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Request: hayes imagine where you two are getting ready for an awards show and you have your hair and makeup people helping and you and hayes and the guys are all just hanging out while getting ready and hayes can’t believe how georgous you look and the guys are all shocked so hayes like keeps touching and hugging and kissing you to make everyone know your his. thanks girlie!! love ur blog❤


could you do a hayes grier imagine where him & y/n are dating and they hang out at his house with all the guys?

a/n; I combined the two requests since they kinda go together, and one was kind of vague as to what happens so

Word Count: 810

Pairing: Hayes Grier X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

I rolled my eyes as the guys somehow ended up in the kitchen where I was getting ready, I couldn’t turn to face them since I was having my hair curled. The blinds all pulled up to let lots of light in, “what are you guys doing?” I asked, looking as far back towards them as I could, “waiting.” I heard spread out across the room, I sighed, looking back in front of me, the makeup artist just got here so she’s setting up. 

“What kind of look are we going for?” She asked, ignoring the noise from everyone else, “modern, but not crazy.” I answered, I pulled up a picture of my dress for tonight, so she would know what type of colors to use. Hayes appeared in front of us making me smile, “hi babe.” I grabbed his hand as it rested on the counter next to me, “hey, baby.” He smiled at me, glancing back over at the guys who weren’t really paying any attention. 

“You look nice.” I told him, looking him over, he was almost wearing a suit, he was just missing the tie basically, but it looked nice, mature and polished. “Thank you.” He laughed, letting go of my hand as one of the guys called him over. “He’s sweet.” My hairstylist said, tugging gently on a piece of hair, pulling it into an updo, I closed my eyes as the eye shadow brush started coming towards my face. “And so it begins.” I mumbled, hearing the boys get even more rowdy, without a doubt getting documented on Snapchat by Johnson. 

“And here we have Y/N, getting pulled around by her hair.” I heard Johnson, as my head got pulled to the side by my hair, I laughed, “vlog or Snapchat?” I asked, not opening my eyes, since I couldn’t. “Vlog.” He answered, I nodded subtly, not wanting to mess up anything. 

“I just have to get dressed.” I assured Hayes as I walked past him, he grabbed my hand, making me turn towards him. He planted a kiss on my lips before letting me go, normally Madison and I helped each other get into our more elaborate dresses, but she’s out of town right now, so I’m on my own. 

I resisted the urge to bite my lip as I struggled to reach the zipper on my dress, “why couldn’t it be on the side?” I mumbled to myself, sticking my head out into the hall. “Hayes!” I shouted down the stairs, “someones in trouble.” I heard faintly followed by his footsteps thumping up the stairs. Hayes raised his eyebrows at me as I came into his view. “I can’t get the zipper.” I explained turning my back towards him. 

I watched in the mirror in front of me as the dress got pulled together, hugging me just right. It was a simple black dress, snug at the top but slightly looser once it got past my hips, spaghetti straps on top to help hold the v-neck up, cut outs on my waist. But it still had an element of class, it showed skin, but not in an obnoxious way. 

“Well, damn.” Hayes met my eyes in the mirror, I turned in his light grasp of my waist, his hands on the skin showing in the cut outs, “ready?” I asked, reaching to grab his hand. He nodded, asking me if I had everything I needed before we started our descent downstairs. My heels clicked on the wood stairs, slowly but surely everyone started shutting their mouths as I came into view. I felt a blush rise to my cheeks by all the attention, they normally don’t see me this way, it’s normally a “she’s Hayes’ girlfriend and she’s younger than us” way, but now I don’t look like I’m as young as I am. The dress in combination with the hair and makeup ages me, in a good way. 

I cleared my throat, realizing we were all kind of just standing there, I felt Hayes’ hand rest on the small of my back, slightly lower than where it normally is. I glanced at him, but didn’t say anything, I’ll let him have his little moment. 

