looks fragile after all

Female characters with small fem s/o


💪 Your own private bodyguard Alexandra reporting in. She is just worried you will get possibly hurt , after all you look so fragile compared to her!

💪 To be honest she offers you a personal training with her. No one can hurt her beloved.

💪 Zarya loves lifting you up. Everytime she does that she realise how small and cute you look above her.

💪 Sometimes Alexandra gaze at how cute you look. You really can deconcentrate her from training and at this rate you are the only one that managed it. Congrats!

💪 Often gives you piggyback rides. Lucky you!

💪 Although you are small she knows that you can still kick other people ass and that shit turn her on so hard ( sorry not sorry)

💪 She will stare and compare your hand to her. ,,Y/N its just so small! How can you even fight with that?

💪 Zarya loves when you touch her muscules and so are you.

💪 She gives you kisses on your forehead. Zarya mostly indents any kind of kisses but when you try to give her smooch its adorable. ,,Oh my Y/N I guess I have to bend down to you Haha… God how can you be so cute?“

💪 You literally melted that pink russian bear’s heart. I think you might have broken Zarya.


💋 Amelie messes with you about your height but doesnt point it out like Hana does.

💋 But for real she doesnt care much about it and doesnt get why everyone acts like its a big deal.

💋 You are her and only hers petite. Loves to use pet names but only when you are in private.

💋 Amelie is amazed how such small person could warm her ice cold heart. ,, Are you a magician Petite?“

💋 Often rests her head on your shoulder it makes her comfortable and also helps her relax.

💋 If someones makes fun of how small you are, dont worry a thing. They are probably dead with a bullet through their head by now.

💋 Widow picks stuff from higher places for you. She behave like its nothing but secretly enjoys it.

💋 She is possesive person that wants to treasure you but will mostly likely behave mean and uncaring to you.

💋 Although she is ice cold she can be very romantic at times. She adores to hold hands with you. ,, Cherie its funny how small your hands are compared to mine ( plus they are warm).”


🐰 Get ready for the most teasing partner in the world ( well maybe Sombra.. lets say they are both number one) to mess with you.

🐰 She will point out your height  even if its only 1 inch different. So be prepered.

🐰 She will gladly point out your height difference in public ,, Look at me and my precious small gremlin girlfriend" you were litteraly out gremlined by the very first gremlin from overwatch. Wow.

🐰 ,,Oh Y/N do you want to get me that for you?“ ,, How is weather down here ?” ,, You want to ride a roller coaster with me huh? Well lets see if they let in such a dwarf like you".

🐰Hana does all that because she always was considered a little one. Thats why she can be an ass for you at times but she means well.

🐰 D.va is annoying when it gets to height difference but when she sees you with an animal onesie she just gazes off at how cute you are. Hint! Its a bunny onesie from Hana’s own merch.

Let’s have a death match at Hogwarts!

Does anyone else wonder what the people who put together the Triwizard Tournament were thinking? They put together an event known to kill past participants at Hogwarts while Harry Potter was there.

Like, I see their reasoning (a little). ‘We kept a horde of soul sucking monsters at their school last year, let’s do something to cheer them up!’ But then, I see a sweet little intern, fresh off Hogwarts in the room while discussions are going down, probably passing out tea or something, and hearing what is going on and just going “NO.”

“Are you all idiots, Harry Potter is still there!” 

“I really don’t think that matters, Mr. Caxton, we’ve set the age limit to seventeen and Harry Potter is only fourteen. See? We thought ahead.”

“Have you ever met Harry Potter? Have you even considered the patterns around this kid? Hogwarts was a mostly completely safe school before that kid showed up and then what happens?! A troll gets in, a hellish dog hangs out, a freaking basilisk starts petrifying students, a werewolf gets hired, a convicted murderer hunts the kid into the castle! And you think a little age restriction is going to stop the universe from somehow pulling Harry Potter into a death match.”

“Calm down, Caxton, we’ve got it covered.”

Fast forward to right after the Quidditch World Cup.

“Sir, with the appearance of the Dark Mark, I really think–”

“It’s fine, Caxton!”

Fast forward to the Goblet of Fire spitting out Harry’s name.

“Alright, Caxton, we’ll give you that one, but honestly, we’ve made the games quite a bit safer than they’ve been in the past.”

“Oh, yeah, then what’s the first one?”

“Just mother dragons.” Blank faced stare causing the department heads to shift with discomfort. “Really, I’m sure it will be fine and–”

“You do realize that Hagrid is still groundskeeper, right?”

Fast forward to after the first task.

“See, Caxton, we’re good, he lived. In fact, they all lived! I call that an unqualified success!”

“You had a fourteen-year-old flying at a fire-breathing dragon on a wooden stick!”

“But he didn’t die.”

“Fine, what are you planning for the next task?”

