looks kinda mad

So canon it hurts :”D


now i can sleep

have the poly quad, being hitmen in ls, um…i still havent watched mr and mrs smith uhhhh, being fahc hitmen for burnie,  director of Rt, the hitmen corp, and Geoff being the director of their division. yes. they might all look kinda mad but dont worry, Michael accidentally blew up their getaway van but in lik 5 minutes they;; get over it and be a happy poly quad again


365 days of rory gilmore: day 51

B.A.P In Dallas (I can't!)

I will try keep it short!! But I went to see B.A.P in Dallas and good grief they had me shook! I was not prepared at all. 

I managed to get a P1 Ticket (Thank you!) It wasn’t as close as I wanted but I didn’t care cause I got to get a HI Touch! 

This concert was freaking Amazing and Everyone was Hyped!!

So I caught Youngjae ,Zelo, and Daehyun  staring at me quite a few times. At first I thought I was tripping(Cause I felt I was pretty far) till I caught Youngjae staring so I stared back and smiled and waved at him. He kinda looked shocked and smiled and waved back. I lost it then! I did the same to Zelo and Dae. Zelo just smiled and looked away like He wasn’t just staring hard. Then I was watching Himchan speak and I happen to look over at Jae and Dae and they was just staring. 


So I was in line waiting and right when I was about to start the hi touch a guys pulls my phone out my pocket. It was on the camera but I seriously didn’t know. He looked at me kinda mad and handed it to another guy so I just pouted at him and I saw Dae and Jae kinda laugh at me . <3

Yongguk was just staring at me Like he wouldn’t move. He stood there like it felt like forever and  I’m just staring and smiling So I hold my hand up and he snaps out of it and just did the cutest grin! and finally! gave me a hi touch 

Zelo just look down smiling like he couldn’t look at me straight. 

Youngjae looked at me straight in the eyes and bit his lips. I thought my heart fell out my chest jesus!!

Daehyun had me on cloud 9 like as soon as I walked up to him he goes “oooooo hey..” he smirked and said “ I love you” and pouted his lips into like a kissy face.  I damn there choked. I just looked off cheesing and he kept looking at me till I got to JongUp. 

I can’t even remember Jongup Thanks to Daehyun T.T lol 

Himchan was last and when he saw me his eyes bucked and he looked surprised so I just smiled at him and gave him a hi touch. 

So yeah Im freaking dead thanks to them! But Seriously they are so BEAUTIFUL in person!! It don’t make no sense!!! And Those Vocasl!! Gosh! Don’t get me Started!! 

I really hope next time I can get a better seat and Better camera cause mine sucks!


Because “I want to” is a perfectly good reason to take selfies

A Madly Wonderful Wedding

They say that when she returned, he held her close and never let her go.
They say that when he embraced her, she promised never to leave him again.

When they touched, time himself had to stop and take a breath.
When they danced, the clouds stopped to watch them.
When the kissed, an unrelenting force emanated from their souls.

Underland had never seen such love; they proved the impossible was possible.

aculeatus  asked:

would nta!xanxus have read "go the fuck to sleep" to tsuna when he was looking after him when they were young?

tsuna: …you’re going to read me a bedtime story?
tsuna: that sounds kinda sketchy
xanxus: c’mon, you’ll love it. bel and fran do. it’ll help you sleep.
tsuna: that’s not very reassuring
xanxus, reading anyway: “the cats nestle close to their kittens now,”
tsuna: what the hell
xanxus: “the lambs have lain down with the sheep”
tsuna: this is strangely lulling.
xanxus: “you’re cozy and warm in your bed, baby trash”
tsuna: whuh-
xanxus: “Please Go The Fuck To Sleep”
tsuna: *busts a gut laughing*

that’s a very enthusiastic ‘yes’.