“Ready?” I asked everyone as we stepped off of the last step, Hayes’ hand still on my back. “Uh, yeah.” The only two who had really stopped looking at me early on were Nash and Gilinsky, since they have girlfriends. “Let’s go then.” I mumbled, walking away from them, feeling Hayes wrap his arm around me some more. A quick kiss left on my temple. “I’m yours, Hayes, you don’t have to keep showing them.” I mumbled, looking up at him as everyone followed behind us. 

“I know but you just look so good.” He whispered in my ear, his eyes shooting a warning glance behind us. 



Tom Holland imagine: Fishnets

I nicely kept my outfit for tonight on the bed as I grab some accessories to it. After it was done I take a small sneak peak video of it and posted on instagram. Gotta look good for the MTV award show tonight. I sit on the sofa in the living room checking some replies when Tom came in. “I’m home” He says. I didn’t bother greeting him back. I just want to know what songs he is doing for the lip syn battle and he won’t tell me. He sits next to me pushing my side towards him. “Baby?” He asks. “Hmm?” I reply staring at my phone. “You know those.. umm.. tight pants you wear?” He asks. “Leggings?” I ask lifting an eyebrow at him. “Yeah those. Umm.. Are those very uncomfortable?” He asks biting his nail. Something he does when he is nervous. “No. Why?” I ask. “Just asking” He says. After 5 minutes he asks another question. “What about the shorts?” “No. Tommy, they aren’t uncomfortable either” I say. “Okay. What about fishnets then?” He asks. I sigh before getting up and looking at him straight. He was still biting his nails. “Tommy, why are you so nervous about?” I ask. He realises his habit and immedietly puts his hand down. “The show” He says in a lower tone. “You are gonna do great honey” I say patting his thigh. (Oh god those thighs) “You are wearing this?” He asks holding the tight black dress infront of me with one hand on his hip. I sit down on the sofa and answer him. “Um.. yeah?” I say. “You can’t wear this. Oh god no. No. No” He says shaking his head. “What’s wrong with that? You love that dress.” I say. “Well yeah.. I do.. But you can’t wear this tonight. You are gonna give me boners on stage” He says panicking. “Then we will take it backstage” I say. “Either way we are gonna take it backstage but that’s not the point. The point is you wearing this and all eyes will be on you” He says. “Well I don’t have another dress.” I say. Tom realises what outfit he will be wearing and changes his mind. “You know what. Just wear this and look georgous” He says walking back into the room with the dress. What is wrong with him? I think as I lock my phone amd walk back into the room. Tommy had gotten into the bathroom and probably left his outfit in the bag still. “What are these for?” I ask confused as I hold a new packet of fishnets as Tommy walked out of the bathroom. “What? Oh.. umm.. I think Zendaya must have.. umm.. put it in my bag.. umm.. by mistake” He says. I reply with a simple oh as I start to get ready. “You ready?” I yell from the room to Tom who was walking back amd forth in the living room. “Wow” He says as he freezes after seeing me. “Oh god not again” He says to himself quietly but I heard. I giggle at him as I leave a quick peck on his lips. The cameras start to flash before we could even get out of the car. A couple of questions from here and there and we finally made it inside. It was going great so far until now. Its the lyo sinc battle and I feel so excited. A retro style Tommy with a black suit and probably a womens black hat starts to dance around with his umbrella. What came next shook me up and left me with wide eyes. Thomas Stanley Holland in fishnets with booty shorts dancing to Umbrella. Ohmygosh.. what a sight. I laugh with the members at the table as he moves his body to the beat. Now I know why he was asking those weird questions. After his performance I noticed how uncomfortable Tom was down there. He had his hand covering it up. I excuse and made my towards his room backstage. “You look sexy Tom” I say as he turns around in shock to my voice. “YOU!!” He screams as he attacks me into a deep kiss. “I told you not to wear this” He says kissing my neck. “Look at what you are wearing though” I say laughing. With everything I said about his outfit the more he attacked me. “You are loving this aren’t you?” He asks smirkingly. “GUYS! KEEP IT DOWN” Someone yells outside the door knocking on Tom’s door. We both laugh as went back to doing our business.

