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Choose: Noctis with beard or without beard.

this has turned out to be ‘kamui and fuuma touch each other inappropriately and/or are in each other’s space in vaguely unsettling and predatory ways’ week here at twindestinies

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Looking at the Dust Storm and Carrie Pilby, did Colin bulk up in between those two movies? I don't know, he just seems bigger in Carrie Pilby.

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No clue, man. He looks fine to me.

The only thing I know for sure is they trimmed his fucking chest hair for no apparent reason.

Sorry but i’ll forever be bitter about that. 

He does appear to be pumping iron or something, cos I think he’s definitely gotten muscular as of late. 

Homie looks hot as hell either way.

FaceTime With Tom - Headcanons



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  • He would FaceTime you whenever, even though you were in London and he’s in Montreal (Even though its a 5 hour time difference and he’s on set most of the time)
  • He’s always wearing hoodies cuz he hates his short hair and doesn’t want you to see him like that
  • You being annoyed at tom and rolling your eyes saying “come on tom it’s just hair and you look hot either way”
  • He always gets blushy when you say things like that and you can hear harrison in the background screaming things like “Get some” “lovebirds”
  • He’s not supposed to tell you anything about chaos walking but he secretly does because he’s terrible at keeping secrets
  • You basically know the entire plot for the movie even though you never even asked tom to tell you
  • Sometimes you and Z get together and facetime tom
  • Tom is always so happy to see you that HE NUTS INSTANTLY ( kidding not really)
  • You’ve tried to have facetime sex but it was awkward and terrible and you both ended up satisfied
  • You tell tom you miss him and he says he misses you more
  • You tell him you want to go visit him on set but he tells you sadly that you can’t but he gets heartbroken when he has to tell you
  • You spend 6+ hours on facetime no matter what you’re both doing
  • You literally show him the most boring things but he enjoys it cuz YOU’RE HIS GIRLFRIEND AND HE LOVES YOU AND APPRECIATES YOU
  • You were on facetime one time and he broke his nose trying to hold his phone up
  • You’ve fallen down stairs and tripped over things because you’re so focused on what tom is doing

Whenever I start stanning a new football player they’re with daddy hot looking or they’re my child , either way I will protect them at all costs

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Jeremy... while Michael does look hot you do like him the way he looks usually right? Hoodie and glasses or tank and contacts- looks pretty hot to me either way.

JS: A long, hormone filled weekend. 

Hey Angel Chapter 79

Ever since you and Harry decided on getting married. You two had been in wedding planning mode as well as getting everything ready for the babies. You two had decided on a date, which would be in a little over a month. You both had written down the list of everyone you wanted to be there, which included your close families and the One Direction boys, as well as Abby and Jeff and Glenne, and James and his family.

You had told anyone yet about the wedding because you sort of wanted it to be a surprise. Plus, you and Harry were trying to figure out where you wanted to have the ceremony in the first place.

“I would love to have it at the beach we had the pregnancy photos taken,” you said.

“That place was gorgeous, but I’m not sure how we’d keep it private,” he said.

“True,” you said nodding.

“What if we had it in our backyard?” He asked. “We have an amazing view, it’s spacious and we know it can be private. No one will think on they’re having a wedding there, just a big Barbeque.”

“That could work,” you nodded. “Oooh, what if we invited everyone down and said we were having an engagement party and then we announce that we’re actually getting married.”

“So, like a surprise wedding?” He laughed.

“I guess, yeah,” you giggled.

“I think that would be perfect,” he smiled. “Especially since it would help keep the wedding under wraps and we wouldn’t have to worry about it getting leaked anywhere.”

“Exactly,” you smiled. “I can’t believe this is actually happening.”

“Well, you better believe baby because in a few short weeks you’re going to be Mrs. Styles,” he smirked wrapping his arm around your shoulder.

“I love the sound of that,” you smiled.

“Me too,” he smiled kissing your cheek. “And then two or so months after that, we’ll be adding two more into our little blended family.”

“Yeah, we will,” you smiled. “And speaking of that, there’s something I want to ask you.”

“Okay, what is it, love?” He asked.

“Ella has my last name right?” You stated. “Well, I’ve been thinking about changing her last name to Styles. I would love for you to adopt her officially, but unless we get Simon to sign over his rights, that won’t be happening. And plus, since we have all that court stuff going on from the accident, I don’t think that’s ever going to happen anytime.”

