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Keith is like : “Stop touching my Pigeon. Princess, I’m the only alien here who can touch her, go find your own smol bean”

“Jealousy thy name is Keef” lmfao…

I mean, he was happy when she win in a chess game and did a good job, so why is he like this when she was awesome as well?

Sitting here writing my resignation letter because I FINALLY found a new job and I’m giving my notice tomorrow!  I’m still nervous over how it’s going to go because I’m about 75% (okay 90%) sure they are going to walk me out as soon as I turn it in because they’ll say I’m going to a competitor

Deleted the more detailed post because whatever, but visa stuff is kicking my butt right now and it’s starting to look like I might do some combination of a) lose my job? b) lose my apartment? c) lose my driver’s license? d) lose my ability to leave and re-enter the States? e) lose my health insurance? but also any one or more of those things might not happen so I can’t actually, you know, make plans for any of them. So things are a bit stressful.

"If you're poor get a job!"

I want to start this by saying I’m not poor. I’ve never been truly poor, though my dad has been broke a few times. I do however have friends and family who are, and my best friends family can barely afford food, so I lift it for her. Lemme tell ya something. When you don’t get much food, don’t have the money to do laundry cause your water bill, can’t afford a haircut…. you kinda look like shit and it’s hard as hell to get a job. Because they want someone who looks professional and put together, not someone who looks homeless and starving. So when poor people lift makeup and clothes stuff, they’re thinking “maybe if I look less dead I can finally get a job” So yeah, lifting makeup does not automatically mean that you’re not in need.

The Boxer

Pairing: Y/N and Harry

Word Count: 10k

Prompt: Harry hires Y/N as his on call nurse and for his matches. 


“You’re supposed to be in the hospital gown, it’s why we laid it out for you,” Y/N stated, pointing the pen in her hand at the white gown by his feet.

“I’m not wearing that paper shit,” Harry grumbled, “and I’m perfectly fine to leave.”

“That cut says otherwise,” Y/N says.

Harry watches as she sets down the clipboard and turns on the sink to wash her hands, she’s cute. She’s nothing like the kind Harry would go for. His usual prey would be at the bar, lonely, maybe going through a breakup, but he knew for sure that by the end of the night she would be in his bed. Y/N on the other hand looked like too pure for him, and he hated that look.

From his experience Harry had learned that girls like Y/N believed that they were too good for a guy like him. Girls like Y/N, with an innocent smile, soft skin, and soft voices, tended to only use him for one thing, to make their parents upset. Harry had seen it time and time again, it was only a matter of weeks before the girl would crush his heart and move on to someone better.

“I don’t feel anything,” Harry stated.

Harry had grown numb to just about everything. He couldn’t feel the punches thrown at him, he couldn’t feel his emotions, it all just seemed gone to him. He didn’t mind though, no emotions meant he couldn’t get hurt, and no pain meant he was unstoppable.


Boxer Harry Styles highers, incredibly perky Y/N as his on-call nurse.

“I hate the graveyard shift,” Y/N stated, slumping into the chair.

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  • Stiles: Fuck, it’s as hot as satan’s sauna in here.
  • Derek: So turn the fan on.
  • Stiles, whining: Can you do it for me? I don’t feel like moving, plus you’re better at turning things on.
  • Derek: *Lasciviously smirks*
  • Stiles, sighing: I mean physically get up and do it. Your charm isn’t that powerful.
  • Derek, eyes rolling: *flips the switch*
  • Derek: Better?
  • Stiles: Oh god, yessssss
  • Derek: *huffs & glares at his book*
  • Stiles, weakly kicks at Derek’s thigh: Don’t be jealous, you’ll always be my number one blower, Der.