looks like a invitation for their wedding

I hope we get a scene after the Grand Prix finals (assuming Yuuri wins) where Yuuri tries to awkwardly talk to sulky Yurio and tell him he did a good job and that he’s definitely improving really fast.  But Yurio just stubbornly ignores him and glares at the wall until Yuuri starts to feel bad for bothering him at all.  He’s about to give up when suddenly Yurio just grits his teeth like-

“You’re inviting me to the wedding, right?”

And there’s a beat of silence before Yuuri basically bursts into tears because its been kind of an overwhelming day and Yurio does care. Then he starts nodding really rapidly because he’s too emotional to say anything beyond some increasingly incoherent babbling.

And Yurio basically stares at him in abject disgust for a few moments before finally rolling his eyes really dramatically and hugging Yuuri; still trying to make it incredibly clear how exasperated he is- no he doesn’t care about katsudon at all, and he’s certainly not happy for him, okay?

Except he does. 

Don’t tell anyone.

The wedding

When Yuuri posted the wedding invitation on instagram, the skating world exploded.

Phichit got himself a new camera and a new selfie stick and was constantly gigling and spamming both Yuuri and Victor with questions about everything. And when Yuuri asked him to be his best man, he started gigling even more.

Yurio, on the other hand, looked like he was about to throw out his breakfast. He told everyone that he wasn’t going to attend the wedding, surely not. But when the day came, his little blonde persona was seen on some of Phichit’s pictures hiding behind Otabek.

Leo just commented on the post that he is making the music, only to be corrected by Guang-Hong that THEY are making the music.

Axel, Lutz and Loop immidiately teamed up with Phichit and took photos everywhere.

Chris was thinking about giving the couple a pole as a gift, but then threw the idea away because it probably would not have a good reaction from Yuuri. Instead, he brough the Pole with him and casually started dancing on it, catching eyes of everyone.

On the big day, when Yuuri threw the bouqet into the audience, there was almost a fight about who will catch it. It missed JJ’s fingers only by few inches, and he and many others (including Georgi, Seung Gil and Emil) just watched hellplessly as it landed in a tiny hand of Guang-Hong, whose face blushed immidiately as he turned to Leo. Victor and Yuuri could not stop smilling.

domestic headcanons meme!

Send a symbol to hear the following about my muse…

☾ Sleeping habits
☼ Favorite time of day
☂ Favorite weather
¿ Term for the TV device, whether it be “clicker”, “remote”, or something else
↪ Internet browsing activities
☹ Response to a leaky faucet or other household problem
♡ What their wedding invitations would look like
☃ What they wear around the house
♆ The worst kind of neighbor they could have, and how they deal with them
♨ Their cooking ability (or lack thereof)
✂ How well they do yardwork (or blow up the lawnmower)
♟ If they like board games, and how good they are at ‘em
✧ How clean their living space is now, and/or would be ideally
♜ Interior decorating aesthetic
♘ Any pets they might have
☗ What you’d find in their cabinets
⚒ What you’d find in their toolshed (if they’d have one)
▀ What they’d hide under the bed
○ What tune their doorbell has, if not a standard ding-dong
☺ What their welcome (or not-so-welcome) mat would say
☻ How late they stay up
♒ If they do their laundry in a timely manner
☆ How they’d throw parties (what would go on at them, refreshments, etc)
✓ What a typical Tuesday night looks like
❥ How they’d invite you home for the night (yes, it could be a pickup line)

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Supergirl 3x22 Spoiler

It’s the Sanvers wedding. They got engaged at the midway finale of season 3. Alex is hyperventilating because ‘holy shit a girl likes me’. J’onn is walking Alex down the aisle. Maggie wears a suit. Her parents stop being dicks and come support her. Kara is the prettiest maid of honor and Lena is her date. James blinds everyone with his amazing smile. Winn is wearing a bow tie. M’gann goes out of her way to show up and stays afterwards bc shes a queen. Lucy looks beautiful as always and tries to invite herself on Alex and Maggie’s honeymoon. Man Hell rotted away long ago. I cry tears of joy.

iwaoi wedding headcanons bc i’ve been watching too much say yes to the dress?? 

  • since iwaizumi and oikawa are both going to be pro volleyball players, their wedding will be like a national event where everyone wants to be invited but it’s a very exclusive wedding!! 
  • makki jokingly tried to sell his ticket online to see how much it would go for and he almost did bc $$$$
  • but it’s going to be a friends and family only kind of wedding!! as much as oikawa likes the attention, he knows iwa-chan would rather not declare his love on national television 
  • oikawa spends a lot of money on the wedding. lots. makes iwa-chan cry when he sees the bill for the day 
  • but it makes oikawa so happy?? when he comes back from some kind of wedding prep without iwa, he lights up as he recalls what he did today bc it’s their wedding, he’s planning their wedding!!! so iwa lets it slide, he’ll just take up another sponsorship or something 
  • bc oikawa being happy is iwa’s biggest weakness 
  • iwa helps with wedding prep bc it’s his wedding and he’s also afraid oikawa will do something dumb like have a ring bearer that’s actually a bear with the rings on it’s back 
  • makki and mattsun fight over who gets to be who’s best man which actually ends up in them ignoring each other for half hour until iwaizumi tells them they’re being dumb and it doesn’t matter bc they’re all friends
  • iwaizumi gets kyoutani and kindaichi while oikawa gets kunimi and yahaba. they end up arguing over who gets watari bc they both wanted watari and actually got into a small fight bc of it 
  • watari ended up being in both parties but will stand on oikawa’s side since takeru got really pouty when they said he was going to ring bearer but he insisted he was too old and wanted to be one of hajime-ojisan’s groomsmen!! (“why don’t you want to be apart of tooru-ojisan’s party! i’m your actual uncle!!” “bc you’re super lame, tooru!!”) 
  • their wedding colours are relatively the same as their seijou colours but it’s a sea foam pearl and eggshell white (“so like turquoise and white, right?” “no, iwa-chan there’s a difference!!”) 
  • bachelor party was the bomb dot com and fucking wild. they don’t talk about it much but by the end of the night, iwa lost his shirt and makki’s shoe got stuck in a ceiling?? 
  • they get married on january 4th (iwa wanted to get married on april 1st bc “it’ll be like a joke, kind of like this relationship” “mean, iwa-chan! mean!”)
  • day of the wedding was hectic. oikawa kept freaking out, stressing over the small details and almost cried. iwaizumi had to come and sit by the door and calm oikawa down bc oikawa refused to let him in bc it’s bad luck to see the groom on the wedding day!!
  • oikawa, unsurprisingly, cries on the day of the wedding (iwa does too soon after oikawa does bc they had all these dreams when they were children but now they’re all coming true)
  • the two of them end up leaving the reception early (sneaking out) to sit on the roof to just talk and kiss a little bit (more like a lot) 
  • also their friends start calling oikawa, ‘iwa-chan’ for a bit until they found out he actually really liked it and insisted they call him that so they stopped 

funeral-prosecutor  asked:

Concept: simon and nahyuta had their first dance at miles and phoenix's wedding

THIS IS SUPER CUTE also just fyi I do want to/have plans to write a blackmadhi fic centered around a wrightworth wedding because I’m trash.  I’m just trying to figure out exactly what I want to do aha I keep debating if I want it centered around the shenanigans of Edgeworth’s wedding party (Franziska, Simon, Klavier, Gumshoe, Sebastian, and maybe Nahyuta but I’m not sure) or just about Simon being unable to find a plus one to this thing (not that he cares, of course).  Or both, if I can figure out a way to combine them!  


Of course both of them are invited to Miles and Phoenix’s wedding; Simon has a bit more of a personal investment in seeing Edgeworth happy because he has a closer connection to him, but both find themselves holding hands throughout the couple’s vows.  Edgeworth looks like he is practically glowing - a far cry from how he normally appears in the offices.  While Simon would never admit it, he can see why Edgeworth loves Wright so very much.  They complete each other in a rare way that most people would be jealous of. 

The reception starts as classy as the ceremony, and when it comes time for the married couple’s first dance, Simon and Nahyuta watch with truly genuine smiles on their faces.  Once Phoenix and Miles’ song finishes, a second slow song comes on, and other couples are invited onto the dance floor.  

Nahyuta stands up and holds out his hand to help Simon up, who jut stares at him for a moment. 

“Nahyuta.  What are you doing?” 

“Inviting you to dance.”

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“So we hear that you and Liam Hemsworth have a little feud going on?” Th he interviewer muttered. “Is this true or just another rumor?”

Dylan let out a chuckle as he nodded. “It’s true. Well it’s not really a feud more like, whose the better guy for Y/N. Which-” he glanced up at the camera and flashed a wink. “By the way is me. I’m the better guy for Y/N, I mean look at me. I’m adorable.”

The interviewer belted out in laughter. “Now is there anything you’d like to say to Liam?”

Dylan shrugged his shoulders. “Don’t worry man, you’ll be invited to our wedding.” He smirked.


“Okay, we had one of our new interns interview Dylan this morning about Y/N, and he had a lot to say of the matter.”

Liam furrowed his brows, and slowly nodded. “Oh did he now? What did he say?”

The interviewer pulled out her phone and smiled. “We actually have a clip.”

She played the clip, giving Liam a chance to watch it.

He couldn’t only but smile, and chuckle as he stared at the screen.

“Seems to me, Dylan is sure he has won Y/N’s heart.” She exclaimed.

He shook his head and exhaled, his lips curving. “I think it’s quite funny actually. It’s going to be fun to knock that cocky kid back to reality. He has no chance against me.”

“If Dylan was here, what would you like to say to him?”

He let out a chuckle. “Bring it on.”


bOYFRIENDS ・:*(〃∇〃人)*:・


I’ve created a TC Challenge for May! I tried to come up with fun new questions and on one day there’s also a task to do. I really hope you all like it!

Day 1 – Have you ever said something embarrassing to/in front of your TC?
Day 2 – When did your TC start teaching you? Does he/she  still teach you?
Day 3 – Do you know anything about your TC’s childhood/youth?
Day 4 – Describe your TC’s eyes.
Day 5 – What’s your favourite outfit on him/her?
Day 6 – How do you try to impress your TC?
Day 7 – Describe what you think your wedding would look like. What are you both wearing? Who’s invited? What’s for dinner?
Day 8 – Have you ever caught him/her staring at you? How did you react?
Day 9 – If you would buy your TC socks, what would your chosen ones look like?
Day 10 – If he/she visited your family for any reason and you’d have to cook, what would you cook?
Day 11 – If you lived together, would you rather have kids or pets with him/her?
Day 12 – What is your opinion on age gap relationships? Do you think a certain age gap isn’t good anymore?
Day 13 – What would you do if a friend told you she had a crush on your TC?
Day 14 – Do you know when your TC’s birthday is? How old is he/she?
Day 15 – What would you do if he/she found your blog, knew it was about him/her but he/she  was still trying to figure out whose blog it is?
Day 16 – If you were on a class trip with your TC and a friend of yours wasn’t feeling well in the middle of the night, would you be the one to knock on your TC’s door loudly and wake him/her? Would the sight of his/her sleepy face and pajamas be worth standing there in your own pajamas and with your sleepy face?
Day 17 – Can you remember what happened in the last dream you had about your TC?
Day 18 – Has your TC ever had a conversation about you with your parents? If yes, what did he/she say?
Day 19 – Think of a song that reminds you of your TC and tell us your favourite line from it.
Day 20 – What was the best mark you had in one of your TC’s tests? Did he/she say something to you about it/write something on it?
Day 21 – Have you ever stalked your TC online? If yes, what did you find? If no: do it and tell us what you find, it’s fun!
Day 22 – Does your TC come to school by car/tram/bus? Car: Do you know what car he has? Tram/bus: If you come by tram/bus as well, have you ever seen him at the station or on the vehicle? Did you talk to him?
Day 23 – Did your TC ever change something on his/her appearance or wear  something different that didn’t suit him/her?
Day 24 – Where do you think you’d live with him/her  and what would the interior look like?
Day 25 – Does your TC do any sports that you know of?
Day 26 – Does your TC bring coffee or tea to class? If yes, what does his/her cup look like? If no, do you think he/she is a coffee or a tea person?
Day 27 – 5 things that make him/her your ideal partner.
Day 28 – A song, film and book you would recommend to your TC.
Day 29 – What do you think about the TCC and how has it helped you?  Plus task: Send a TCer a message with what you love about them/their blog to make them smile.
Day 30 – A new language you would love to learn together with your TC.
Day 31 – What does your TC smell like?

