. You stood in the doorway and sighed from embarrassment, covering your face in your palm. Baekhyun turns around and points at you, cackling.

“Haha, Jagi! You’re half naked dressed on telly! Your family has seen you dressed like a bunny! What’s your grandma gonna say? Haha!”

Child. You turn around, giving him the finger.


He’s on the outskirts on the set, watching you as the MV is being filmed. There are so many people dancing and wandering around, it was difficult for you to keep track of where the cameras were, even more so of where everyone was. You thrust and sway in time with the music, making sure to keep your expression sultry and not laugh at how ridiculous you felt. You didn’t mean to make eye contact, you really didn’t. You looked over and stopped dead. Chen had a lust filled look in his eyes that caught you like a deer in headlights. He was licking his lips and all you could think about was the way his lips felt on yours. You were snapped from your reverie by the director shouting ‘CUT’. You shook your head and looked up, vaguely hearing her shout something about the backup dancers swooning in their on time. You murmured a 'sorry’ and heard Chen giggle. Arsehole.


You sit him down in your room, telling him that you have something to show him. He gets excited and sits on the end of your bed expectantly, rubbing his hands together.

“What have you got to show me, Jagi?”

He looks slightly confused when you turn to him from your desk, and plonk a laptop into his hands.

“I thought you might like to see this.”

He watches intently, smirking as he see’s your scantily dressed, enjoying the view. You stand in front of him, watching his reaction carefully. He starts to look irritated and you tilt your head to the side.

“What’s wrong? You looked like you liked it a moment ago?”

He frowns and closes the laptop lid, setting it aside and looking up at you.

“Not really, no.”

You stare at him, gobsmacked. You felt heat rush to your face as you bolt towards the door. He’s quicker than you and blocks your escape route with his arm. You look up at him, shocked. He sighs down at you and holds the side of your face in his hand.

“I loved your performance, you’re gorgeous, talented and were clearly the best girl in it. There are only a couple things I’d change.”

Putting your hand over his, you prepare yourself for criticism.


He smirks and rubs his thumb on the side of your face.

“I’d be lying there instead on him, and you’d be the only other one there. I don’t like to share.”

D.O. -

He’s taking a break from practice, catching his breath, and having a moment to himself. He hears his members chuckling and whistling, all crowded around Baekhyun. Curiosity gets the better of him, he leisurely walks across the room gulping down his drink. His eyes widen and he chokes for air as the bass of Mommae hits his ears.


He yells, throwing the water bottle at Baekhyun’s head, snatching his phone back.


Ever since Zitao had watched the MV that morning, he’d been distant, grouchy and dare you to think it, jealous? When you questioned him about it, he shrugged it off and laughed. You’d roll your eyes and carry on with your day. Later that night, he’d come home and you didn’t expect much- when he got into one of his sulks, he’d stay that way until the next day, so you carried on preparing dinner and let him get on with it. But when you felt hands on your waist turn you around and push you against the counter, you stared startled at him. His face was inches away from yours, you could feel his breath hit your lips as he spoke in a quiet yet deadly still tone.

“I want a private show. Now.”


Poor little Nini doesn’t quite know what to do with himself, he’s sitting on the fence between jealousy and pure amazement. He’s watching the MV sneakily on his laptop with his headphones in. You’re in the kitchen preparing dinner and swaying your hips to a song on the radio, oblivious to the wondering eyes, roaming your hips and thighs admiringly. He grins like a kid in a candy shop, muttering under his breath.

“All mine.”

You look over your shoulder at him, smiling.

“What was that, baby?

"Oh, nothing.” He says, smiling innocently.


He scoffs when you show him your part in the MV, wrapping his arm around your waist, pulling you close. You frown up at him questioningly, to which he brushes the stray hairs out of your eyes and tucks them behind your ear.

“Filthy peasants, think they’re getting the best view, but they don’t get to see the best one of all.” He murmurs into your ear, licking down your neck, tracing his fingers across your stomach.

This took so long! I went a little bit too far into this :’) But yes, I hope you guys like it! Feel free to request more!

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It is a painful kind of relief. The phone rings five times, and Lestrade is breathless when he picks up. “Mycroft! Alright?”

Mycroft swallows suddenly, then finds his voice. “Detective Inspector Lestrade,” he says smoothly. “I am afraid that I must break our appointment for this evening. A situation has arisen and I will be unavoidably detained in the office, probably until the early hours of the morning.”

There’s a moment of silence, and a slight rustling at the other end of the phone. It could be a sigh. “Ah well, that’s a shame,” says Lestrade. “I looked the place up. It looked nice.”

“Yes,” says Mycroft, a wry twist to his voice. He’s not sure what else to say.

“So shall we rearrange?” asks Lestrade, hopefully. “Next week?”

Mycroft hesitates, his chest tightening a little. “Ah – I regret, I will be out of the country next week.”

Another small silence, and when Lestrade speaks again, it sounds as though he’s smiling. “Oh, right. Shame. What about the week after? Should I call your not-PA to find out when would be good?”

Mycroft frowns a little, pressing the pen he’s holding down, hard, onto the pad of paper in front of him. This is more difficult than he had anticipated. “Unfortunately it is impossible for me to know the details of my schedule that far in advance,” he says coldly. “It is liable to change suddenly.”

There’s a little chuckle from the other end of the line. Why does Lestrade still sound as though he’s grinning when he speaks? “So I see. Well why don’t you give me a call when you unexpectedly have a spare evening? I’ll try to keep myself free.” There’s a pause, just slightly too long to be unintentional. “For you.”

“Very well, Detective Inspector,” says Mycroft acerbically, and hangs up. He drops his phone back onto the desk and stares abstractedly at the pen he’s still holding. Why did he agree? He should have made clear that he would never have a free evening. Still, at least now he can focus on monitoring the peace negotiations uninterrupted tonight. The clenching in his chest and stomach that he has been experiencing since he set up the meeting with Lestrade have eased, but now there is a dull, heavy feeling settling behind his eyes. Perhaps he is getting ill. He sighs and pulls his laptop back towards him. No time for that.

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Beside You

So, I got the idea for this when I was at the Atlanta show of ROWYSO, and I had HELLA feels during Beside You. That boy just tugs at my heartstrings, so I apologize for the tears that may come from this. xx

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