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Pros of being an artist: Draw your faves Kissing.

Cons of being an artist: be Sad due to the Astounding Lack of Kisses in Canon.

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Stydia's first kiss was genuinely cute, she saved him, the cheek kiss was adorable and their last kiss was just my fav. You can't keep hating on them 24/7!!! At least they look nice, unlike Stalia!

Oh hey there anon hate…my friend.

When people leave hate…do they like……expect me to suddenly go, “OH MY GOD! You’re totally right…I’ve had it wrong the whole time, you’re right…totally.” Really? Come on….197 character (I count fast) is not going to change me…okay??? 10,000 characters wouldn’t……

Anyway…onto your amazing statements….I’m going to split this down the three Strdia kisses and three slightly similar Stalia kisses:

1. Strdia - 3x11 - panic attack kiss

Well this is easy..if someone is having an panic attack…don’t fucking kiss them. This doesn’t need repeating for a billionth time? You are not even meant to touch someone during a panic attack….it says it on every medical site on the internet…..

“Don’t ever touch a person who’s having a panic attack without asking and obtaining definitive permission to do so. In some cases, touching the person without asking can increase the panic and make the situation worse.”

And please don’t the argument…”She saved him in her own way,.it’s true love..this show is fictional!”

Yeah…it’s fictional….but they managed to stick to the effect of FTD (Dementia) with Stiles, money problems in season four…they try to relate it to real life….JEFF DAVIS SAID HE LIKES TO STICK TO REAL LIFE!!! So please….don;’t make this kiss romantic…it isn’t!!

1. Stalia - 4x01 - “Find a way to concentrate” 

I’ve seen many posts about how this kiss steals the Strdia panic attack kiss…no…….just no.

Did Stiles kiss Malia, the one who was in distress? No

Did Malia kiss Stiles, because he told her to concentrate and she found kissing him the best way to do so?  Yes

2. Strdia - 6x01 - “Do NOT kiss me.”

Simple…she said don’t kiss me…but he kissed her! During and afterward, she is confused, the smile is more of a Holland/Dylan thing.

2. Stalia - 4x07 - “You’re coming back, right?” 

Malia was dying. Stiles was leaving. He had a promise to keep and his scent, which was provided by the jacket he wraps around her, keeps her safe. The kiss was to comfort her, so she knew he was coming back…..she wasn’t against it and she seemed to find it loving, but also upsetting, she wasn’t sure she’d ever see him again. 

3. Strdia - 6x10 - “You didn’t have too” + “This fan service is so forced I can’t been a scene with Shelley for more than five seconds.”

If the kiss had looked appealing and nice, I don’t think I’d hate on it as much as I do, but I have never seen two actors more uncomfortable in my whole life. Dylan looks like he wants to throw up, Holland opened her mouth to kiss him…huh? Like Holland said in a interview, “Like kissing a brother, “ haha, looks like she felt that. 

The “I love yous” with this ship seem weird, considering Lydia had no prior feelings.

3. Stalia - 4x10 - “I like you, Stiles. I like you alot.” - “I can work with that.” 

Well, these two couldn’t be broken up for long, now could they? Stiles tries his best to get the point across that he made mistake..he loves her and wants her back…he’s not chasing after Lydia. They kiss and he holds her like it’s the last time.

Also the use of the word like…I don’t think Malia could say it, maybe because the last time she ever said it was when she nine, probably to her Mum and little sister…maybe “I’ll never leave you behind” just means more, to me, making promises and sticking to them, is much better than a four letter word.

Also the “I can work with that,” Stiles was willing to fall more deeply in love with this girl and what happened…oh yeah…fan service ruined.

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