looks like a chicken wing

EXO reaction to catching you dancing to an EXO song

Baekhyun: ‘’Need some help with the moves, jagi. ‘’‘’No, thank you.’’, silence, ‘’That wasn’t a question.’’

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Suho: would instantly join you, dancing like crazy and would somehow manage to throw in a random dad joke like ‘’What do ghosts dance to? Soul music.’’ and the dance party would have to stop because he’s laughing at his own joke too much

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Kyungsoo: would be watching you from the doorway, looking more like a proud mom on her child’s first school show than your boyfriend…at least until you come to the part with hip thrusts

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Chen: would casually waltz into the room and start passionately singing the song you’re dancing to and wouldn’t stop even after you stopped dancing…so there you are looking for something to eat in the fridge and there’s Chen serenading you…typical Friday night

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Chanyeol: makes sure you don’t notice while he’s making himself comfortable on the couch, bringing water and popcorn and sitting back to enjoy the show…try not to get a heart attack when you receive thunderous applause for your performance

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Jongin: ‘’You need to work on some of these moves, jagi. Here, I’ll show you.’’ and let’s just say that it was a show indeed if you ignore the fact that blushing doesn’t go well with hip thrusts…or it goes too well

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Yixing: actually turns into a cheerleader while watching and is shouting ‘’fan chants’’…at least until you stumble over a laundry basket, ‘’And to think I wanted to ask you to appear in my next solo mv.’’ don’t let him fool you,he’s actually dying from cuteness

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Minseok: would be watching you from the couch, staring so intensely that your moves are looking more like a chicken flapping its wings than anything else…but that’s exactly an excuse for him to stand up and ‘’help you’’

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Sehun: ‘’That move is not looking quite right.’’, ‘’Then help me!! Why are you just standing there,’’‘’Well, I don’t know…what’s in it for me?’’

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Guardian Angel AU Prompts
  1. “listen, [deity] sent me here for a reason. that reason was DEFINITELY NOT THIS”
  2. “do you ever sleep?? it’s been a while since I’ve been human/I’ve interacted with humans but I’m pretty sure you need to do that”
  3. “I didn’t know angels could die.”
  4. “could you please stay out of life-threatening situations for FIVE MINUTES”
  5. “Yeah! Okay! I was selfish! Maybe angels are more human than you like to think.”
  6. “Do you like them??”
  7. “Do not. Do not. Do n–ARGH”
  8. “Those wings make you look like a chicken.”
  9. “I know you don’t remember me, but you have to come back.”
  10. “do you know how many times you almost died?? do you?? i do!”
  11. “You know what? Fine. Go ahead and do that. I don’t even care anymore.”
  12. “oh [frick]. [frick] you, idiot. making my life and my job difficult”
  13. “the people you hang out with keep getting you into dangerous situations. maybe I should just kill them and save myself the trouble”
  14. “do you MIND??”
  15. “so help me, just because you were sent from [deity] to watch over me does not mean i cannot or will not smack you into next week”
  16. “who the [frick] are you??”
  17. “if you go into that situation and somehow get out alive, I will kill you.”
  18. “so how does one become a guardian angel?”
  19. “are you a vampire/harpy/[mythological creature that is not an angel]?”
  20. “[deity’s name as an expletive]!” “[They’re] not available right now. can I take a message?”
Wings McFuck

Summary: Anonymous request to use this title. The reader is on heavy meds after being released from the hospital and gives Castiel a new nickname 

Characters: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Content: Humor and Sillyness

Word Count: 273

A/N: Seriously, whomever requested this title, Misha bless you 

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So decided to show how my wings are attached to the costume. theres no wire coat hanger as a brace, No ribbon ties at your armpits, and no corset method! But what you will need is a bra with removable straps and clear bra straps!

Lets get started!

1) & 2) Okay! so you have your bra! Remove the straps from the bra! that simple!

