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important background action there


Well…I was rewatching my favourite musicals and I couldn’t not draw something for ‘The Phantom of the Opera’.

I really love the 25th Anniversary (and I wanted to draw Hadley Fraser as Raoul).

[Pencils, Copic Markers and Liners]

Have some more Otayuri headcanons I forgot to post

• Yuri’s Angels start obsessively following and wanting selfies with Otabek too since they ship him with Yuri. Sometimes they make him wear cat ears.

• Yuri gets extremely jealous when he realizes Otabek actually has other friends in Almaty (because that had genuinely never occurred to him before.) So he doesn’t talk to him for days and tries to post a bunch of selfies with his stupid rink mates but eventually gives up since Victor and Yuuri start thinking they’re actually his friends.

• Yuri’s grandpa hates Otabek because Yuri talks about how cool he is all the time and how he’s a DJ and has a motorcycle and he scares JJ and he’s such a badass. Then they meet and Otabek is the most polite person ever and he’s no longer sure what to think.

• Even though Otabek doesn’t talk about Yuri as much as Yuri talks about him, his friends notice that he’s always smiling at his phone. They start teasing him and calling Yuri his girlfriend but eventually realize he doesn’t care and get bored with it.

• Otabek’s little sister hears one of his friends ask if he’s texting his girlfriend once then when she meets Yuri with his long hair she has a hard time understanding that this isn’t Otabek’s girlfriend. Otabek finally tells her “that’s wrong” and Yuri feels like shit until Otabek finishes with “He’s a boy. It would be boyfriend.”

• Yuri doesn’t know how to flirt so when he gets a growth spurt and starts having to exercise more he just sends him shirtless pics disguised as workout progress. Otabek never quite knows what the intention is with these so he’ll just say something like “looks good” or “👍🏼” and give him unwanted workout tips.

• Otabek hates taking selfies but realizes it’s not fair that he gets to see Yuri so much more often than Yuri gets to see him and becomes determined to get better at them. They still look horribly awkward at first though.

• Yuri says they don’t have to tell anyone about their relationship (because the last thing he wants is to be Victor and Katsudon 2.0) but as soon as they get together he starts sending Mila selfies of Otabek sleeping on him like “back off ho” and she of course shows everyone else. (Also, he starts bragging to Yuuri about a day in.)

• In case it isn’t enough that all his acquaintances know, his instagram becomes what some might say is basically a shrine to Otabek. There are actually more pictures of Otabek on Yuri’s instagram than Otabek has on his own. He still, however, insists that he is very private about his relationship (unlike those idiots.)

When I see Hanni*gram posts with quotes Hannibal said about/to Clarice

When I see posts about that shit version of Will being Hannibal’s soulmate
When I pretty much see any post about the tv show Hannibal



and I s2g if anyone fights me about this I will throw my fridge at you


like, really gay.  full, raging homo.  why on earth would you ship him with a girl?

- “but it’s not confirmed!” /  “he could be bi!”

“What made you want to add a gay character into the Percy Jackson series? What inspired you to write the series?” was asked and answered on Rick’s Goodreads a while ago.  Note, “gay”, with no dispute in the answer.

“Nico had once read a story from Plato, who claimed that in the ancient times all humans had been a combination of male and female.  Each person had two heads, four arms, four legs.  Supposedly, these combo-humans had been so powerful they made the gods uneasy, so Zeus split them in half - man and woman.  Ever since, humans had felt incomplete.  They spent their lives searching for their other halves.  And where does that leave me? Nico wondered.  It wasn’t his favourite story.”  (Blood of Olympus, chapter 15)  Yes.  Very bi/pan/poly.  So much fyi i like vagina.  He’s entirely into girls.  What is a dick anyway?


It’s his sexuality. Idk about you, but I’m aro/ace, and people even jokingly shipping me with anyone else makes me, like, really uncomfortable.

- “but you ship straight characters in same-gender/polyamorous relationships!”

Since we’re talking about Nico here, we’ll leave other fandoms out of it.  Not a single character in any of Rick Riordan’s mythology series has a confirmed sexuality - except for Nico.  And if you’re going to assume characters’ heteroromance/sexuality from their lack of canon attraction to their gender, you and your straight-until-proven-otherwise mindset can just leave.

“I’m only shipping it.  What’s the harm?  I think they’re cute.”

Would you vote for Donald Trump in an election?  Y’know, it’s not the nicest thing to do, but, like, it doesn’t really matter.  It’s one vote.  But you wouldn’t, would you?  (if you would, please, please just leave right now) However insignificant it might be, it’s just wrong.  Also, you’re adding to all the other people that have voted for Donald Trump - quite possibly thinking the same thing.  So don’t vote for Donald Trump, and don’t ship Nico with Thalia or Annabeth or Reyna or the bloody genderbent Will that this demonic corner of the PJO Instagram fandom is a fan of.  (don’t even ask)


I’m sorry, but I can name exactly two book series aimed at middle-grade kids that have LGBTQIA+ characters; Pretty Little Liars and The Heroes of Olympus.  (we’re not counting Harry Potter here.  saying years later that Dumbledore was gay with only minor implications in canon isn’t representation imo, sorry Jo.)  Having representation in kids’ series is so important, and wiping out that representation by ignoring his sexuality or erasing it and headcanoning him as bi/pan/poly is pretty homophobic and disgusting.  We have representation.  Respect it.


Reyna sees him as a brother??  He barely knows Thalia or Annabeth??  And as for “”Willow”” (genderbent Will.  It’s hellish, I promise), that’s straight down homophobia if you keep Nico as a boy.


Kinoshita Hisashi • Karasuno #7 • wing spiker

I lived

Surgery went about as well as expected. I’m home. Finally eating real fucking food. I’m not even really hurting that bad, yet. I look fucking horrible though. Broken blood vessels all over my face. It’s amazing.

My mom has been a pain in the ass all day and it just keeps getting worse, as expected. My grandma yelled at her to just leave me the fuck alone. She won’t. But the sentiment was nice.

I came out with one JP drain instead of 2. That was definitely a win. I can’t sit or lay flat. I have to lean heavily to the right and it’s becoming really uncomfortable. I’m oozing blood from the closed wound so I’m kind of a bloody, hungry, agitated, tired mess right now.