I coloured my collab invite piece the other night. I am looking forward to seeing what other people did with the line art. 

I was influenced by traditional Norwegian Garb for my colour choices here.  I am imagining Hiccup and Astrid being diplomats and they are visiting a villiage on the mainland and are dressed up for some special event like a wedding, perhaps. Maybe they are visiting Eret’s people or something. 

Wedding Planning

1. Think of traditions as suggestions. There is no right or wrong, just what you want. Nothing bad will happen if you decide to not have a bouquet toss, favours or your standard wedding invitation. One of the things my partner and I have cut from our wedding is having a cake, we personally felt it just wasn’t for us and thought it better we save the money.

2. Email, email, email!
It certainly is annoying, but you may just save yourself a few hundred dollars by making sure to get a good variety of quotes from an array of businesses.

3. Once you have placed a deposit, do not keep looking.
So often people end up experiencing feelings of regret once they have officially locked in things like their wedding dress and venue, thinking maybe something better exists. The reality is there is a million gorgeous venues and dresses, but what you have chosen is just as fabulous! So, keep staring at what will be yours and let yourself fall more in love with it!

4. Don’t rush decisions!
This is something that I have done on more than one occasion while planning my wedding. Whist I haven’t made a decision I regret, I definitely did go through periods of anxiety at some points simply due to rushing myself as if my wedding needed to be planned within 24 hours. Take your time and try to enjoy the planning phase as much as you can.

5. Don’t let pressure from others get to you.
This one can sometimes be quite hard as some people can be really pushy. But, at the end of the day I see it as your day, your choice. You don’t HAVE to invite your cousin’s brother’s auntie’s sister if you don’t want to.

6. Make a list of what things (aside from your husband/wife and celebrant) are important to you to have on the day.
For me, it was my photographer and having a videographer, so I made sure to plan my budget around these things so that I didn’t miss out.

What are some wedding tips that you have? Feel free to share them by sending me a comment or message!

Charlotte xx

Crush Imagine #25

Y/C/S/N = Your Crush’s Siblings Name

“Come on, I can’t just go like this” I groaned. Y/C and I were out shopping. Well, I dragged y/c shopping with me. Tonight was Y/C/S/N’s wedding, and I was invited due to my years of friendship with Y/C/S/N. I had originally picked out a sundress, but now that I looked at my outfit, I wasn’t happy with it. 

“What do you mean you can’t go like this, your dress is fine” y/c groaned. 

“No it makes me look like I have huge thighs, it makes my hips stick out, and it just doesn’t go at all” I complained. 

“Okay, y/n stop,” Y/C grabbed my hands and faced me so we were staring into each others eyes. Y/C eyes seemed to be more vibrant than ever. “Just listen okay? I don’t know what you’re complaining about, the dress is fine, I think it looks good okay? You don’t always have to be perfect, it’s all right to not be perfect. Besides, you look beautiful” Y/C chest was rising and falling slowly. I bit my lip and smiled. 

“You really think I look beautiful?” I asked. 

“You’ve always looked beautiful” he grinned.

“Thank you” I hugged y/c tightly.

“Now come on, we have a wedding to get to” he grabbed my hand and we ran out of the mall, towards the car.

After the wedding

“It’s time for the last dance of the night!” the DJ announced. I’d worn wedges and was sitting on one of the chairs, with my wedges in the chair next to me. 

“You got the energy for one more dance?” Y/c asked, holding out his hands.

“I would, but I don’t want to put back on my shoes” I pointed out.

“Well, that’s okay,” y/c took of his shoes and placed them next to mine. “Come on now, it’s going to start any second” I rolled my eyes and got up, letting him lead me to the dance floor. “Have I told you, how beautiful you look tonight?” I took his hand.

“Have you said that to all the bridesmaids?” I raised an eyebrow. 

“No, and hey, I was dancing with them because of common courtesy. Seriously though, you look beautiful” I grinned and rested my arms around his neck and placed my head on his chest as he put his arms around my waist. Hero by Enrique Iglesias came to an end, but we kept slowly dancing. “Hey, I’ve been meaning to do this for some time” y/c stopped, and both of us stood still. “I’m not sure if this is what you want, but if you want me to stop, just say so” y/c closed his eyes and slowly leaned in. I grinned and leaned in, closing my eyes and letting his lips move against mine. And just like that, I felt like the most beautiful girl in the world.

The Weather

So I’ve been thinking about how no one seems to talk/interact/ anything during The Weather, save for Cecil and whatever plot point is going on, and no one can stop The Weather (save for Steve Carlsberg), and how apparently Cecil doesn’t even need to hit a button to start The Weather.

And then I immediately got a mental image of Cecil with his arms crossed and pouting really really petulantly after Carlos says something about inviting Steve Carlsberg to their wedding and all the while Carlos is just standing there with this half amused look on his face like “you are not going to escape this conversation with The Weather Cecil we will talk about this” and the only noise in the room being “WAITIN FOR THE BUS IN THE RAIN IN THE RAIN WAITIN FOR THE BUS IN THE RAIN”

Brett Talbot - “My ex just invited me to their wedding and I need you to be my date so it doesn’t look like I’ve spent the last few years failing to get over them.“ - Part three (Final Part)

A/N: Here it is. This is the final part of my wedding series. I’m really happy with the end and I hope you guys are too. It’s probably the longest prompt out of all of them, but I hope you don’t mind it, because I think it’s definitely worth reading it. Thank you all so much for all of your support and for pushing me even further to continue writing imagines and prompts and keeping this blog active for you guys. Finally I’d also like to thank my co-admin Susanne, I really couldn’t run this blog without her. So anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this prompt as much as I loved writing it. Don’t forget to send in requests if you want us to write more stuff. Love you! 