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Goa fun continues….

Hi guys…

This is in continution to my last story, got lots of comments and request from many tumblr freinds asking for what happened next as they are anxiously waiting to know . So here we go with 2nd part of the story …

After wonderful hot romantic cuckold session we had in night and fall asleep. Next day morning when i woke up i saw neha still lying next to me naked in her sweet sleep. Vikas was not around in bed so i just got up to check on his wareabout leaving neha to enjoy her sleep.

I just got ouf of bedroom and saw vikas sitting in hall room watching tv and he saw me and gave casual smile .still i was confused if whatever has happened in night was with vikas concern in real or maybe he did over drunk . But i didnt wanted to start that conversation from my end so just we started casual conversation as what would be our plan of the day .

I suggested that we shd go to north goa arambol beach which is about 40 kms inside and not much crowded and mostly surrounded by foreigners in regualar days but being off season we cannot expect many tourists around on which vikas said that it sounds good and lets plan out as we will feel fresh in that long drive of about 2 hrs. Just we were in conversation and neha came out and she just casual sat next to vikas and then vikas said. So here comes my sexy wife with all naughty assets. She is the most desired hot wife who is so good in bed i just noticed yesterday. Then he disclosed to us that neither was he too drunked in pub nor was he asleep in car. He was just acting and enjoying the loving chemistry between me and neha. He said that he has real fantasy to watch neha really enjoy and hv hard fuck with other guy in front of him and he wanted to se that pleasure and horny slutty looks on nehas face while she was fucked and he really enjoyed the whole event that happened yesterday at beach , pub and ended as per his dream in night on bed.

So now we all knew that things will steam up more crazy or so. We just planned to get ready and move out . In next quick 30 mins i got ready from.my room and came out and saw both vikas and neha already down near pool area.

Neha was looking georgous in her white shorts and sky blue t shirt with big v neck . She was explosing her cleavage so.much that almost her boobs were popping out of her lacy bra .her t shirt was tight and giving full vital view of her super seducing fully nourished boobs.

We started heading to north goa and after about 2 hrs we reached arambol beach which was almost empty . Neha just looked at beach and said i dont like this as its nothing out here so lets not waste time getting on beach and we try somthing else on which we just drew ahead for about 10 mins and i saw a narrow lane going towards other direction and turned car to that. 5 mins drive ahead we saw was beautuful nature around . We can call it as jungle calling us for mangal so we thought lets try some adventures journey instead of normal goa beaches and fort etc. Ahead there was another cut lane off the narrow road which was very silent and we went forward which was dead end .enough space was there to park car and we just got out. The climate was amazing and it started raining slightly . We just got out and started enjoying rain and then came vikas close to neha and started kissing her . Smooching and licking her neck and ear lobes. I was watching from distance and in no seconds i saw neha getting high and horny. She was responding to vikas erotically and had already taken her top off . She just got on her knee and started sucking vikas .vikas was just resting on back side of car and i was standing on other side enjoying the steamy oral love .

Vikas lifted neha up and asked her to sit on car dikky and just removed her short and panty. Neha just spreaded her legs wide open in open air feeling the breeze and she just closed her eyes enjoying tiny drops of rain over her body .vikas started licking her and he was so slowly and softly doing that neha started moaning . She closed her eyes and started pressing her boobs and playing with her nips feeling the toungue on her pussy making her wet and wild.

Vikas moved up and started moving his finger on her pussy and just waived me to come closer. Neha was still unware about all this and she was just feeling the joyful moment of life .i came close to vikas and he just invited me in action to lick her and slowly within no time we switched and i started licking her and vikas just got back holding his cock as seems he was more happy watching as cuckold.