3) Now take your straps and adjust them to your preference. Now i got mine from Joann craft and Fabric for $6 but you can basically find them anywhere. preferably go for the plain ones for this method.

4) Now hook the straps to the bra loops in the front but leave the back for now a moment!

5) Now on the back of my wing base, i have 3 short strips of ribbon tacked down 3 side by side. you need these for the back portion of the straps.

6) thread the straps through the ribbon loops and clip the bra in place.

7) now just clasp on your bra! Preferably have a friend help you shimmy into it and then adjust the wings. if theyre too high or low just pull them up or down gently until theyre at the height you want and theyre straightened out.

8) Put on your blouse and once again, preferably have a friend help you out otherwise your arms look like chicken wings and they will cramp!

And there you have it!! comfy wings without that annoying harness! Happy cosplaying loves!

and for the wings, i followed this tutorial —> http://flying-fox.deviantart.com/art/Fantasy-Film-Wing-Tutorial-335885504

Title: Justifiable

Length: 1,930 words

Rating: T

Warnings: discrimination, language, fighting, all around rudeness, racial slurs

Pairing: Warren Worthington iii x Reader

Original Request: Can you do a Angel (Warren Worthington III from XMA) x Reader??

A/N: I was not given much to go on so I went with this. There will be a part two

You knew before you ever began dating Warren that he had issues; specifically, those pertaining to anger and jealousy. You knew he was a loyal and protective person. That much had been clear. It had been clear from the day he walked into the Xavier School, well, facility. And actually he didn’t walk, he was teleported. The actual school had been blown up so while it was being rebuilt there was a tiny facility saved for the teachers and students with nowhere to go back to until classes started again. This included you since your parents threw you out when you discovered your mutant abilities at age 12 and Charles found you living on the streets of Sacramento. A lot of mutant kids had been forced into that. Your powers included the ability to heal yourself and others to the point you could bring someone back from the dead provided you got to them fast enough. If you got to them within three minutes you could usually bring them back, five minutes maximum, after that it was a no go. Your second power, which Hank and Charles helped bring out, was infrared vision along with being able to see in the dark.

The power to heal people came in handy during the battle with Apocalypse. You had gone along to help heal your friends, but when you saw Warren go down in the plane crash you couldn’t help it. You couldn’t bear one more dead body. You bolted through the line of fire and pulled him from the wreckage, you had made it without a millisecond to spare. He woke up for all of two seconds before passing out again, but he was alive and that was what mattered. After the battle, Kurt had retrieved you both and the Professor decided to take him home with you all to at least heal him. Since the tiny off-site bomb shelter was safe and you were the only healer, you spent a great deal of time with the unconscious Angel until he woke up a week later confused as all hell. You were the first person he saw when he woke up.

You were just as shocked as he was when the Professor offered him redemption and a home to stay in. He offered him a place in the X-men. You were even more shocked when he looked at you and tentatively accepted. Charles had been thrilled. He was in a great mood since Magneto, AKA Erik Lehnsherr, had decided to stay until the mansion was back to the way it was before. They were sending a lot of time together and that made the Professor happier than you had ever seen him.

The Professor had left you to fill in what happened to him. You did your best. At first he seemed angry, then he seemed relieved, then it became something like fear. You wanted to ask but you held off doing so. Secretly, you were thrilled he was staying. You had developed a crush on him, at first it was purely physical but over time as you continued to heal his wings it became more than that. After so much healing the metal of his wings had shattered and his old feathered ones had grown back. That seemed to improve his mood more than anything. The tattoos didn’t fade though. That was fine with you. Even with his facial tattoos and silly haircut the man had a body crafted by God himself and all his angels.