Author: Sakura

Word Count: 7350

Characters: Reader, Brett Talbot, Jake and Maia White, Samantha aka Jake’s mother

Brett and I approached the table where Jake, Maia and their families were already waiting for us. Maia arised from her seat and smiled at us the moment she saw us. I smiled back at her and tried to calm myself down since my heart was beating like crazy at the sight of Jake and his family.

You can do it, (Y/N). Just breathe and don’t worry too much about it, I thought to myself as we arrived at the table. “(Y/N), Brett, there you are. We’ve been talking about you two just a second ago,” Maia told us with a big grin on her face. “Jake, Honey, don’t you want to welcome them?” Maia turned to her husband, who had been lost in a conversation with the person sitting beside him.

Jake instantely looked up from the table and the person he was talking to and turned his head towards me and Brett. I reached out and grabbed Brett’s hand as if it were something we did every day. Knowing that he was by my side, helped me to calm myself down.

Jake arised from his seat as well and walked over to us. “(Y/N) hey. It’s really nice to see you again,” He pulled me in for a quick but very warm hug. “You look really good,” Jake said as he studied me and I instantely felt the heat rising to my cheeks. “Thanks,” I responded shyly. God, why did he still have such an impact on me? I asked myself at the reaction my body still seemed to have on him.

Brett suddenly cleared his throat which caught both mine and Jake’s attention. Our heads jerked up at the same time and Jake and I both looked in the direction where Brett was standing. “Honey, don’t you want to introduce us to each other?” Brett asked me as he wrapped his arm around my waist. “Oh yeah, sorry. So Jake this is my boyfriend Brett and Brett this is Jake…” I said and looked first at Brett then at Jake. They both nodded their heads at each other and I could feel a tension rising between them.

“Brett, it’s really nice to meet you.” Jake reached out his hand which Brett shook  hesitantely. “I’ve already heard a lot about you, Jake.” Brett said with a rather unconvenient tone in his voice. “Well I assume it’s not just good things,” Jake sheepishly rubbed his neck while he was looking at me with eyes full of guilt. I looked back at him, feeling somewhat embarassed. I didn’t want to talk about it, because it would make me feel vulnerable and that’s not what I wanted to be especially not infront of Jake and everyone else.

“Please, we don’t have to talk about that, Jake.” I mumbled, trying to change the topic. “I mean, today should be all about you and Maia. It’s your wedding day, so why don’t we talk about you two?” I suggested as I pulled Brett closer to me, so that he was now standing right beside me. “Everyone at this table already knows everything about us,” Maia replied nonchalantly. “so, I would rather talk about how you two fell in love,” Everyone at the table and in the room seemed to agree and paid their attention towards us.

A silence fell over the room and I could feel everyone’s eyes on us. My heart instantely skipped a thousand times faster than before because I hated being in the spotlight. I also hated to talk infront of many people, especially when I didn’t know who they were and Brett knew that. He actually knows me better than anyone I know so I was pretty sure that he would help me out. “Well… I can tell the story but only if you don’t mind, love,” Brett spoke, glancing at me for a second. He gave me a reassuring smile, telling me that I didn’t have to worry about anything. I nodded my head and looked at him, excited about what he was going to say.

Brett told everyone the real story about how we both met and became friends, how we decided to become roommates since we were both looking for a place to stay and going to the same university, how we got to know each other better day by day and just added some cute fake details like how he fell in love with me, our first date and how he had asked me out in order to complete the story.

I had to admit that I was pretty impressed by the story and how authentic he had told it.After he had finished telling it, everyone applauded. “Wow, what a beautiful love story you two share,” Jake’s mother Samatha said as she wiped a few tears from her face. “You two are really lucky to have each other,” Maia added while she was looking at us. “Yeah, you’re right honey, but I am lucky to have a wife like you too,” Jake suddenly interjected, kissing his wife sweetly on the lips.

I looked away as their lips collided and played with the hem of Brett’s shirt, because seeing Jake kiss another girl was something I still had to get used to. I felt Brett’s warm hand on my knee and looked up at him. “are you okay?” He asked and I nodded my head while giving him a small smile. “thank you for backing me up, Brett. I really don’t know what I would have told them about us if you hadn’t been there,” I said into his ear, so the others wouldn’t hear it.

Brett smiled down at me. “I’m sure you would have been fine. You just have to believe in yourself more, (Y/N).” He said as he gave me a gentle smile. I shook my head. “no, I would have been a complete disaster and probably ended up telling everyone the truth about us,” Brett just laughed and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. “What are you two lovebirds talking about?” Jake’s mother Samantha, who sat opposite from us, asked curiously.

“We were just talking about our upcoming anniversary and what we want to do,” Brett blurted out almost a little too quickly. Luckily, I soon realized what he was intending to do and played along with it. “Yeah, we’ve been talking about it for weeks, but we still don’t know what to go for. I suggested a trip to New York City but Brett thinks it’s not romantic enough,” I continued, looking first at Brett then at the people sitting at the table with us.

I really wanted them to believe our little lie, so no one would ever find out that I secretly still felt something for Jake or never got over him in the first place, and that’s why we had to be as authentic and believable as possible.  “Well, it’s our second anniversary, (Y/N). I just want it to be the best and most romantic day you’ve ever had, because you are definitely the best thing that ever happened to me,” Brett answered and leaned down to give me a sweet peck on the lips. I was thrown off guard about his gesture at first, but soon after the shock wore off I went along with it and kissed him back.

My whole body filled with electricity the moment his lips collided with mine and I could feel butterflies filling the pit of my stomach. Well, that’s new and different, I thought as we broke away from the kiss. I starred at him for a couple of seconds with a look full of confusion and shock.

Why did my body react like that to a simple kiss from Brett? I mean he was my best friend, that one person who knew me better than anyone else. He was like family to me, one of the most important people in my life, but I had never actually considered Brett to be more than just my best friend. I had never thought about him or seen him that way. But, maybe I was just overthinking everything now and my body reacted that way because of the situation we both were in and not because I had feelings for him… right?

“Aw, you two are adorable together,” Maia complimented with a smile and pulled me out of my wooly thoughts. “and I think that whatever you two decide to do on your anniversary, it’s going to be great because all that actually matters is that you have each other.” Maia advised while she looked happily at Jake, who nodded in agreement. “I’m just glad that you treat (Y/N) the way she deserves it, Brett.” Jake said as he gave him a pat on the back.