The moment i started licking her neha did feel the difference in touch and she just opened her eyes and saw me down and vikas standing aside. She didnt say any thing and her expression at that moment was like she just wanted to be fucked badly and didnt care of its vikas or me and just again went back to her position lay back closed her eyes and started moaning loudly holding my head.

Her fingers were holding my hair tightly and she was just pushing me inside her pussy hard such that i was even feeling difficult even to breathe.

Then she just got up after awhile moved down from dikky and turned back in front of my cock. She wanted me to now fuck her badly from back side and she holding the car half bend. I just looked at vikas and asked him to come in which he just waived to continue. Neha was so wet and slippery by this time that the moment i kept my cock on her pussy it just slipped in without any effort. Neha really enjoy by cock as its very fat 6 incher so fits her limited used pussy all way giving her that nice stretch on inner pussy muscles giving her the real feel of enjoying bigger size than what she had been taking in for years of vikas who obviously has fare decent size cock too .

I was just pushing in and out in normal speed and neha was responding with much eager pushing back deep trying to feel my full tool inside her pussy . She was at times giving me reverse push so that i can have full excess to her deeper . In between i asked vikas to join and he smilingly said that let me pls enjoy the moment just watching as my dreams for years are coming true. I really wanted to see this slutty face of my sweet wife being fucked in front of me and at the moment all is going so greatly that i dont wanna miss any of her fuck expression.

After few more strokes which were bit harder neha shouted loudly in pleassure and then pushed me back and just walked towards the bonnet of the car. She just laid herself on back opened her legs and started playing with her pussy and just pointed her finger towards me inviting for another fuck . I just placed by cock on her pussy and started drilling her harder and faster. She was now enjoying it very excited and i cld feel her cum dripping off her pussy flowing to her ass hole. I just started caresing her ass hole and maked it wet and soft with her own cum. She was moaning closed her eyes and feeling the soft fuck . I just took my cock out and started rolling over her ass . Just in no time i placed my cock on her back hole and pushed. Ohh myy gosh its so tigth and i can’t even enter little. She just screamed feeling the pain and pushed me back. It was surely her 1st time ever for anal action and she cldnt bare that initial pain and she just said no as she cannot take that pain .i tried conviencing her and after few soft words she agreed to give a try. I again tried fucking her butt hole but it was damm tight and even my index fingers were finding it difficult to go in so putting that huge cock was out of question.

After few more try and no success i just left her butt and continued fucking her wet warm pussy. After about 10 mins of fuck i just moved my cock out of her pussy and discharged all my cum on her pussy lips. She just took my cock in her palms and kept massaging all the way until i discharged all .she got up and then started sucking my cock back making it clean and eating all the cum left on my cock around top and bottom. To my surprise she just spread tue cum left over her pussy all way withbher fingers and pushed her wet finger full of cum back in her pussy.

Vikas was enjoying all this few yards away shaking his cock and i can really feel that pleasant smile on his happy face with utmost satisfaction when he saw her wiffy being fucked and eating that warm cum of mine all at once.

We just cleaned ourselves put on our clothes which was hardly much and started back towards journey ahead.

There had been lots of more happened with us together in this amazing tour .

So keep reading for my next post where will disclose more erotic fun we 3 had with some more steamy affairs between me, neha, vikas and…….

U might now be wondering as who is this and …

Yes its another twisty encounter which i would be delighted to share on appropriate time but not for now.

Thanx and regards

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Why the hell are we talking about photos of this guy? I dont want to talk about him at all. There are photos of David beeing at Gillians play etc. So that could mean something too. Well, can we just focus on the XF filming, Gillian taking pics of David, David looking super georgous and Brick beeing soooo adorable!? Thank you!

If I wasn’t on my phone I’d pull a happy dance gif right here.

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Since mum might not be a french speaker, lemme translate my previous ask a❤️; hey Francois, you're a beautiful man, what do you eat to look so georgous

“But there are times that I’d cook for myself. Usually French cuisine. I don’t understand how this affects appearance at all.”


