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He studies rainbows



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ah I see!that very interesting, however, in a non-fight-related situation, is Sam judgmental about people's appearances and physical flaws or insecurities even if they aren't talking down to him? both in his head or vocally expressing his judgement. like "ewww look at his scars" or "the zoo called, they want their hippo back"

 ehhh not really, it depends. If it’s something people can’t help (ie scars, disabilities, etc) he doesn’t judge at all especially since he was made fun of those things as a kid. He doesn’t find a reason to be rotten to someone if they didn’t do anything to him.

 i guess its like, again, he’s too busy criticizing himself to criticize others

before going on a rant about how much you can’t stand kitty, ask yourself

“would i mind if it were sherlock behaving this way?”

if the answer is no, and you STILL feel the need to call her annoying/whiny/destructive, maybe pick apart what’s inside causing you to give him so much more leeway.