looks like a wedding dress

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Well, maybe it’ll help

You are the best!  Where did you find these?  Did you happen to see what party/event they’re from?  It looks like she’s actually wearing something more like a prom/wedding dress, which I didn’t see before.

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I just finished a lovely chamomile scented bubble bath, put on a lacy vintage nightgown that looks like a wedding dress, and took my sleeping aids with a glass of wine on an empty stomach.

All I can think in situations like these are “Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.”

But at least I would make a fantastic looking corpse.

anonymous asked:

Did you have to look at a lot of dresses before you found 'the' dress?

Yes ! I struggled to find the right dress to be honest… I had a precise idea about what I wanted but I’m 16 weeks pregnant and it made things difficult…

I just think that all the dresses aren’t suitable to fit a bump, and tbh I didn’t want to look like a whale on my wedding day… 😪

But I found my perfect dress and it’s the most important. I can’t wait to show 💕

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Tangy, I was looking at GoT costumes for drawing ref and like I saw Sansa's wedding dress from her first marriage and I instantly thought of Marianne. It's very regal and also HIP ARMOR.

yesssssss omg that would look gorgeous on her. I love the detail on that dress and the colors and embroidery and all of that. I would love to see Marianne in it.