Brett abruptly pushed Jake’s hand away, “Well, I think at least someone has to do it the right way and repair the wounds and bruises that are left in her heart because you betrayed and cheated on her while you two were together.” Brett muttered, glaring back at him.

“Brett,” I warned him as I looked at him in shock from his harsh words and his sudden reckless behaviour towards my ex-boyfriend. I put my hand on Brett’s chest to stop him, because I knew that he would probably kick his ass and attack him if I wasn’t there to hold him back.

“No, (Y/N), it’s okay. He’s right and I definitely deserve it,” Jake replied, trying to defend Brett. “No, you definitely don’t deserve it, Jake. What happened between me and you is a personal matter and not something everyone should know about. It’s nobody elses buisness and bringing that topic up, especially on your wedding day, is just not the right thing to do. So, I’m really sorry about that.” I apologized as I looked at him feeling somewhat guilty. Of couse I felt guilty, I brought Brett along with me.

Before anyone else could respond to that, I pulled Brett aside from the tables and scrunched my eyebrows towards him, “want to explain what the hell that was, Brett?” I whisper yelled at him while crossing my arms infront of my chest. I really wanted an explanation for his reckless and disrepectful behaviour. I knew that he was still angry at Jake for betraying me and hurting my feelings, but that shouldn’t explain his behaviour towards him. Brett had been acting weird around Jake the whole time we’ve been here anyway and it was really starting to piss me off.

“I only told him what he deserved to hear, (Y/N). You and I, we both know how much he hurt you, how much you have been suffering because of him, so why are you even defending him?!” Brett whisper yelled back at me, throwing his arms in the air defensively.

“I’m not defending anyone, Brett! I’m just annoyed that you brought that topic up even though you know how I feel talking about it!” Brett opened his mouth to say something, but I interrupted him. “I mean I get that you’re still pissed about how he treated me and about how much I cried because of him, but that still doesn’t give you the right to talk to him like that! You’ve been acting all weird ever since we met Maia and Jake and it makes it really hard for me to enjoy being here with you. I thought you were here to support me as my best friend and not to make the whole situation even worse. All of them probably think I’m crazy now because of you, Brett!” I snapped back at him.

Brett looked at me in disbelief, his hands balling into little fists on the side of his body while he was clinching his jaw. “I can’t believe you’re actually blaming me for all of this! You know it’s not my fault, (Y/N).” Brett shouted back at me.

The whole room was quiet now and everyone had mine and Brett’s full attention. I ignored the eyes that were burning wholes on my back, because I was too angry to even think about them. Instead I narrowed my eyes at Brett, my body still in the same position as it was before.  

“Of course it’s your fault, Talbot! Who else is there to blame besides you?” I yelled back, angrily.

My lungs were burning from all the screaming, but I didn’t really care. Who did Brett think he was?! He knew how important this day was for me and he still tried to ruin it by attacking Jake without having a proper reason. Brett and I have had little disputs and discussions before, but never as big and loud as this one. I couldn’t believe that my best friend was standing infront of me, because I didn’t recognize him at all. It was like a whole different person was talking to me and not the person I cared so much about.

“Oh my god, (Y/N), you’re being absolutely ridicilous! You’re acting like I’m the actual bad guy even though I only said what needed to be said, alright? Everything I did was because I couldn’t just stand there and watch the guy who broke your heart talking about you, about us, like nothing had happened between you and him. I did it ‘cause every time I look at him being super happy with his new wife, I think about you and see you laying on your bed, crying your eyes out and being totally heartbroken because of him. You may have gotten over it, (Y/N), but I for sure didn’t! Do you have any idea how I felt when you were crying over him? How I felt when you didn’t wanted to leave the appartment because you felt too ugly to go outside let alone go to university? I did everything I could to cheer you up and distract you from your thoughts about him because I was sick of seeing you like that, because you are important to me (Y/N), but now, all you do is scream at me for being harsh to him. Do you really think that’s fair? All you care about is what he and his family thinks about you even though you’re here with me! Tell me why you still care so much about Jake, (Y/N), because I really don’t get it. He broke your freaking heart and cheated on you and yet you only see the good sides on him!” Brett argued back, his face turning red.

I opened my mouth to say something but then closed it again. I didn’t really know what to say. Brett had a good point. Why did I still care so much about what Jake thought about me? He broke my heart and was the reason I had trust issues with other guys, he was the reason why I stayed at home for almost a month and skipped all of my classes at university, he was the reason I distanced myself from so many peope who used to be my closest friends, so why the hell did I care so much about him?

Maybe it was because he was my first love, my first heart break, my first everything. Jake gave me so much nobody else could give me and I knew I would always love him for that. I have tried to hate him so many times, but everytime I wanted to delete our pictures on my phone or unfriend him on my social networks, all the good things, all the memories came back flooding in my mind and I just couldn’t do it. I would somehow always care about him whether I wanted to or not. Brett, who had never actually been in love before, had no idea what it was like to love someone as much as I loved Jake so he absolutely had no right to talk about things like that.  

“It’s not as easy to get over a heartbreak and the person you once loved as you think it is, Brett. Jake was my first love and not just some random guy I hooked up with, so of course I still care about him! Yes, he broke my heart and I cried a lot over him, but he also gave me so many things nobody else knows about. You’re right, I don’t know how you felt and maybe I should have thought about it sooner, but I don’t think it’s fair that you blame me for still caring so much about Jake when you’ve never had your heart broken or even been in love before!” I shouted back at him.

“(Y/N), you’re just too blind to see that the person you love is married to a woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with, alright? When you asked me to be your date for your ex-boyfriends wedding I thought you’d asked me because you wanted to show him that you’ve moved on, because you wanted him to see that you’re better off without him, but I was wrong. The reason you really showed up here today was to impress Jake, because you still care too much about him. And I’m only here because you were to scared to go to this wedding all by yourself, am I right?”

No he was not right, but before I could even open my mouth to defend myself, Brett had already started talking again.

