looks like a tooth


Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, Kaitlin Olson, & Rob McElhenney practice their choreography for season 12 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (x)

But guys, Jack dressing up as his dad for Halloween would be so fucking funny. He’d get Bitty to paint a black eye on his face and make it look like he got a tooth knocked out (alternatively, he takes out his own fake tooth bc there’s a good chance he already has a fake). He’d throw on an old pens or habs jersey and go around and ham it the fuck up. He’d smile charmingly and tell people to call him Bobby and just start spouting all these inspirational quotes that Bob keeps stealing from his uncles.

Alicia absolutely LOST IT when she sees him, and she only laughs harder when Bob spends the first part of the night pouting cause his son is making fun of him. (But secretly he’s teary and flattered that his son chose to dress up as him for Halloween the same way he was when 6yo Jack did it the first time.) Both the Zimmerparents and Bitty have the picture of Jack and Bob on display somewhere and Shitty keeps one in his wallet that he pulls out for stars at sometimes. It’s a family classic.

listen, I’ve got hella dry skin, cellulite, i weigh 190lbs, my boobs are 36B, and a tooth that grew in behind my other teeth which makes it look like i’m missing a tooth all together. 

despite all of this, I’ve got three boys after my ass. I’ve rejected 32 men in 4 years, (8 men a year). I made $20 selling chocolate one night off of ONE guy because he though I was cute. I once saved my parents 10 euros on souvenirs (+ a free bracelet) in Italy because the shop owner thought I was beautiful.  

what I’m saying here is; you can have traits that may be considered undesirable. but there will always be someone out there who finds them, and you as a whole, enchanting. 

shoot for the moon my gals (and make as much money as you can while you’re getting there)


Can’t say how the days will unfold. 
Can’t change what the future may hold,
But, I want you in it, every hour, every minute. 
This world can race by far too fast, hard to see while it’s all flying past. 
But, it’s clear now, when you’re standing here now.
I am meant to be wherever you are next to me. 
All I want to do, is come running home to you, come running home to you.


This is Detective Floofers. His face looks like that because he’s only got one canine tooth left. The vet says it’s because he comes from the shallow end of the gene pool. I love my jellybean!

hhhh Kōhe my sweet boy

Meet business shark. He’s a great white shark and he’s very proud. He’s trying his best

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hunk and lance friendship hcs
  • Hunk and Lance knew each other before the Garrison and have been bffs since childhood
  • Hunk and Lance didn’t meet in the same preschool nor did they ever go to the same school (until the garrison) but met each other in a nearby playground where they continued to meet up for the next 8-11 years of their life, they usually let off steam about the shit that goes down in their schools.
  • “Like, if you’re going to steal something from the mall -” “Don’t wear your uniform?” “EXACTLY. God, that guy was so stupid.” “Agreed.”
  • “Then… then he KICKED the guy’s nose!!! He was bleeding, Lance! He needed to be taken to the hospital!!” “Oh my God, and then what?” “A girl was crying the whole entire time and -” the stories they share go on and on.
  • Lance’s mom and Hunk’s mom are interested in the same things so their sons r bffs and so r they and their moms drag them off sometimes to do grocery shopping but Hunk and Lance are aways ‘can’t we just stay at hoooommmmeeee?’ ‘no you’re going to help me and hunk’s mom buy groceries for our party’ ‘what party????’ ‘a joint family party!!!!’ ‘??????? !!!! A JOINT FAMILY PARTY ????’
  • Hunk’s family and Lance’s family are really close buds now
  • It’s almost surreal how much the two families are alike to interests???
  • Hunk and Lance meet up after graduating middle school and decide to finally enrol in the same school. Both of them couldn’t have been anymore excited and happy.
  • Hunk is Lance’s only tether to Earth because Hunk is childhood and playground days, fighting off bullies and staying up at night under covers and pillow forts, charting stars while laying on muddy grass after rain, stealing cookies when their mothers aren’t looking, and making stupid jokes together as the sun went down – all of their world, quiet and soft and sound.
  • Lance loves Hunk and Hunk loves Lance. They’re best friends, because water breathes life on Earth and what is water without it’s Earth?
11; dad!namjoon

turn to stone (11)
p: their entire body freezing for a second when their love kisses them

there are the littlest things in life that namjoon will most certainly never take for granted. family. what comes closer to that? coming home to his family at the end of a long day. with a beautiful spouse waiting at home, to a lovely daughter he would never exchange for anything else in the world, put it together in a home he bought with his own hard earned money, that’s heaven on earth already.

as he steps through the door of the main entrance, he’s to be mindful with the sounds he make because your daughter should be asleep around this time. granted, she’s a heavy sleeper (wonder who she got that from) but a person can never be too careful.

after he makes sure his daughter is sound asleep, tucked in and looking like she’s probably dreaming about chocolate (sweet tooth, she is), he closes the door and heads to the door beside him quietly. upon seeing a figure that’s familiar on the bed, he smiles and makes sure the door clicks as soundless as possible before proceeding to settle down.

just as he undos the cuffs around his wrists, he moves down to the buttons of his dress shirt, only to get stopped by the arms of love by his torso with the cheek that presses to his side, revealing your sleepy expression with a sheepish smile he finds his heart swelling at.

“did i wake you?” he whispers, soothing his palms over your skin of your forearms and you shake your head wordlessly. he turns around and gently pushes the strands that distracts his view he has on you, slotting them behind your ear and while he’s doing so, you’re already reducing his work by pushing out the buttons one by one until he can shrug the shirt off.

peeling the clothing from his shoulders, you curl it up into a ball before tossing it into the basket. namjoon’s too used to it to say anything, so he keeps silent and allows you to pull him down for a kiss to welcome home, love. namjoon forgets to function, sunk into the kiss and landing into bliss at the taste of comfort; layers upon walls built coming down to nothing as he puts his hands on your waist when he reincorporates, as if his soul returns to his body.

he whines when you break away all too soon, him zealously chasing for another kiss and you chuckle when he can’t kiss you properly because of the laughter that he goes down lower and starts to mouth on your neck. before he can proceed further, you grab ahold of his hands and push him back, then directing his hands to the line of his belt, “take these off and then come to me,”

with a blink of an eye, your hands disappearing but not you from his line of sight as he tips his chin up, drinking in the image of you in bed in nothing but his shirt on.

“you’re going to be the death of me, y/n,”

just to get a reaction, you heighten your shirt up, exposing that’s all you’re wearing but namjoon doesn’t get the full image when your legs are crossed.

“till death do us part, no?”

namjoon doesn’t answer with words, only in actions when the door clicks to a lock, and his belt, and everything else comes off.

roller derby au where cosette falls for the tough girl on the opposing team who looks both hot as hell and like she can kill a man

eponine falls for the girl who looks like an absolute princess and can put up a tooth and nail fight to win the derby

I want Jack to have crooked teeth to be missing one. Mainly because it destroys the perfect boy look he has, also like whenever he loses his tooth Gabe says it “makes him look cool” and “gives him personality” so Jack trying to impress him keeps the gap.

Plus it would be heartbreaking when Jack is promoted and they’re like “our poster boy can’t have messed up teeth” so they fix his teeth. And that’s like the beginning of the UN controlling him like a puppet.