Harry smiled. “Are you sure? I mean, that you can change her last name without me officially adopting her?” He asked.

“Yeah, I’ve talked to my lawyer about it. It’s not really any different than me changing my last name once we get married,” you said. “But I mean, would you want that?”

“Of course I want that,” he smiled widely. “She’s my daughter, Y/N, maybe not by blood and DNA, but she’s mine and I would love for her to share my last name.”

You started to tear up a bit. “Fucking hormones,” you laughed wiping your eyes. “I’m really glad you came into our lives. Ella deserves a father who loves her and would do anything for her and she has that thanks to you.”

“I’m glad that I’m able to give that to her,” he whispered holding you tightly. “And you, I mean Jackson already had the best mother ever, but I had hoped that whoever I fell in love with would love him and for him to have two damn good mothers and he has that.”

“Are you trying to get me to turn me into a blubbering mess?” you laughed. “God, I better make sure I use waterproof makeup at the wedding or I’m going to look a hot mess.”

He laughed. “You’ll look beautiful either way,” he smiled.


The next day was a big day for you and Ella. You two were going to go dress shopping for the wedding. You still weren’t comfortable driving yourself around since the accident and plus, it was quite hard to drive with your belly hitting the steering wheel in general.

Harry got Ella in the car while Jackson got himself in. Harry was going to drop you and Ella off at the dress shop and he and Jackson were going to have a father-son day looking at tuxedos.

“Are you excited to go dress shopping with Mummy, Ella?” Harry asked as he pulled out of the driveway.

“Ya! Gonna wook pwetty!” She giggled.

“Yes, you are,” Harry smiled. “No matter what you pick out.”

“Now, Jackson, I’m going to hold it to you to not let your Daddy pick out some random tux to wear, okay?” You said. “Nothing too crazy.”

“Kay Mummy! No problem!” Jackson smirked.

“Hey now! That’s not fair!” He whined.

“Babe, I love you and I’m all for your fashion choices when it comes to performing or going to award shows, but I’m not going to get outshined by fiance because he decided to wear a pink or some crazily patterned suit,” you laughed.

He laughed. “Okay, okay, I got this,” he said. “As long as it’s not patterned or pink, I’m good,” he shrugged.

“I’m being serious,” you laughed hitting his arm causing the kids to giggle.

Harry pulled up to the dress shop and parked outside. “I’ll get Ella out,” he said.

“Thank you,” you smiled getting out of the car. Jackson rolled down the window and smiled. “Have fun with Daddy today,” you smiled.

“Kay Mummy! I love ya!” He giggled.

“I love you too,” you smiled before taking Ella’s hand from Harry.

“Call me when you’re ready,” Harry smiled. “We won’t be too far from here.”

You nod giving him a quick kiss and walking inside the dress shop. 

“Welcome, what can we do for you today?” The worker asked. 

“Uh, yes, I had an appointment for my daughter and I. We need some dresses,” you smiled. 

“What’s the occasion?” She asked. 

“Well, my fiancé and I are having an engagement party to celebrate our engagement, obviously, but we’re looking for some nice, elegant, but still simple dresses. And I need one to fit all this,” you laughed rubbing your belly. 

She laughed. “Don’t worry, we can find anything and if we do happen to find something you like, but it isn’t maternity, we can definitely make alterations to it,” she said. 

“Great,” you smiled. “We should probably get hers first, just because I don’t want her getting fussy waiting around.” 

“Okay, that works,” she smiled kneeling down to Ella. “What’s your name pretty lady?” 

“Elwa,” she blushed. 

She smiled. “Nice to meet you Ella, my name is Amy. Do you want to come with me so we can find you some pretty dresses?” 

“Ya!” She giggled taking her hand and walking with her. 

“You can have seat here and we can bring some dresses to you, if you’d like. Do you know of what style you might want?” Another lady asked.

“Um, I would love to have a dress that fits tight up here around my chest and then maybe is really flowly at the bottom. I want some lace and some gems and as far cut, I’d like strapless or the sort of straps that connect from the chest area and just hit the shoulders about right here,” you said showing on the middle of your bicep. 

“Okay, I think we have a few things that have at least a few of the things you’d like,” she smiled. “Would you like some water or tea?” 