“I really thought that coming here with you would open your eyes and you’d see how happy Jake is with his new life and how much he loves his new wife Maia, so that you would finally move on and start to think about dating other guys. I really thought I could finally show you that I’m good enough for you. That I’m not just your best friend, but the person who’s always been there for you. I really thought that you’d finally see how I see you, how I feel about you, but instead all you do is talk about Jake and get angry at me for defending you. I’m sick of this, (Y/N). I thought I could handle being around him, because he’s with someone else now, but seeing the way you still look at him, hurts. It hurts, because it makes me realize that you’ll never look at me the way you look at him and that you’ll never love me the way I love you. So, yeah.. you were defintely wrong when you said that I don’t know what it feels like to have my heart broken or to even be in love with someone, because I’m in love with you, (Y/N). I’ve always been,” Brett confessed. I could see that his eyes were filled with tears and that he was doing his best to hold them back.

A few seconds passed and the whole room was still quiet. Everyone heard the words that Brett had just said out loud, which meant that everyone knew the truth about us now. Even though I should have been angry at him for not keeping our secret a secret anymore, I wasn’t angry at him at all. Somehow, all the anger that I had felt inside of me towards Brett  was suddenly gone.

“You know what, (Y/N)? just..uh..just..forget about what I have just said. I’ve never said anything, alright? I..I have to go.” Brett suddenly stammered, before he grabbed his jacket and ran outside the door, passing past all the people who were looking at him in disbelief and shock.

I also stood there, frozen in place, for a couple of minutes, replaying Brett’s last words in my head over and over again, before realizing that he had already left the building. “Wait, Brett!” I yelled and run towards the door, trying to catch up with him. Just when I was about to leave the door, I heard someone calling my name from behind me. I turned around and saw Jake and Maia standing behind me, looking at me with a mix of concern and guilt in their eyes.

Great, out of all the people in this room they were the least people I wanted to talk to right now, I thought as I faked a smile at them. Both of them probably knew how I really felt right now, but it was still their wedding day and I didn’t wanted to be the one ruining it for them, even though it was probably too late for that. I sighed, “Well, I guess you guys heard everything?” I scretched my neck awkwardly and tried to avoid their gaze. Now that they knew the truth about me and Brett it was really hard for me to look them in the eyes. I felt really guilty for lying to them. “Yeah,” Both of them murmered at the same time.

“Look, I’m really sorry for not telling you the truth about mine and Brett’s relationship and for pretending to be with him, even though we’re not really together. It was just… when I heard your voice after such a long time, I was totally overwhelmed by the whole situation. I didn’t really know what to do, because I had been spending the last years of my life failing to get over you and our relationship, but was too scared and stubborn to admit that towards you. Brett had just come home from his Lacrosse practice the moment I was talking to you on the phone and that was when this crazy idea of him being my boyfriend popped into my head and I told you about him. He had agreed to help me out and be my date for the wedding today, but I never thought that it would end in such a disaster.” At this point I finally managed to lift my head up and was now looking right at Maia and Jake. From the look on their faces I could see that they both were even more shocked than before since they knew the truth now. I felt tears welling in my eyes, but I held them back as much as I could. I didn’t wanted to cry or come off as weak infront of them especially not after I had already spend so many years of my life crying over Jake and the girl he had left me for. “Don’t look so shocked, guys. I mean did you really expect me to recover from the pain I felt in my heart, after my boyfriend of over six years had left me for another girl he barely even knew and fell in love with while we were still together? You have absolutely no idea how I felt.. I was so miserable after you moved out of our appartment, Jake. I rejected my friends, my family heck even skipped university because of you. The only person who had been talking to me this whole time was Brett. He had been the one that got me out of this dark whole I was burried in after our break up, the only person who really cared about how I felt. Do you have any idea how hard it had been for me to look at myself in the mirror without feeling disgusting or insecure about my body, my face or what I was wearing? All this time I had been blaming myself for our breakup, even though Brett had told me, that I was not the one to blame. He told me that I should be angry at you and your new girlfriend, but I couldn’t be angry at you. I’ve never been. I have tried to hate you, Jake. I really did, but no matter what I was doing, you were always somehow in the back of my mind. So, when you asked me to come to your wedding back then I just had to make up a lie about being in a relationship, about being happy with my life, because I wanted you to believe it, even though I did not believe it myself. God, please don’t get me wrong when I say this, but Brett was right… I’ve cared too much about what you guys thought about me this whole time, even though the only person I really should have cared about was him. But now he’s gone and I ruined everything. Your wedding, everyone’s mood and my friendship with Brett. I’m.. really sorry about that.”

I couldn’t hold back the tears anymore and felt how they were running down my cheeks, feeling somewhat relieved about not having to hide the truth anymore. On the other hand though, I felt terrible because of Brett. He had been in love with me this whole time and I had been too busy with myself and my own feelings, that I never really thought about how he felt. His whole behaviour tonight, the words he said to Jake or the way he acted around me, it all started to make sense now and I knew that I had to talk to him. But before I could do that I had to deal with Jake and Maia first.

“(Y/N),” Jake said, shoving his hands in his pockets. “Please, you really don’t have to apologize or feel sorry at all, because the only one who needs to apologize is me. Look, I know that I was an idiot for breaking your heart and leaving you like that and I know I’ll always hate myself for that. You were my highschool love and the girl I thought I’d always wanted be with, but in the end I turned out to be the asshole who ruined everything. (Y/N), I know there are not enough words in the world to apologize for what I have done to you, for what you went through because of me, but I really want you to know that I’m sorry. Maybe, it’s too late to say that and I’m definitely not blaming you if you’re not willing to forgive me, but knowing that I tried and apologized to the girl I was so in love with back in high school at least makes me feel a little better about myself.” He looked at me with an apologetic glance on his face and put his hand on my shoulder. “I’m sorry (Y/N). I’m sorry for everything that I’ve put you through. I want you to know that you’ve always been in the back of my mind within the last couple of years too. Don’t get me wrong, I love Maia and feel really blessed to have her by my side, but (Y/N), I will always care about you too. You were right, we both share so many memories nobody knows about and I’m really glad I do. But Brett, he was right too, (Y/N). It’s time to move on. All I want for you is to be happy with your life and I know that I’m not the one who can give you that. But Brett? He seems like a great guy who really cares about you. Believe me, I saw it in his eyes. I saw it in the way he acted around you, talked to you, looked at you. He’s something special and you know that too. Don’t just let him go like that. You deserve to be happy, (Y/N).”