Once the school was rebuilt the response was limited to say the least. As it seemed most of the other kids, sans yourself and Kurt Wagner, hated him or feared him making him unwelcome in most of the grounds. It soon became a thing around school that no one spoke to him. Your crush made you so nervous that a real conversation was not gonna happen easily and Kurt was met with a very angry German phrase when translated meant: Piss off! Kurt was still trying and receiving the same response every time. You understood why he was so closed off. It was the same way when you got here. If it hadn’t been for Jean and Jubilee you would still be like him. Often time you would catch him alone on the grounds flying, smoking a cigarette, or reading a magazine when everyone else wasn’t there. When you passed by his room, which was often, you would hear loud metal music playing and see empty liquor bottles on the floor. You didn’t know ho to tell him you liked the music and you were worried about him. So, you didn’t.

Over time you would wave to him or say hello when you passed by. At first he ignored you, but eventually he would give you a polite or soft smile back. It wasn’t much but it was progress. All of that changed the day in the library. One day after Jean and Erik had finished rebuilding the library you were sitting there together taking a break for a while. Warren had walked in and sat on a couch reading a magazine. Jean looked up and smiled.

“Warren is staring at you.” She whispered to you with excitement in her voice. You were shocked but you were even more shocked when she followed with, “He’s thinking about you.”

“What is he saying? Tell me his exact words.” You said without another thought. Jean peeked over at him and touched her temple. You had to know what he was thinking.

“I wonder if I should go talk to her. She’ll never agree to be with someone like me. She’s beautiful. So beautiful, so kind. I’m nothing compared to her. No, she’ll only laugh at me. I’m the asshole who helped try to destroy the world. She could do better than me. But she’s nice to me. She’s beautiful and kind and I can’t do it. I can’t talk to her. Not with anyone nearby. I don’t deserve her. What’s Gray staring at?” Jean stopped and realized what she had just said. You felt the color leave your face.

“Jean! Dammit, Jean!” you whispered. You didn’t dare look behind you. “Did you have to be so obvious?”

“Sorry!” Jean immediately packed her things back in her bag.

“Where are you going?” you asked on the verge of panic.

“He told me to leave.” Jean bolted from the library leaving you by yourself at the table. This only lasted a moment as Warren sat himself down in Jean’s abandoned chair. You felt your heartbeat speed up very quickly. Warren curled his wings so he could sit down comfortably. His curly blonde hair was taking its time regrowing and his blue eyes bored into yours. You sat up straight and looked at him suddenly aware you had forgotten to brush your Y/H/C hair this morning.

“Hey, Y/N.”

“Hi, Warren.” You said nervously. He smiled a cocky smile at you. You knew you couldn’t do this. You couldn’t be with this man. This man was the definition of a bad boy, a playboy, a rebel without a cause. You knew he could very well break your heart and he probably would.

“I’m guessing Gray told you everything.” It was a statement, not a question. His wings shook a little and moved against the floor. You looked at them taking in how pretty they were.

“Yeah. I’m sorry.” You were really embarrassed you had asked Jean to do that.

“So is that a yes?” he deadpanned.

“Yes to what?”

“That you’ll go out with me. That I have a chance with you.”


“Yes, I have a chance or yes, you’ll go out with me?”


It was now six months later and you two were inseparable. There were a few bumps of course, like today had been. You, Warren, Jean, Storm, Scott, Kurt, Jubilee, and Peter had all gone to see a movie at the mall and headed to get food afterwards. You all had crowded around one table and were sitting together happily chatting away. Unfortunately, a group of guys around Peter’s age, maybe a little younger, had sat nearby and hadn’t stopped making comments since then. Every now and then they would say something cruel towards one or all of you. They kept talking about the “mutant freaks” at the table next to them. You could feel Warren tensing up and everyone at the table getting mad but you kept them all calmed down. Warren kept one hand in yours and one fluffy wing over your shoulder.

“Just ignore them guys.” You told everyone. Kurt was doing just that and happily munching on his French fries.

“Look at that blue freak.” “He looks like an elf.” “What do you think would happen if I pulled on that tail of his?” Kurt froze and looked sad. “Who would want that mutant scum?” “He’ll die a virgin.” “Krout piece of shit.”

