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Got7 Reaction: Your Hair Colour Doesn't Match Your Eyebrows

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could you do got7’s reaction to your eyebrows not matching your hair color? This is totally weird but I’m naturally blonde and I recently dyed my hair brown and doing my eyebrows is an actual struggle. ALso I love your account im trash

A/N: This is on the more weird side of requests but I thought why not😂 Enjoy💕

Mark: *notices but doesn’t say anything in order not to offend you*

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Jaebum: *confused af* “"something’s different.. But I don’t know what..”

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Jackson: *looks at you and dies from laughter* "looking gewd m8″

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Jinyoung: *judges you quietly* “Do you want me to buy you a mirror? Don’t you own one?”

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Youngjae: *confused but beaming sun* "Babe.. You know there’s this thing called an eyebrow pencil? ..that comes in different shades..” 

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Bambam: “Is this a new trend I’m missing out on?” 

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Yugyeom: *thinks to himself* “Bitch who am I to judge, I look like a rejected mushroom”

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I got inspired to draw today for the first time in a long time. I stumbled across a certain Mr. @crankgameplays and spent a lot of time binge-watching videos for the past couple of days so… Thanks, man! I look forward to more fun videos in the future. 

falsettos fans looking 4 gewd stuff kinda like it - check out Bright Half Life by Tanya Barfield, its a oneact 2 person play about a lesbian couple falling out of love…one of the theaters in my valley just did it and uuuhhh im FREAKING out its very very good

Some thoughts on recent Magi chapters

I decided to share some of my thoughts on these last few chapters since it seems everyone is~! ^^  Sorry, this is a preeetty long post just to warn you, but I’ve been meaning to share my thoughts about Magi’s recent chapters and what I think about it all for a while now. I’m not really one to post reactions about the chapters, mostly because things seems to get pretty heated in the fandom following new chapters (especially when it has to do with Sinbad), and I’m really not good at dealing with such intense emotions. And it seems other fan’s have already posted very nice interpretations of these chapters regarding Sinbad and his actions. So I’ll try not to focus too much on that, but no guarantees. I just had a few things that I wanted to discuss and get off my chest.  

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