He smiled at me gently and I found myself smiling back at him. I was genuinely happy about not having to worry about Jake anymore and that I could now finally move on. Yeah, Jake would always be my first love and I knew that I would never forget him, but after hearing him say these words to me, I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. All these years I’ve never really thought that Jake would feel the same way that I did, but now that I knew he had, now that he had apologized officially, I finally realized myself that it was time for me to move on.

“Can I say something very quickly?” Maia asked and I nodded my head at her. “ I just wanted to say that I’m really sorry, (Y/N). I know I’m responsible for your heartbreak as much as Jake is and I just want you to know that I always hated myself for that. You are such a sweet person who deserves to be happy and I hope that you find that kind of happiness with Brett.” She said honestly. I smiled back at her. “Thank you guys,” I mouthed at them. Both of them gave me an encouraging smile, before Maia took her husband by the hand and lead him to the dancefloor, where a few couples were already dancing.

“The special weddingdance between the bride and her groom is happening right after the next song, so be prepared everyone,” The DJ announced through the speakers. “It’s also the perfect opportunity for all of you to grab the person you love and share a sweet moment with them that both of you will never forget.”  After he had finished his annoucement, he continued playing the next song.

I watched some of the couples dancing together, holding each other happily in each others embrace. I sighed and closed my eyes for a moment. “I hope you find that kind of happiness with Brett.”, “Brett, he’s a great guy and he cares a lot about you.” , “Because I’m in love with you. I’ve always been.”  These words had been stuck in my head ever since they were spoken out and I just couldn’t stop replaying them over and over again.

Brett, the one person who I had always seen as my best friend, the person who knew me better than anybody else, was in love with me. Jake, heck even Maia told me that we both would make a great couple… but how did I really feel about that? Were we really meant to be together?

I never really thought about Brett being more than just my best friend, but I could not deny that I didn’t had feelings for him either. Of course I felt something for him, he was my best friend, my soulmate even, but was it really love? I didn’t know that. What I knew though was that Brett had always been that one person who had stayed by my side ever since the day we both met. He had always been there for me, even in my darkest of days. He was the one I could talk to about everything and anything without being judged, the one person I trusted with all of my heart.

Brett had helped me to become the person I was today, because he inspired me with his constant kindness, encouragement and loyalty. God, he had even agreed to be my fake-boyfriend for todays wedding, even though he felt this way about me. He held onto my hand whenever I felt anxious about talking to someone and even managed to calm me down on our way to the wedding ceremony. He told stories about us that weren’t even true only to support me and he had even kissed me to proof it to them.

The kiss… I remembered it now. I remembered exactly how I had felt when he kissed me infront of everyone, how I had felt when he kissed my head the moment we met Maia, how I had felt each time he took my hand. I remembered that I had felt safe in his arms like nothing could ever happen to me as long as he would be there to protect me. I remembered that I felt loved whenever I was around him and I remembered that he felt like home to me.

And then suddenly it all hit me like a lightning and I realized that I had been wrong about my feelings this whole time. It had always been Brett, not Jake.

Brett was the one for me. He had always been. I had just been too blind, too oblivious to see it. The butterflies I had felt in my stomach the moment he had kissed me, the reaction my body had on just a simple touch of Brett… it all started to make sense now.
I was in love with him too.

At this point I found myself running outside the door as if my life depended on it, calling his name desperately until my lung was burning. “Brett! Brett, are you here?” I shouted as I stood infront of the building, looking around to see if he was still there.

As I stood there I realized that it had started to become dark already. The moon was up and the wind was blowing like crazy, but I didn’t care.  I didn’t care that my body was freezing, I didn’t care that my lung was on fire from screaming his name. All that really mattered in this exact moment was to find Brett. I needed to find him.

I was just about to lose my hope, when I suddenly saw someone leaning against a brickwall, hands shoved in their pockets and their head hanging low, just a few miles away from the building. “Brett?” I asked as I approached the person slowly. He looked up from the ground and I let out a sigh of relief. It was really him.

“Brett.. I’m so glad that I found you. I’ve been looking everywhere for you,” I muttered as I stood infront of him. He studied me with raised eyebrows, looking rather unhappy to see me. Seemed like he was still mad at me. “What do you want (Y/N)?” He asked, his voice sounding rather cold.

“I’m here to apologize, Brett. Look, I’m really sorry, okay? Please just give me a chance to explain everything. You can still be mad at me afterwards.. just one chance,” I pleaded desperately. Brett didn’t say anything. I could see in his eyes how hurt and angry he was. I sighed and tried to make a step forward, but Brett held me back. “I don’t really feel like talking to you, (Y/N).” He answered as he crossed his arms infront of his chest. “I understand…but Brett I didn’t even had the chance to respond to you earlier, you just ran away without hearing what I have to say to you.” He remained silent but looked back at me, giving me the chance to talk.

“There are quite a few things I want to tell you Brett, but can we please do that back inside? I don’t really feel comfortable out here and my whole body is freezing as well,” Brett sighed at first, but after a few seconds he nodded his head and started to walk back towards the building and I followed him. I soon caught up with his tempo and was now walking next to him.

As we walked in silence together I could see from the corners of my eyes that he was taking his jacket off. Just a second later he had wrapped it around my shoulders to warm me, causing me to smile at him. “Thanks,” I mouthed at him as we arrived at the building where the wedding party was. We entered the building again and walked back inside where everyone else was celebrating.

The announced wedding and couple dance had already begun and I saw Maia and Jake happily swaying to the slow song that they had chosen as their weddingsong. A lot of other happy couples were swaying to the song as well, enjoying each others company. I took the jacket off my shoulders and gave it back to Brett. He just hung it on a chair and leaned back against the wall of this building, looking at the crowd infront of him.

I looked at Brett and couldn’t help but smile. My whole body was going crazy just by looking at him and I knew that I had to make it up to him somehow. “You want to dance?” I asked from beside him, a small smile plastered on my face. He turned his head to me, looking surprised. “I thought you wanted to talk?” He raised his eyebrows at me, causing me to chuckle. “I still want to talk to you Brett, but I thought it’d be nice if we could do both at the same time, because in the end we’re still celebrating a wedding, right?” I said as I held out my hand to him, which he took quite hesitantely. I lead him to the middle of the dancefloor, where I put my arms around his neck while he put his on my waist. I offered him a smile as we slowly swayed to the song that was playing in the background.

