looks good as usual

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I saw someone tagged one of my posts with “wallpaper,” so for the record, I don’t upload anything at a good wallpaper size, (besides maybe some of the vertical stuff which might match up with a phone) but if you want a larger size of any of my art, just ask! I work large, so there are large versions of nearly everything! They might not look good at a larger resolution, since I usually don’t do enough detail work to make it work, and they’re also unlikely to be at the right ratio for a wallpaper, but I have no issues with letting people have the larger size and sort it out themselves. 

So if that’s something you want for a specific piece just ask. It’s just a matter of digging up the original PSD.

yteen  asked:

i think minhyuk was just hinting jooheon that hes loyal by turning down shownu...............

HJFHJSJK minhyuk when hes alone w shownu: wow ur doing great ??? ur handsome 24/7 :))))

minhyuk when jooheon’s around: idk .. shownu was okay looking nd i usually dont find him good looking ?? Interesting


Anonymous said : “you should draw eto! If you feel like it. I LOVE your art and i would frame it on my wall if I could. I hope you have a nice day! :)

Eto with short hair for you ! ! (And wah thank you..♡!!!)


listening to some love songs, and was suddenly overwhelmed by urge to doodle cherik. ;m; cherik, you will always be my otp


we’ve always taken shelter in our unhelpable pride