looks like a mess

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[So, uh, what's the differences between Taako before and after Wonderland, if you don't mind me asking? Like, a side-by-side!]

heres the first solid design i ever drew for him

and here’s how i’ve been drawing him post wonderland

(ignore the bigger nose, thinner ears and height, those are just things that changed as i drew him more and more, they’re not wonderland changes)

the main change is his hair, i h/c that losing his natural beauty meant losing his fluffy curly locks, now his hair is just kinda flat and thin. that was the best way i could think to portray that sacrifice

and then i’ve just been drawing him without his hat, scarf and coat because those seem like things he would have lost or discarded. maybe his hat got blown away when wonderland disappeared, maybe his coat was too torn up or bloodied to save. idk i just wanted to draw him looking like a mess after wonderland

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Hello! Can you do a HC where the team builds a pillow fort, and it escalates into two factions, each team building up and up, with more and more complex fort building action and hillarity, where they compete for the best one?

I sure can!! Please enjoy 😊😊💕💕


- It was just for fun, but Tyler made it into a competition

- Boy’s VS Girl’s

- You sabotaging the other teams fort by distracting them

- Of course the girls take the lead due to this and the boys won’t that stand

- Throwing things into your area

- Having Chica run over as a distraction

- Time is called

- They both look like an equal mess, so it’s up to Chica


- She doesn’t, therefore you guys win

- Bragging rights for all eternity

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Chiming in to add that I love the new design tweaks! He looks like a greasy, gross mess, which is only fitting for a sleep-deprived demon vessel. I really enjoy how a lot of your designs perfectly fit the characters' personalities, from Lyndon's cotton-candy pastel floof hair to Verz's static-y scratchy void to Lyle's macabre-classy skull and suspenders combo. It definitely helps give GC that cartoon feeling where the chara design tells a chunk of the story. KEEP IT UP.

EEEE that makes me so happy!! thank you SO much!! that’s such an honor to hear it’s my big big goal with my characters and you said it so perfectly aahh !!! i’m so glad it comes off like that! 

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How about a scenario where its the morning and it's the first time you sleepover namjoon's house, in the same bed and when he wakes up and even though you look like a mess, he realizes just how much he loves you? Bdjd sorry if it's bad or poorly explained.

Omg!!!! So cute 😭😭😭😭 my heart 💕

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Even so, nothing really came from xarry apart from more houies so like?? What's their aim here? Just get more ppl to think they're not together anymore??? Like it's so transparent. Also now they're completely doing a 180 on this het louis image they're pushing like ???? I'm so confused lol. It's all such a mess and yet again makes louis look like this unfaithful shitty person which we know he isn't. I'm just hoping this is them doing all they can before it ends soon.

But doing a Louis / Luke push rn, even if very small, just to appease the Houis, is hilarious. Dude still has a baby, and a new girlfriend, who has just returned after being gone for 2 years… what’s up with this push then? Is some other stunt ending very very soon and they want to appease Houis and antis and whatever when it does? So they can ship Loke or whatever hahah when the stunt does end?? Can they jsut end the stunts then???

Exactly, literally nothing really came out of Xarry anyway. And I’m quite confident even less will come from this. I’ll start narrowing my eyes the moment BG makes hteir own blind about it. Until then, I rather enjoy something else!

And, yes, please, end this bloody baby farce first and foremost, I’ll pretend to ship Luke and Louis for three whole days if you end it first, I promise.

quick draw of a fluffy russian ice pal

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAREST @matchaball !!! This image is based off of her lovely Miraculous Ladybug fic, Inking Indigo  and it’s so, so wonderful. Like a warm cup of tea. 

I hope you have a wonderful day m’dear–you’re always full of enthusiasm and you always know the right things to say (in both friendships and fic!!). I am honored to be your friend!! :’D