“Kurt, you know they’re being assholes. You know it’s not true. Just ignore them.” You said trying to get Kurt to cheer up. He sadly ate another fry. You touched his hand to calm him.

“Maybe we should just go.” Jubilee said standing up and throwing away her trash. She sat down just as another made a comment.

“Jap bitch.” One of them whispered but Jubilee heard it anyway.

“I’m Vietnamese!” she stood up ready to go over there. You grabbed her and pulled her back down.

“Jubilee, calm down.” You said.

“That’s easy for you to say!” she countered. She was right but you held her back.

“Freaks. Losers. Mutie freaks. The one with the wings looks like a freak with those tats. A chicken with face tats. What are those cotton balls gonna do?” Warren cracked his knuckles.

“I’ll kill them.” He said quietly.

“No, if you fight in here we’ll get kicked out of the mall for good and then what? We’ll lose a great place we like that doesn’t throw us out.” You said speaking sense to everyone. “Let’s just go home and call it a day.” Everyone looked at each other and began gathering their things. Kurt stood up and suddenly, screamed when everyone turned they saw one of the guys had slammed their foot on his tail effectively breaking the bones in it. Kurt bamfed out of sight.

“Kurt!” Jean yelled but he was gone. She wheeled around and yelled at them. “You assholes!” You ran up and grabbed her arm.

“Jean, no!” Before anyone could stop it, even Peter, you felt something cold and wet splatter all over yourself. It soaked down the front of your favorite shirt and all over your jeans. A second one splattered over you and Jean both. You looked at them in shock and then looked at Warren. You smiled at him. Then looked at Peter.

“Peter, take them outside. Warren, please don’t get too bloody, babe.” Both of them nodded. Peter took off and Warren headed outside. The rest of you ran outside to see Warren and Peter both kicking the five guy’s asses. One of them got Warren in the jaw but he rebutted with a swing of his fist and a flap of his wings. Peter was too quick for them and kept giving them wedgies or making them hit each other. It was equal parts funny and gratifying. There was only so much you could take. When you heard sirens you screamed. Warren scooped you up and took off flying. You mentally told Jean and the others to meet you at home.

My contribution for the @meflashfanwork July prompt — this was my first one ever, and it was really fun!

I love the conversation between Garrus and Joker where they swap military jokes, and I like to think that bad jokes are what made them friends in the first place. My heartcanon says that they bonded in ME2; while Garrus was moping between recruitment and his loyalty mission, Joker tried to find ways to make him laugh (or at least seem like he had a smaller stick up his ass). 

I don’t know if anyone has taken a stab at the fact that fried chicken wings look like mandibles, but I wholeheartedly believe that they marked the beginning of the friendship between these two goons.

Soul Cries

nsfwish stuff ahead. thank you rebornfromash, bendandcurl and sojustifiable for reading this over a loooong time ago and reassuring me it’s funny. 

inspired by, what else, too many conversations with earth-shines.


“Now blow out your candles so we can dig in! I’m starving!”

“You ate two steaks. Two. I really don’t think you’re withering away.”

“What do you know? BLOW, MAKA.”

Soul choked on his fruit punch.

With a haughty scoff, Maka jabbed a fist into her brother’s stomach and leaned daintily across the table. Soul had half a mind to warn her that her pigtails were dangling and that she was coming uncomfortably close to burning her signature hairdo off, but before he could do anything, Blair tucked the blonde hair behind Maka’s shoulders and smiled coyly at him. He felt himself shudder a little, anxiety prickling at his nose, and slouched further into the corner.

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(EDITED: I added more shit because they’re idiots)

I’m just going to dissolve into a corner now.

“Theres room for me! I can fit one butt cheek.”


“I’m going to disassemble her body and put the pieces back in the box.”

“Okay you do that, Hannibal.”

