looks like a turd

“You’re kinda damn cute when you smile like that.” Dean remarked offhand as he picked at the last few French fries on his plate.
Cas, taken a little off guard by the forward compliment, swallowed down his latest bite of burger before mustering up his curiosity. “Like what?”
Shrugging, Dean met Cas’ eyes with a soft smile of his own. “Like you’re really happy. Not like… well, like when you think you should smile. I really love when you smile and it actually reaches your eyes.”
Something Cas, from spending his life as a celestial being, never thought would happen happened. His heart stuttered. He could feel it as though that stutter shook his entire being, his entire existence. “You gave me that smile, Dean.”
And that’s when Cas was greeted with his own favorite smile. The smile that curled Dean’s lips, dimples his face, wrinkled just the slightest around his eyes. That’s when the fallen angel knew that their love would last, not because of words spoken or kisses exchanged… but because they gave each other smiles that lightened the darkest parts of their souls.


god, amethyst’s expressions are so subtle here, and still so telling.

because while shapeshifting is a sore point and an insult to peridot, it’s a vital coping mechanism for amethyst

she’s constantly shapeshifting because she isn’t comfortable in her own body. and i don’t think she’s ever completely been. that there’s always been something that just felt wrong

i think that’s where her purple puma persona came from originally. just experimenting with and then accidentally hitting a form close to her “intended” one.  she couldn’t keep it up forever, but she still noticed that she was happier in that form, that it felt right in a way her normal body didn’t. and most of all, that she was happy when she used that form to fight

she just didn’t know how, or why, until peridot waltzed into her life, revealed something about amethyst that the other gems had kept hidden from her for millennia

and since then, well,

yeah i think the idea of being bigger has been a constant in amethyst’s mind.

(but what about shorty squad then? that’s a very good question that i’ll get to later! hopefully this month)

The Signs as Gordon Ramsay Quotes

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Aries: “I WISH you would jump in the oven! That would make life a lot easier!”

Taurus: “Dear god, for what we are about to receive may the lord not kill me with food poisoning.” 

Gemini: “Look at that. Overcooked on the bottom, crispy as fuck, and it looks like Ghandi’s flip flop!”

Cancer:  “Chimichangas? Chimi-chuck it in the bin.

Leo: “Why did the chicken cross the road? Because you didn’t fucking cook it!”

Virgo: “How about a thank you, you miserable, wee bitch.”  

Libra: “In terms of beauty, it’s not exactly an Indian classic. It looks like a dehydrated turd…”

Scorpio: “Forecast for tomorrow? 100% chance of tears.” 

Sagittarius: “I have to laugh when someone calls me an asshole - I’ve been called far worse than that.” 

Capricorn: “My gran could do better, and she’s dead!”

Aquarius: “You still look fabulous by the way. You should be covering GQ. Front cover, Captain Dick.“

Pisces: “You fucking donkey.” 

Nemesis finally shed and I can take photos of her again.
Prior to this, she had not shed in over six months and looked like a grey slug-monster and I was genuinely embarrassed to post photos because anyone who saw her would immediately assume this was a neglected, abused, filth-encrusted animal.

I tried to use ZooMed Excavator clay substrate in her enclosure to make a platform for her water dish so that she’d quit shoveling substrate into it, which turned out to be a horrible idea. I packed it carefully and let it dry thoroughly, thinking it would be sturdy enough to dissuade a pokey hognose snoot. Within 24 hours she broke up the dry clay, scratched up all of her face scales in the process, dug underneath the water dish and flipped it, wetted the clay with water and poo, pushed a cardboard tube into the wetness and tore it up a bit to make a paper-mache/clay/poo sludge, and then flopped around in it and let it dry overnight into a foul layer of adobe armor that even moderate soaking and gentle scrubbing with a soft toothbrush would not dislodge. She was happy as a hog in mud and being a dollface and eating like a champ, so I let her be gross-looking rather than stress her or risk a resp infection from overfrequent soaking or jacking up her humidity to soften the filth-crust. She’s been gross-looking for the better part of the last year.

She’s my sweetest, most snuggly and friendly hognose and the best eater and the prettiest girl and I’m SO SO SO glad that she finally shed and looks like a pretty snek again and not like a sandworm from the 80′s Dune movie.

The technical challenge for The Great British Bake Off week 8 was Paul’s jumbles. That phrase sounds like it should be rude.

Ok first of all I’m aware they look like dried up dog turds. They would not brown nicely and I wasn’t going to leave them in the oven any longer than I already did. I put sugar on them like instructed but I have no idea what happened to it because there is no trace.

I couldn’t find mace or aniseed powder anywhere so I just substituted nutmeg, and I couldn’t grind up my caraway seeds very well either because I don’t have a pestle&mortar so they are pretty much still whole (but you can’t really tell so it’s okay). The dough tasted REALLY nice despite all this, but unfortunately a lot of the flavour seems to have gone in the baking and while they are still nice they are a lot more muted now, which is a shame. They probably need the aniseed.

The shaping process was an ordeal because for the round ones Paul just wrote “make a double knot” which means fuck-all to me - I think I figured it out but they don’t look quite right. The Celtic knots were better, however Paul’s instructions said “lay out as pictured,” yet in his inimitable prescience he didn’t actually include the diagram on the online recipe. I had to rewatch the episode and pause on the single frame that showed one of the contestant’s recipes on the bench in the background and use the diagram that was supplied to them. Mine are okay but a little untidy.

The texture is okay, and they are definitely edible, but I’m not particularly happy with the results!! For my efforts this week I will give myself a mere TWO supportive Mary Berrys, and three unhappy Paul Hollywoods making a horrible crunching sound as he uses a knife with too much force on one of those slate display plates.

Imagine Tony wearing this, and Bruce with this look on his face, like u r such a turd. There is not enough weed in the world for this shit. 

And then Steve tries to say something about it being inappropriate and Bruce is just like no, you don’t even get to talk, go to your corner.


This is a book about an asshole rabbit named Perry who craps nonstop and enjoys doing it. Perry is later exiled to a deep pit to be alone with his seemingly voidless bowels, while the other animals snack on what looks suspiciously like rabbit turd pie and reminisce about their lousy friend. Finally Perry overflows the pit and literally fills the whole environment with his feces, and the other animals are left with no choice but to cope by just having a good time in the stuff.

I feel like this is a pretty good life analogy.