I commissioned the wonderful @cocotingo​ because her art style is more than georgous and look at the beauties I got from her. Originally I asked only for Blue - but honestly I was too excited to see a Thane in her style as well (and seriously we still have not enough Thane fanart) - and now just look at him. I am so happy that she even connected both potraits so that they look at each other. Go commission this wonderful being!


Exo Reaction To You Cutting Your Hair Short

Request: Hi!!! Can I request an exo reaction of “you getting your hair pretty short”? I LOVE your blog guys! All the love - @not-a-superheroine 

Hi, Guys, I Hope You Enjoy This Reaction…. I Recently Got My Hair Cut And I Know What The Kind Of Reaction Was With That So I Hope I Did It Justice. Sorry for not being active often I have exams coming up so I’m studying.Here Is The Reaction, Enjoy

~Admin Kirra-Jane~


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“Wahhhh your hair what did you do to it….… I mean it’s not bad I love it, it just surprised me cause your hair was very long and now it is short…. What made you decide to cut it….… Because it was annoying… ok, that’s reasonable…”Is slightly concerned on what made you decide to cut your hair, but loves it anyway…… And now you don’t have to worry about getting super hot in summer because of your stupid head.


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‘look I cut all of my hair off to…. but I’m growing mine back out…. are you gonna grow your hair back out….… your hair will never be as cool a mine’he loves that you have made the independent decision to cut your hair off…. but he will miss running his hands through your long hair… but he won’t miss how his hands used to get tangled within your hair, though…


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‘jagiya what did you do to your hair its lovely maybe is should cut my hair…. actually maybe not my hair suits me and that hair suits you I wish you would have told me tho’

‘i wanted to surprise you’

‘well you sure did but don’t worry jagiya I love it, it looks amazing maybe I should go to your hairdresser’


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*Pretend you are chanyeol except a little shorter (don’t laugh I’m only 5ft Leave us short people alone)*

‘Jagiya I love it…. it looks amazing like the rest of you but you know what you’re missing….. the best accessory…. ME…hahahahah aren’t I so funny Y/N I’m funny right, right..’


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‘oh god, how can you look so beautiful no matter what you wear or how your hair is…. like ou wakes up in the morning beautiful… I wake up in the morning looking like a troll how do you do this… are you a wizard or something.’


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‘Waaaaahhhh, I like it…. but why did you do it…. what made you decide to cut your hair jagiya…’

lets be honest here this fluff ball would just be really curious to the reason that you cut off your hair because you’ve had your hair long for so long now.. it would take him a while to get used to it but after a couple of days he would just go back to normal and would love your new hair.


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*Do I need to say anymore I mean look at his stare its like *BOOM* pregnant and my bias ain’t even chen*


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‘Y/N you look really pretty I love what you did to your hair where did you get it done maybe I should get my hair done there too… would hate be cool couple hairdresser…’

‘is there a better word than that’

‘i don’t know Y/N you come up with it you’re the smart one in the relationship’


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‘Jagiya I love it when did you get it done, actually wait where did you go to get it done…. I love it wouldn’t I look fabulous with it…. you always seem to amaze me when it comes to your beauty even your personality with you short hair seems brighter… you must also be less hot like now it’s not even touching your neck.’


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‘wow jagiya you look gorgeous…. well you always look gorgeous but you look really nice with that hair cut. I love you a lot I just want you to know that… you amaze me with yourself sometimes you can go from being beautiful to being pretty to being cute to being sexy love it’


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Do I need to say more 

‘JAGIYA YOU LOOK SO CUTE I COULD JUST EAT YOU….wait, no I don’t think of it that way wait I didn’t mean it jagiya…. I’m sorry to come back you know you would enjoy it anyway….. love you jagiya…..  ’


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‘awwwww jagiya you look so pretty…I love it. I love the new look…. what made you decide to get your hair cut… because who or whatever made you decide to do it I want to meet them and I want to thank them…’