“Um, water would be great,” you smiled. 

“I’ll be right back with that and your dresses,” she smiled. 

It took a good two hours before you finally found a dress that you loved for both you and Ella. As soon as you put the dress on, you knew it was the one. A few things needed to be altered, but for the most part it fit you perfectly. 

“What do you think Ella?” you smiled. “Do you think Daddy will like it?” 

“He gon wuv it! So pwetty!” She clapped. 

You smiled widely and started to tear up a bit.

“I think that’s the one,” the lady smiled. 

“i think so too,” you giggled. 

Once you changed out of the dress, you paid for it and called Harry to pick you and Ella up. 


Meanwhile at the other shop, Harry and Jackson were having a little too much fun. 

“This is amazing,” Harry said grabbing a blood red suit off the rack. 

“Nu uh, Daddy,” Jackson said crossing his arms. “Mummy said no crazy.” 

“It’s not! There’s no pattern and it’s not pink,” he pointed out. 

Jackson just shook his head, while Harry groaned. “Okay, so maybe not for the party, but I’m still getting it,” he mumbled. 

“Ooh look at this one!” Jackson gasped touching another suit. “It feels soft!” 

“That’s because it’s velvet,” Harry said. “And it’s black, which means it would fit Mummy’s wishes and my fashion choices,” he smirked. 

“We also have one in the little man’s size,” the tailor said. 

“Really?” Both Harry and Jackson said at the same time. 

He laughed, “Yes,” he nodded. 

“I want it!” Jackson nodded. “Please, Daddy!” 

Harry laughed. “Of course.” 

“Okay, let’s get you two in these and we’ll fit them to you guys,” he said. 

Once the suits were on Jackson and Harry, they both started making weird poses and taking pictures. 

“Kid, if you didn’t look like my little mini me before, you certainly do now,” Harry laughed.

Jackson giggled and soon they changed back into their clothes. Just as they were finishing up, Harry got your call and loaded Jackson into the car before going to pick you up. 


“So, did you find something?” Harry asked once you got inside the car. 

“We did,” you smiled. 

“Do we get see them?” Jackson asked. 

“Sorry, buddy, you’ll have to wait till the wedding,” you smiled. 

“Aww,” he pouted. 

You giggled and looked over at Harry. “I’m afraid to ask if you found anything,” you said. 

“We did and just so you know, they’re both solid black,” he said. 

“Do you have a picture?” You asked. 

“Nope, you’re going to have to wait till the wedding,” he said. 

“Hey! That’s not how this goes. It’s tradition for the man not to see the dress before the wedding, not the other way around,” you groaned. 

“Well, I’m making it our tradition,” he smirked. 

“You know technically, as you’re stylist, I should be able to see it,” you smirked. 

“That’s not gonna work, baby,” he said. 

You groaned while Harry laughed. “How about we go and get some food, yeah? That’ll take your mind off it,” he smirked. 

“Only because me and the babies are starving, but it wasn’t for that, I would keep asking,” you said. 

“Okay, baby,” he laughed and drove to the nearest restaurant. 

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How would Asra, Julian and Portia react to MC wearing their clothes? (both around the house and outside in public)

Interesting ask, apprentice. I’ll do my best to answer it!

Asra: He’ll find it distracting but may start flirting with MC, because he’ll admit to thinking MC looks hot in them. MC may respond sassily or nervously but either way, Asra will test his control over his apprentice and be as seductive as he can be. MC may decide to fight fire with fire and try to seduce him too.

Julian: He’ll be surprised at first, and may appear a bit annoyed with such childish behaviour but, he may not admit it, but he’ll think they look good in his clothes. He’ll find it distracting and may end up having a conversation about the history of his clothes and why he likes them. MC may try to take advantage of his annoyance, if they can see through the act, and learn more about him.

Portia: Whether or not MC randomly put on Portia’s clothes or Portia gave them to MC, she’ll be happy to see MC in them. She’s likely to take MC wearing her clothes as a compliment but insist that they don’t ruin them. She’ll try to make herself look scary just to warn MC that she’s serious, but admit that she likes seeing MC in her clothes.

I hope I answered this satisfactorily.

-Admin Seraphina

Making Sirius Jealous with Regulus

This is slightly similar to the one shot I posted recently, but it was requested a while back, so here you go:)


“I’m thinking of cutting my hair.” you admitted to Lily as the two of you walked back to the common room.