I could feel Brett’s eyes on me. He didn’t say anything and just focused on me and what I had to say to him. “Listen,” I finally spoke and locked my eyes with his. “I was a real bitch to you and I’m really sorry about that.” I let out a deep breath that I had been holding the whole time before I continued, “I don’t even had a reason to be angry at you, because you’ve been right about everything, Brett. You’ve been right about the things you said to Jake, you’ve been right about the things you said about yourself like the reason I brought you here and you’ve been right about the things you said to me. Well, at least about most of them…” I said, which seemed to catch his attention.

“What dou you mean by that?” Brett asked curiously as we continued dancing. The song  that was playing in the background was almost over and a few couples had already left the dancefloor, but I didn’t really care about that. I only cared about telling Brett how I felt about him and hoped that he would still feel the same way about me. “You said I could never love you the way I love Jake, but you were wrong about that, Brett. And do you want to know why?” I asked, biting my lips nervously.

Brett nodded slowly and looked right back into my eyes. My heart was beating out of my chest. This was it.. This was the moment I had been waiting for ever since I realized that I was just as much in love with him as he was with me.. or at least I hoped that he still was.

“Because I could and never will love Jake as much as I love you, Brett. Yes, I love you,  and by love I don’t mean that cute friendship kind of love, but rather the head over heels for you kind of love. God, I’m so in love with you Brett and not even scared to admit it.” I paused for a moment to catch my breath. “For all of my life I thought that Jake was the person who I was meant to be with, that he was the person I loved the most, but now I finally realized that I was wrong about that. I was wrong, because ever since the moment you told me how you felt about me, ever since the moment you left the room and even right at this exact moment, I just can’t stop thinking about you. I can’t stop thinking about the moments we spend together, I can’t stop thinking about everything you’ve done for me and I can’t stop thinking about how much I love you.” I removed my hand from his neck and put it on his face. “ I’m not waisting my time with thinking about Jake anymore, because now I’m waisting my time thinking about you, Brett. Because you’re the one I’m meant to be with. You’re the one I love the most, you’ve always been. I was just too blind and stupid to see that.”

Brett seemed to be in shock. He had stopped dancing now and just looked at me with wide eyes. “I can’t believe it.” He mustered out in a small voice. I chuckled softly and nodded my head, “believe it, Brett. Because it’s the truth.” I caressed his cheek, before pulling him into a gentle and sweet kiss.

My whole body felt like it was about to explode as I touched and tasted the sweetness of his lips and I knew exactly that this was the way I wanted to feel for the rest of my life.  

“is that proof enough for you, Talbot?” I asked, leaning my forehead against his while smiling at him. He nodded and smiled back at me. “I could get used to that.” He answered, before pulling me in for another, deeper and more passionate kiss.


A few months later.

“Babe, look what just arrived today,” I announced happily as I sat next to Brett on the couch in our living room, holding an envelope infront of his face. “Is it the pictures of the wedding?” He asked as he wrapped an arm around my shoulder. I looked up at him with a grin on my face and nodded. “Yes, it is. I’m so excited to see them.” I answered before I opened the envelope.

We both scanned through the different pictures of Maia’s and Jake’s wedding, laughing and thinking back at the day that had changed both of our lives completely.

It has been about two months since Brett and I confessed our feelings to each other and officially became a couple and I was happy to admit that it had been the best two months of my life.

Brett and I got along so well, even better now than before. Of course we both were still best friends, but in a different kind of way now. We did everything together and never got bored of each other.

I learned to love so many different sides of him every single day and fell in love with him over and over again. He made me smile and happy in so many ways, made me feel things I’ve never felt before, not even with Jake.

Speaking of Jake, I could finally say that I had gotten over him completely. Maia, Jake and I had become pretty good friends after the wedding and I was really happy about that. Even though I wasn’t in love with Jake anymore, I still wanted him to be a part of my life and he felt the same way about me. We both had decided to keep in touch with each other and Brett was okay with that too. We even managed to hang out with them sometimes.

My life was perfect at the moment and I knew that it would always feel this way as long as Brett and I were together. He was the person I was waiting for all of my life and he would be that one person for the rest of my life.

“Brett?” I put the pictures on the table infront of us and turned my head towards him. He looked back at me with his loving eyes and I couldn’t help but smile at him. “I love you so much.” I whispered as I rested my forehead against his.

Brett smiled and pulled me closer to him, crashing his lips against mine. The kiss sent chills up my whole body, making me feel all fuzzy from the inside.

As we both pulled away from the kiss, he put his hand on my face, caressing it softly. “I love you too, (Y/N). I love you so much.”

I smiled and pecked his lips again, before we both continued to look at the rest of the pictures.

The End.

httyd au Cinderella

Ruffnut and Tuffnut have been counting the days until they can get out of this dump, ever since their mom died and left them in their dad’s drunk custody.  When news gets around that Chief Oswald is holding a big week long shindig for his son and all the girls in the archipelago are invited (plus chaperone) their father insists Ruffnut attend and try to get in good with the son, and they were to do whatever they had to do to try to leverage prince dagur into a marriage, even if it had to be a shotgun wedding.  Discomforted, the twins only agree to go (as girl and chaperone) for the free food and the stuff they could steal while no one is looking.  To protect Ruff they trade clothes en route to the ball, giving Tuff an enormous crinoline skirt to hide things under and making him look like the ugliest girl there, all but guaranteeing that they’ll be looked over.

To their surprise, when Dagur catches Tuff hiding silver servingware in his clothes he helps cover for him with the guards.  Damn, why did the prince have to be so handsome and charming (well, in the ‘completely batshit’ kind of way that Tuff liked)  As the week and the ball wear on Ruff and Tuff smuggle increasingly improbable objects out from Oswald’s palace, to the entertainment of and assistance of Prince Dagur.  by the end they finally think they have enough to start a new, posh life somewhere, until Dagur announces he’s made his choice, and the twins must decide what to do when “Ruffnut” Thorston’s name is called.