looks fine enough

I always end up trying new stuff by drawing Fluttershy.

Paint Fight between the two spider skele boys heheh

Aranya belongs to @yurarat

Black Friday belongs to me


Lydia Martin: Founder and Captain of the Support & Protect Jordan Parrish Squad

i dreamed about you last night. we sat on a couch overlooking the city. i said, “i’m scared of this whole thing breaking,” and you looked at me with those eyes that hold forests in them and said, “i have control, don’t worry,” and i said, “i’m falling,” and you said, “i’ll catch you. i’m ready.”

i want to hand all of my fears over to you in your small beautiful fingers so you can break them to pieces. the first time you looked directly at me, i forgot how to breathe. it was a good thing.

out here in the real world, it is raining and you’re not around to taste it. out here in the real world, i drown every time you’re in his arms. out here in the real world, pretty girls with faces like fairies don’t crawl into bed with the likes of me. i want to sign over my soul and body. out here in the real world, you’d drop me.

i want to tell you all my secrets. i want to tell you all my stories. i want to tell you i’m falling.

please let me down gently.



To celebrate the opening of the twitters (i thought it was a good idea at the time), i thought it’d be a good idea to post a drawing i had in the backburner for a while.

I was curious one day after listening to so many songs of the skullgirls soundtrack, and i thought it’d be fun to try out to imitate the artstyle (specifically, the action shots) of the series and rosalina here was my test subject.

It’s a generic drawing, yes, but i was experimenting with this one, after all, i can safely say that skullgirls was one of the things that has influenced my work a lot, what’s with the amazing artwork, the little details, the vibrant colors and the stylized theme to it all.

So hey, if it looks pretty, it’s fine enough with me.

And i know i’ll never be as amazing as alex ahad, why do i even try.

I’ll cook something more like-something-i’d-actually-draw next time, once i’m not swamped with work.

So yeah, enjoy this little thing!

I guess.

Connections || Holly & Thayne


A gloved hand parted with a hefty pouch, leaving it in care of another who’d quickly tucked it away and out of sight. There was no need to open it up and check the contents. The distinct clinking sound typical for this precious metal alone was more than enough to know that it was heavy with gold. The Madame gave an overexaggerated, almost mocking bow but it had come from a good mood. She’d been skeptical, having never seen this face before in her fine establishment. But for the coin now softly jangling in one of the hidden pockets of her bodice, any face is a familiar one. Or not familiar at all, depending on the instructions provided. A reputation as fine as the one following this place did not happen if one babbled about their patrons as if they were daily news.

She left her mysterious benefactor to his own devices, just like he’d requested. He wanted to ‘look around’. Fine enough by her but she had warned him that some of the girls might refuse to change their schedule just because he asks for them on a whim without any kind of prearranged appointment. With that face though, she doubted any would really refuse, except maybe the really sought-after, expensive ones. Those tended to be really picky with their customers. Or maybe he was shy. He looked the type – tall, dark skin, dark hair, dark, serious expression. But his eyes betrayed a young, nervous youth not used to places like these. Their plain brown orbs in almond-shaped sockets glanced about anxiously, the young man clearly overwhelmed. And today was one of the lazy, uneventful evenings, given the recent curfew.

He was dressed well enough to fit in with the other clientele, his suit plain and dark enough to match the straight, shoulder-length hair which blended into the rich velvet covering his back. The hood of his cloak was just deep enough that a nod of his head could make his tanned, oriental features slip into a deep shadow. She would’ve sent one of the human children, the gifted ones she kept, to offer him a drink just for curiosity’s sake, but the gold in her pocket was too good to risk taking a peek behind any glamor he might have on, knowing that most of their clientele used more than enough to mask who they really were.

So, she left the young man be, in front of a large oil painting in the lounge area, where the Pan tempted a flock of wood nymphs into an eternal dance. He stared at it for the longest while, his nervous gaze calming down just for being given a particular sight to focus on. A strand of beaded hair was tucked behind his ear as he finally looked away, a brown, spotted feather entangled into the thin braid.

Skyping With A Pirate || Thomas & Lee

Thomas set up his laptop in the small living room he had at his disposal, only briefly checking what he looked like. Fine enough was his assessment of himself, and not even that tired given the time of the day.

Thus, he could freely let the Skype application dial up the bearded pirate on the other side of the world.


이 정도면 = Enough (fine, okay, alright, good enough) 

아뇨, 이 정도가 좋습니다 = No, that looks fine (good enough)
제 생각에는 이 정도면 충분한 유인책입니다 = More than sufficient inducement, I think.
이 정도면 됐다고 생각하지 않아? = Don’t you think it’s been enough?
내생각엔 이정도면 충분히 높아 = I think this is high enough.
신중하지 못했지만, 이 정도면 충분해 = I haven’t measured it, but it’s enough.
이 정도면 돼요 = This much will be enough. 
그 정도면 아이들에게 보여줘도 될 거 같은데 = I think it’s good enough to show the kids.
그 정도면 생일선물로 괜찮은 거 같은데 = I think it’s good enough to get as a birthday gift.
그럼 이정도면 감동 먹겠지? = How about this? This should be good enough to impress him, right?

nathan & victoria from life is strange


lets just say, this took way more work than i expected but im very happy with the end result