She smiled, shifting the books she carried in her arms. “You should- it would suit you. You know, I was thinking of having mine trimmed too. Maybe we could go together when you’re-”

But she was cut off as Sirius showed up, swinging an arm around your shoulder.

“I like your hair like this,” he complained, curling a strand around his finger.

You rolled your eyes, pushing him away. “Shove off Black. Lily and I were talking.”

“Yeah, you were talking about cutting your hair, and I wanted to voice my opinion on the matter.”

“Well your opinion is invalid.”

He smirked, leaning in close. “Don’t worry too much, (Y/N). I’m sure you’d look hot either way.”

Your breath caught in your throat and your cheeks burned as he skipped off down the corridor, and you turned to Lily, exasperation in your eyes.

“He’s such a git, Lils. I honestly can’t deal with that boy any longer.”

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Reader x Dark Pan Smut Request

Request: Smut with dark pan? Like actual pan from the show, not loving pan. he makes the lost girl sleep in his tent & wear the pjs(lingerie) he wants her too & stuff. If it’s too weird don’t bother lol I’m just tired of everyone doing this lovey dovey pan.

No I love dark pan! That’s my favorite! And sure thing love xx

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Warning: Smut, swearing, Dark Pan

Night had fallen over the island of Neverland as you anxiously awaited for Pan’s return. Ever since you’ve arrived on the island Pan never let you stray from his side. He made you sleep in his tent every night merely because he didn’t trust you being alone with the other Lost Boys who too, have been captivated by your beauty. He wanted you in more way than one. Although he hated to admit it, Pan enjoyed your company each night. He found it rather relaxing having a girl by his side whenever he came home from a long day of terrorizing people who weren’t welcome. 

You rolled over to your side, thinking of the night ahead. What would Pan want you to do tonight. Massage his tense shoulders while he lie in bed, drifting off into a deep sleep? Or was it something along the lines of feverishly hot kisses and soaked panties? Either way, you weren’t looking forward to what Pan had planned. 

Suddenly Pan flung the flaps of the tent open. He wasn’t dressed in his usual green and brown mossy t shirt, dark green skinny jeans and boots. Instead, Pan was dressed in black dress coat,with a black tie. He had on black dress pants and nice Italian leather shoes. In fact, he looked rather charming.  But in his eyes, you saw there was something dark and sinister brewing. You looked at him as he slowly approached the bed. There was a sense of lust and longing in his eyes. He licked his upper lip and smiled at you. 

“Hello there Y/N” He said in a seductive voice. 

You looked at him as he approached you on the bed. You slumped back on your pillow as you felt his emerald eyes linger over your naked body. Pan got on top of you and kissed the nape of your neck. You arched your back as his lips lingered down from your neck to your chest. 

Pan then stopped and brought his face to yours. It wasn’t like Pan to just stop in the midst of things as they were heating up. His large hands wandered aimlessly around your exposed body. 

“I’ve got you something.” He said backing away from you. You sat up quickly as Pan ripped the covers away from you. He grabbed your wrist roughly and then shoved some naughty lingerie in your arms. He smiled smugly as he pushed you towards the bamboo divider. 

“What the Hell is this?” You asked as Pan lay back down on his bed. 

“Don’t ask questions! Put the damn thing on and give me a good show!” He demanded closing his eyes. 

You growled at him as you went to change. You looked at the outfit and saw how skimpy it was. The corset was covered in mossy green and brown leaves that exposed the valley of your breasts and the back of the corset had brown leather straps which tied together giving you the ultimate fantasy look. Pan also provided you some nice fish net stockings which you assumed he found near the mermaid lagoon. Reluctantly put them on, uncertain to how you would look. Pan never had a mirror for you because he didn’t want anyone else see your beauty, not even you. 

“I’m waiting!” A voice hissed from the other side of the divider. “You know I don’t like to be kept waiting!”

You groaned as you slowly appeared before Pan, your head sulking in disgust. Pan sat up on the bed, his clothes already lying on the dirt floor. Oh how he loved looking at you in that outfit. He took a deep breath as he uncovered himself, revealing his nicely toned body and thick upright member. He smiled at you as he slowly approached you. 

