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"I got a polaroid and I’m taking pictures of cute animals in the park but I saw you and you’re so handsome I had to take a picture and you noticed it." Au, pretty please with Tsukkiyama, you can decided who's the photographer

((This is probably a bit ooc but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ what can ya do. Fall setting because I miss fall.))

Kei taps the underside of his labrodor, Nani’s, chin, nudging it up. The leaf he’d strategically placed on her nose falls, and he captures a shot before it’s too late. The picture prints and Kei pulls it out of the camera’s cartridge, shaking it. A little blurry, but it’s not like his photography teacher would really care; it was just an extra credit project, anyways, so if he did, it wouldn’t affect his grade too much.

With a sigh, Kei tucks the photo safely into his folder. He’s going to take Nani to a different part of the park, where the changing leaves that had fallen to the ground were raked into large piles when he sees him.

Dark hair, pretty eyes, and a LOT of freckles. He was perfect. And he was just there, reading on a bench, not paying attention. Kei just had to get a picture of him.

Of course, Kei had thought he was being sneaky; key word, thought. He wasn’t. He’d brought the camera up, and snapped the picture, having completely forgotten that the old Polaroid his brother had given him made a loud noise when the camera clicked the shot. He also hadn’t anticipated the boy looking up, and he’d forgotten the camera automatically printed out the picture.

So yeah. The boy looks up, right in Kei’s direction, startled. He flushes pink when Kei curses, ripping the photo out of its cartridge and trying to hide it.

“Um…Are… Did you just…take a picture of me?”

“No- I mean- y- yeah?..” Kei curses again. He was not acting cool.

“…Why?” The boy had put his book down, and Kei could see on the cover that it was in English. Upside down, he could make out the word “mockingbird”.

“Um…” Kei coughs. Nani sits dutifully at his side, idle and waiting to move to a different part of the park.

“You though I looked funny, too, huh?” The boy giggles shyly, running a hand through his hair. Kei can hear the hidden sadness despite the boy trying to sound joking. “I get that a lot. You could have just told me, though.”

“No, that’s not it,” Kei, seeing the boy’s insecurity, gains a bit of confidence and is at least able not to stutter. “I… thought you were… pretty.”

The boy quirks an eyebrow. “Pretty? Me?”

“Well, yeah,” He says, “You look very pretty.”

The boy huffs, and shakes his head. “I’m really not…”

“Think whatever you want, but you’re pretty,” Kei holds out the photo to him to take. “Here. Take this, to remind you that someone thinks you’re pretty.”

The boy hesitantly takes the photo from Kei’s hand, looking at it hesitantly. For a second, he thinks he sees what Kei had seen in him. He shakes his head, before pulling out his cellphone and snapping a picture of it.

“Y- You obviously thought I was pretty enough for you to take a photo of me, s- so you…keep it…”

Kei stares at the boy in amazement a moment, before slowly grabbing the picture back. This was a new thing. He’d been expecting the kid to be disgusted, or at least weirded out, but he wasn’t.

In fact, he seemed rather…flattered.

With a cough, Kei nods, pushing up his glasses. “Ok. Sure,…”

“Tadashi,” The boy supplies, and Kei nods again.

“Sure, Tadashi. Thanks.”

“Yeah.” Kei moves to walk away, tugging lightly at Nani’s leash, when Tadashi says, “I’ll see you around…”

Kei looks at the picture again as he walks, and only then does he realize: the boy is wearing a Karasuno high school uniform, much like the one he was wearing.