“We’re having them dive to the bottom of the Black Lake to save the friends and loved ones we’ve put to sleep and tied up.”

“Ignoring the fact that you’re involving people who did not sign up for this tournament now and putting them in fatal danger as well, you’ve verified that all four champions know how to swim, right?”

“Er, well, no, I mean, we do know that the Krum kid can swim at least and, er…”

“You realize that Potter was raised by abusive and neglectful Muggles who would be highly unlikely to  put him through swimming lessons.”

“Well, I’m sure he’ll figure something out before then. We planned ahead real well on this time! The last task was a surprise, but we’ve told them in advance this time. They’ve  got time to prepare and maybe Potter can take some  swimming  lessons or something?”

“You actually told them something clearly for once instead of holding everyone in suspense? I’m proud of you, you’re finally getting safety minded.”

“ Er, well, sort of. Remember those gold  eggs we had the champions steal from the dragons? Well, we’ve charmed a mermaid song inside so that when they open it under water they can hear a riddle. Isn’t that cool?”

“No! Who thinks to open a screaming egg under water?!”

“I’m sure they’ll all figure it out.”

“Alright, pretending they do, you realize your sending a fourteen-year-old with a hero complex and a very literal approach to everything to save unconscious people. At least tell me they’re all either strangers or enemies so he doesn’t hurt himself unnecessarily.”

“Even better! We’re sending down his best friend, his other best friend, his crush and a little girl he doesn’t know who looks tragically fragile.”

“You’re all idiots.”

Fast forward to after second trial.

“See, Caxton, everyone is still alive, including Potter and he’s even tied for first place! You’ve been worrying for nothing!”

“At least tell me you’re  doing something significantly safer for the last task.”

“Oh, totally, it’s just a hedge maze–”

“Oh thank Merlin–”

“–populated by Hagrid’s beasts!”

“I hate you all.”

Fast forward to after last task.

“Congratulations. You killed probably the nicest guy who ever lived and brought You-Know-Who back to life because you couldn’t wait four more years for Harry Potter to be out of Hogwarts.”

“You know what, Caxton, you’re right!”

“I am?”

“Of course! Hogwarts has gotten far too unsafe. Next year, we should hire a totally bigoted woman with medieval ideals to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts.”

“…I quit. See ya!” 

#339: 'Jealousy Tastes Like Cheese Toasties'

How Long Will I Love You: Jealousy Tastes Like Cheese Toasties- One Shot #339 

+past one shots

No visuals or song in this one. 

Note: We see the kids meet George for the first time in ‘Beautiful Boy’ (#169). This picks up when they bring him home. Also, we have quite a bit of Darcy coming up, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity for some brother love. Enjoy! 

“They look so much more fragile after they’re all clean.” Harry carefully fixed the onesie onto his squirming and squeaking newborn son at the end of your bed. His voice was rough from the lack of sleep the night before. “His onesie’s a little snug, baby.” Harry tugged it gently down a little further, fighting the snaps between the baby’s legs. 

From where you were sat up in bed, you laughed. “He’s the chunkiest of all our babies. I don’t think all of the newborn sized clothes we have will do us much good for too long.” You brushed through your hair, damp from a much-needed shower after yesterday’s excitement. The soreness had kicked in, like being on the wrong end of a football collision, and reminding you that you really had pushed out an almost nine pound little baby yesterday. Spending a little extra time under the warm water, while it wasn’t your shower at home, helped soothe a bit of the pain. The scent of your rose shampoo and peach and jasmine body wash was familiar and comforting while the bed and sheets were not.

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Here is the little prince who visited me last night! A very flighty little lad, with a lot of get-up-and-go! It was very very difficult to get a decent shot of him!

He is a Pseudempusa pinnapavonis aka: Peacock Mantis! 
It’s a shame he wouldn’t threat display for me; they win their namesake due to their beautiful wings resembling iridescent peacock feathers! It is absolutely striking, but I haven’t the heart to provoke such a docile creature to the point of getting him to display for me :<

 This is this thinnest, most spindley mantis I have every seen, and it is an absolute mystery to me how they ever catch anything with those waify raptorials. It all looks so fragile! 

I released this guy after getting a handful of snapshots I could work with. He was very happy to get on his merry little way :D

thedividedmind-deactivated20160  asked:

"Don't you remember?" //ugh finally! X3

Alex woke up and stared at Tim warily before looking around at his surroundings. Was he in a hospital? But why? And who was this guy? He sorta looked familiar but the proxy couldn’t manage to place him at all. Maybe he could just get answers from him though. “Who are you and…where am I?” Sure he thought it was a hospital but he couldn’t exactly be positive about his assumptions. Better to ask than guess wrong and look like an idiot. There was more he wanted to know, such as what was going and and who he himself was too but in due time he supposed. No point in overwhelming this fragile looking dork with questions after all.