You turned around as you felt his hands gently touch your shoulders giving them a light massage. You then felt the light passionate kisses slide up and down your neck, slowly as he moved your beautiful long H/C hair to expose more of your beautiful lush skin. He pulled you into him, and you felt his firm cock thump against your ass cheeks. 

“It really turns me on with you in that outfit.” His warm breath tickled the back of your neck sending a quick shiver down your spine. 

Pan pulled your hair sending a twinge of pain surge through you. He loved being dominant when it came to playtime with you. He then turned you around his hands exploring all that was exposed. He then kissed your red tainted lips, pulling you up on to his bare chest.

“Y/N” he whispered as he fondled your breasts, “I never want anyone to see you like the way I do now. You’re mine! And I don’t plan on having anyone take what’s mine away from me.” 

You stayed quiet as he grabbed more of your breasts, your breath becoming heavier as he sucked on your nipples. You let a soft moan escape from you lips as Pan continued to suck and kiss each nipple. 

He then rolled you over so that you were on the bottom and he was on top. He kissed your lips roughly and then kissed down your stomach. He then massaged your inner thigh with his right hand as the other played with your breasts. It was then you felt his bare teeth take off fishnet stockings. Each movement was slow, and had your body shaking with delight. He then hoisted your legs around his neck and gently licked your sensitive area. 

The moans you made caused him to lick and suck even harder. His hands slid up your waist as your legs locked around his neck. You didn’t want him to stop. He then slipped a finger into your vagina causing you to moan even louder. Usually, Pan didn’t like you being loud, but tonight he encouraged it. He wanted the boys on the island to know what had been going on inside his tent for the past few months. Sweat started to fall from your temple as he managed to lick your clit and find your g-spot with his two fingers. 

“Oh Pan!” you cried out as he came out from underneath you. He smiled looking down at his bedsheets. Your cum oozed out from beneath you. Never in your life had he made you cum that quickly. 

Your breathing was low and staggered. You rolled over to your side closing your legs. Pan was quick to reopen them, sliding his thick member into your tight wet pussy. He let out a deep moan as he felt the warmth of your body embrace his shaft. 

“Tell me how much you want me!” He said now level to your ear. 

“I-I want you” You replied as your hands clawed his back. 

He pumped further into your causing you to bite his neck. You never felt more alive as he shagged you that night. Each thrust was magical but it also hurt you in ways that Pan would never understand. To him, you were just a play thing, but to you, he was more than that. But alas, Pan told you that he would never come close to loving anything other than himself and his power, and that statement itself made you feel weak and hopeless. 

Pan held you down, thrusting your pussy hard, you could feel he was close. You gently massaged his balls as he pounded you. You closed your eyes griping the bedsheets. Pan opened his eyes in pure satisfaction. 

“Tell me you’re about to cum!” He breathing heavily into your ear. 

“I-I’m about to cum!” You whispered your back fully arched as Pan pulled out and came all over your bare chest. 

You then sulked back into your pillow with Pan’s cum on your chest. He very gently wiped it off and crawled into bed with you. Both of you were covered in sweat. Your back faced away from him and his back faced away from yours. The night you had with Pan was indeed the best night you had. Pan rolled over and pulled you close to him. 

“That’s a good girl.” He whispered into your ear and quickly drifterd into a deep peaceful slumber. 

You can request more imagines and smuts here !!!!!

I hope ya’ll enjoyed it! Make sure you request and check out my other stories too! Love yall! 

A few words in appreciation of Prompto

spoilers for brotherhood ep. 2 if you haven't seen it yet 

Prompto spent years training and losing weight because he didn’t think he was good enough to be friends with the prince. 

And why did he want to be friends with the Prince? Not for power or status or because he thought it would be cool. It was because a strange girl who likes dogs was worried about young prince Noctis not having enough friends his own age. Prompto saw his own loneliness in Noctis, and wanted to help, despite feeling that he wasn’t good enough. He was uncool, unfit, and not traditionally attractive. So he worked so hard to change that so they could both be friends. 

They might have been friends earlier if Noct hadn’t have called Prompto ‘heavy’. I know it wasn’t meant as an insult, but majorly lacking in tact. Noctis is the future king. He should know better. This is how wars are started.

Of course, a totally alternative angle on this is that Prompto thought Noct was cute, so he wanted to look hot for him before he made the official first introduction.  

Either way, I hope Noct remembered exactly who he was.