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The Outsiders

Warnings- I mention Soda dying in Vietnam. I give Pony a little memory issue, though.

Note- Johnny and Dally had already died in this one. I know the title’s weird.


  The old house loomed in front of the old man. It was a lot more decrepit than the last time he had laid eyes on it. It’s once white sides were now grey and vines were traveling up them. The roof had light marks on it and reminded him of soft spots. That was probably what they were: leaks and soft spots. The fence that used to surround the place weren’t there anymore and the yard’s grass was around two feet tall. The man’s eyes got misty. Why did it look like that? It had so much love so many years ago.

   "Grandpa? What is that place?“ The man looked over at his great granddaughter. She was watching him carefully and holding his hand. She gave him a look that said very politely that she wanted to leave. It was early in the morning and he had woken her up for a road-trip. The man patted her hand and started to walk across the road with her. They had been standing across the street from the house. His family member helped him walk. He’d had shaky knees ever since he turned eighty about seven years previous.

  "I used to live here. This was my home.” His voice was shaky as he spoke. She looked like she was very interested now. She’d never even seen pictures of the house before. It was amazing to see it in the flesh and know where it was. It was a key to her grandpa’s past and she’d love to know everything.

  “We called it ‘The Curtis House’, because, well, it was.” He chuckled, but spoke softly and slowly. His worn silvery green eyes roamed around the outside. “I lived in there with my two older brothers, Soda and Darry. Our parents died when I was your age, fourteen, so I grew up with my brothers.”

   Ponyboy and his great granddaughter, Jodie, walked through the tall grass and maneuvered their way to the porch. The cane clutched in his right hand didn’t help very much, so Jodie was really what was holding him up. Still, they walked.

  Ponyboy dropped his cane in the tall grass as he reached toward the splintered steps’ banister. It felt rickety and a rush of dread washed through the old man. The house should never have looked like this. He’d always swore to take care of it. He vaguely remembered everything he and his brothers would do to make sure the house stayed neat and taken care of. How had he let it get this way? Why was it abandoned?

  “You’ve never said anything about having brothers! How come?” Jodie asked softly. Pony’s eyes softened and he felt a shudder come from inside. He struggled for the words to answer her. They walked up the steps slowly and tried to reach the porch’s flat surface. It didn’t look flat anymore, however. It was more sagging and warped than anything. They cautiously walked to the front door.

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Simply Put...

There really is *no* moral justification to be more angry at Avenged Sevenfold for plagiarism than to be angry at Led Zeppelin for such, since Led Zeppelin was the one to cause more financial harm to others.

That is… unless you are willing to look the great blues legend Howlin’ Wolf straight in the eye and tell him that you have far more sympathy for Iron Maiden, Metallica, and other rock/metal bands that Avenged Sevenfold have been accused of ripping off then for the mighty Wolf himself - despite the fact that the Wolf himself has never seen as much financial success throughout the duration of his lifetime as the aforementioned bands have!

A loved one not lost but remembered. 

After seeing the original post with designs for cowboy Hanzo and archer McCree, I couldn’t resist commissioning @theasgardiandetective for more!

I’m really gay for Hanzo and really gay for cowboys.

Thanks so much for the wonderful commission! 💕


som super early tazboys designs……………i’’’m got so much work to do refining them (esp outfit wise lord Jesus)


I’ve buried my love in the moon dust .