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Aaaand after shouting at the mailbox in frustration for a good few minutes, he tries again and it spits out Stan’s address… :3c

Based on @mythomagically-delicious and @pinesbrosfalls‘s thoughts about the all-knowing mailbox found in this post.


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Stanuary Week 2 - Trouble

I’m a day late on this, but to be fair, I was busy this weekend doing nothing.  Also, I told myself that this year, for Stanuary, I’d tone it down on the OCs a bit, but, uh, that’s clearly not gonna happen.  I had an angsty thing planned, but got sidetracked and ended up writing this thing instead.

               “I’m comin’, I’m comin’,” Stan grumbled, getting up from his spot on the couch.  He stretched idly as he walked to the front door.  “The second I get back from droppin’ off the kids, I gotta get up again.  If it’s another damn Jehovah’s Witness, I swear I’ll-”  Stan opened the door.  He blinked in surprise at the man on his doorstep.  “Jimmy?  What are ya doin’ here?”  Jimmy Snakes grinned.

               “What, can’t an old friend visit?”

               “I mean, I guess, but-”

               “Stan?” Angie said, walking into the living room.  “I heard the doorbell.  Is someone here?”

               “That your lovely wife?” Jimmy asked.  Stan put an arm across the doorway, blocking Jimmy from entering.

               “How did you find me?” Stan demanded.  Jimmy laughed.

               “Stan.  Like I don’t have my ways.”

               “Point taken.  Why the hell did ya come to my house?  What if my kids were here?”

               “I’ve met ‘em before.”

               “When they were infants.”

               “Stanley, who is this?” Angie asked, joining Stan at the door.

               “An old friend,” Stan said through gritted teeth.  Angie raised an eyebrow.  “Not one of the good old friends.”


               “I know your kids are with your brother, that’s why I stopped by now,” Jimmy said.  “Figured you’d want them outta the house during this.”

               “Wh- the kids?” Angie said.  “What do you know about ‘em?”

               “A lot, Ang,” Jimmy said with a sly grin.  Stan glared at Jimmy.  “Too much?”

               “Back the hell off,” Stan rumbled.  “And get out.”

               “See, I’d love to do that,” Jimmy said.  “But I can’t.”  With another devious grin, he took a step forward, through Stan.  Stan let out a small gasp at the sensation of hot desert air filling his lungs.

               “What on Earth?” Angie muttered.  She took a step away from Jimmy, who was now in the middle of the living room, surveying his surroundings with interest.  “Stan-”

               “I don’t know how he did that either, babe,” Stan said quietly.  He moved in front of her instinctively.  

               “Nice place.  Modest, clean house in a good San Diego neighborhood,” Jimmy remarked.  “Two cute kids, another pair on the way.  You’re way better off than I thought you’d ever be, Stan Pines.”  Angie paled.

               “Stan, we just found out yesterday about the- the bun in my oven,” she whispered to Stan.  “How does he know?”

               “I have my ways, sweetheart,” Jimmy said loudly.  He winked at Angie.  “And it’s two buns.  Not one.” Angie swallowed nervously.  Stan stiffened.

               “Okay, that’s it.  Jimmy, why the fuck are ya here?” Stan asked.  Jimmy sighed and shoved his hands in his pockets.

               “To collect on an IOU.”

               “Fine, what- what do you want?”

               “Your soul,” Jimmy said nonchalantly.  

               “My what?”

               “Your soul, Pines.”  Jimmy took off his sunglasses.  Stan’s heart stopped at the sight of Jimmy’s eyes.  The last time he’d seen Jimmy, he’d had blue eyes, not unlike Angie. But right now, they were glowing red, like the last embers in a grill.  “You told me, a few years back, that ya owed me one.  So I’m here for that.”

               “I didn’t say I owed you a soul,” Stan protested.

               “Ah, but ya didn’t specify, either,” Jimmy said, holding up a finger. “Now, my boss is on my ass. Apparently I haven’t been meetin’ my ‘quota’ or whatever.”  Jimmy rolled his unnerving red eyes.  “So I figured I’d nab an easy soul.  Yours. Since it’s basically mine already.”

               “Jimmy, this is-” Stan started.

               “Look, kitten-”

               “Kitten?” Angie mumbled.

               “-we can do this the easy way or the hard way.  Your choice.”

               “I’m not gonna just hand over my soul!” Stan said.  Jimmy sighed.

               “Prosperity changed you.”

               “What, not wantin’ to give you my soul is a bad thing?”

               “For me, yes!  Fine, we’re doin’ this the hard way?  Pick your duel.”


               “Your duel.  We’ve gotta battle for your soul now,” Jimmy said, as though explaining simple math to a small child.  “Whattaya wanna do for it?  Chess match, fiddle contest, motorcycle race?”


               “Motorcycle race is the most popular choice.”

               “Just- just one moment, please, um, I didn’t catch yer name?” Angie said.

               “Jimmy.  Jimmy Snakes.”

               “Okay, Mr. Snakes, just give me a moment to talk to Stan, please.”