“I’m going to rename you Craig.” 

“My imaginary friend ax murdered her family.”

“I’ll try not to stab myself on accident.”

“We should build a village for short people.”

“This is a visual representation of my soul.”

“My spirit animal is a turtle on a skateboard.”

“This place looks like something you’d see on Supernatural.“

“We’re going to eat our food and get murdered by demons.”

“My backpack is my locker now.”

“Have you seen Satan?”

“Can I have a jar of pickles for my birthday?”

“I never thought I’d get burned by a pickle.”

“Can I borrow your phone so I can instagram this?”

“You’re just going to make me punch myself in the face!”

“It smells like stale biscuits in here.”

“Touch my stuff and you go to jail. Giant waffle jail.”

“I picked up my skateboard and was ready to fight.”

“I don’t want to see Harry Styles pregnant with Louis’ baby.”

“We read fanfiction, nothing can scare us.”

“Are you really going to duct tape me to a wall?”

“The fried food killed me.”


“Homecoming? More like ‘time to get drunk’.”

“I really would sell you to Satan for one corn chip, though.”

“T-mobile? More like T-maybe.”

“I’ll put this fake tattoo on my butt, just watch me.”

“Can we get a hamster that crawls up people’s legs?”

“I never call anyone by their actual names.”

“Forget the North Star, if you’re ever lost, just head towards IHop.“

“That was a very pointless story, thanks for telling it to me.”

“You’re not a scaredy cat, YOU’RE A WUSSY.”



“You’re not cute, you look like a chicken wing.”


“Every time you talk we look at you like you’re an idiot.”

“I’m going to duck tape your hands and feet together.”

“Excuse me while I genderbend.”

“You’re so horrible that you make the rest of us seem like saints.”

“IS HE DEAD? I THINK HE’S DEAD. No wait its okay, he’s alive. False alarm.”

“Why do you keep calling her/him your friend? She/He hates you.”


“I’m not normal, I’m evil.”

“I can’t do backwards pushups, I can’t bend like that.”

“I’ve seen some really sketchy stuff in my life.”

“I used a ouiji once, Satan told me when I was going to break up with my boyfriend/girlfriend.”

“Are you combing your eyebrows with a razor?”

“I will kill you and hide your body in the river.”

“Hashtag reasons why people hate you.”

“Hashtag you’re ugly.”


“You weren’t born with a butt.”

“Its now illegal to breathe, I’m sorry but now you have to die.”

“I punched the carpet and got stuck.”

The School

Max didn’t know how she’d gotten her flock back into this situation. One minute they were hanging out at a playground in Central Park, and the next they were in the back of a plane on their way to Nevada. They’d knocked her out way quickly, while she was distracted. She shouldn’t have let herself get distracted. She should have protected them…

Alright, focus, Max. This was no time to feel like crap. There’d be time for that later but, right now, she had to think of a plan and get them out of there before- The teen was pulled out of her thoughts when someone rocked the dog crate they’d put her in -yeah, dog crate. That just goes to show you what kind of sick-os these guys are…

Anyway, she was roughly brought into the all-too-familiar white building and almost pulled as the strong smell of antiseptic hit her nose. The whitecoat brought her into a large, white room that was stacked with crates of…experiments…and tossed her in beside what looked like a chicken without festers and a small, winged girl curled up in the cage on the other side of her.

The rest of her flock were across the hall. She counted her family and let out a little sigh of relief as she realised they were all there.

funnyfoxes55  asked:

Is the chicken nugget butterfly half female, half male? The wing sizes are very odd to me

That’s what the going theory is! Chimeras are animals with two different sets of genetic material - generally it happens when one egg absorbs a sibling incompletely. It can be pretty much any part of the body that will have the different genetic makeup, but it looks like Chicken Nugget is split down the middle. So that’s why the wings are different - that species of butterfly are sexually dimorphic, so the male wing is much bigger and ornate.