               “Fine, whatever,” Jimmy muttered.  He picked up a Scientific American issue Angie had left on the coffee table and thumbed through it idly.  Stan took Angie off to the side.

               “Stanley, explain,” Angie hissed.  

               “I don’t know what’s goin’ on, babe.  Ages ago, Jimmy helped me outta a tough spot, I said I owed him one, but I meant a favor or somethin’.  Not my soul. Obviously.”

               “We have to think things through, hon.  Do ya really think you can win a motorbike race against a devil?”

               “A devil?”

               “He mentioned a boss, so I don’t think he’s Satan hisself.”

               “He’s not a devil.”

               “Did ya see his eyes?  We’re dealin’ with hellacious forces.”

               “The eyes are new,” Stan said dismissively.  He looked over at Jimmy.  “Jimmy, so, what’s your deal?”

               “Cursed,” Jimmy answered without looking up from the magazine.  Stan looked back at Angie.

               “See?  Just a curse from a devil.  Not even possession like Ford.”

               “That’s only slightly better, darlin’,” Angie said.  She took a breath.  “It’s been a while since ya rode a motorbike.”

               “Yeah.  I might be a bit rusty.”

               “Do ya honestly think you can beat him?” Angie asked.  Stan opened his mouth.  “Be truthful.”

               “…I don’t know,” Stan said reluctantly.  Angie bit her lip.  “Hey, if you’re rootin’ for me, I can win.”

               “Yer a very capable man,” Angie mumbled.  She tugged at a loose strand of hair.

               “Quit it.  Do ya wanna go bald?” Stan scolded, tucking the hair behind her ear.  She rolled her eyes, then froze.  “What?”  A wicked grin began to spread across her face.  “Ang, talk to me.”

               “A motorbike race ain’t the only option.”

               “Yeah, but I don’t know how to play chess.”  Angie shook her head.

               “Not what I was thinkin’ of.”  She cleared her throat.  “Jimmy, I’m steppin’ in fer Stan,” Angie said loudly.  

               “What the-” Stan said.  “No, no you’re-”

               “Do you really think you can beat me in a race, sweetheart?” Jimmy asked.

               “No, sir.  And don’t call me sweetheart.  But it wasn’t formally decided that would be the duel of choice.”  Angie jutted out her chin proudly.  “I challenge you to a fiddle contest.”  Jimmy groaned.

               “Fine, whatever.  I’ll go grab an instrument for you.”

               “No need.  I’ve got my own,” Angie said cheerfully.  She turned to walk away.  Stan grabbed her arm.

               “What are ya doin’?” Stan hissed.  Angie grinned at him.  “You hate performing in front of people.”

               “When it’s singin’, sure.  But fiddlin’? Honey, I can fiddle up and down this country with the best of ‘em.  I think I can handle a man who don’t look like he knows an E string from a D string. Even if he does have some sort of supernatural knowledge ‘bout us.”

               “Are you sure about this?”

               “Positive.  Jessie and I can handle it.”

               “Who’s Jessie?” Stan asked.

               “My Grampie’s fiddle.  Pa gave ‘er to me.  She’s named after my Grannie.”  Angie frowned at him.  “Have I really never played fiddle fer ya?”


               “How long have we been married?”

               “Seven years.”

               “And we met three years ‘fore we got married.  Stanley, I’ve known ya ten years, and not once have I fiddled fer ya?”


               “Well, I guess it’s just ‘bout time fer it, then.”  Angie grinned.  “And I ain’t just fiddlin’ fer ya, I’m fiddlin’ fer yer soul, too.”

               “You’re being very casual about this,” Stan pointed out.  Angie looked past him, at Jimmy.  Stan turned.  Jimmy was frowning at a fiddle in his hands, turning one of the pegs and plucking it quietly.

               “Yer E string’s flat, sir,” Angie said.  Jimmy nodded in thanks.  “He’s got a round bridge?  What is this, amateur hour?” Angie whispered to Stan.  “He won’t get any good quadruple stops like that.”  Stan raised an eyebrow at her.  “Like I said, darlin’, I can handle it.”  Despite himself, Stan chuckled.

               “Fine.  Just don’t make him cry, okay?  He’s an old friend, even if he is tryin’ to take my soul,” Stan said.  Angie kissed him on the cheek.

               “No promises.”


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Asami Sato & Avatar Korra - The Legend of Korra- Bisexual

Marceline & Princess Bubblegum- Adventure Time- Bisexual

Sheriff Blubs & Deputy Durland- Gravity Falls- Gay

Thea & Edie- Doc McStuffins- Lesbians

Pearl- Steven Universe- Lesbian

Ruby & Sapphire- Steven Universe- Lesbians

EJ & Sue Randell- Clarence- Lesbians

Howard & Harold McBride- The Loud House- Gay

Luna Loud- The Loud House- Bisexual

Cyrus Goodman- Andi Mack- Gay

I’m so happy to be living in a time where there are LGBT+ characters in kids’ shows!!

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me as a kid: watches kids cartoons and family friendly films because my parents don’t want me watching mature content and I want to respect their wishes

me as an adult: watches kids cartoons and family friendly films because its more entertaining/engaging/fun than the adult content