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I just gotta say I absolutely love how this looks exactly like edds original animations. I brings back good memories. Thank you for that it makes the blog really unique from all the other ones that I've seen. Keep up the good work!!

This is so sweet ;___; Honestly, it’s a pleasure and an honour! I will!

     Vladimir’s favorite tea is a spiced chai blend from Ionia. Dmitri used to hoard tins of it and then eventually made his own blend. But Vladimir will drink mostly anything, but if he decides the tea is low quality, he’ll dump loads of sugar and milk into it and watch the host wrinkle their nose in disgust. 

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i got some angst here for y'all... ok so everyone lives but the chocobros' s/o doesn't... a few years after the ending they see someone who looks exactly, to a t, like their passed s/o but isn't and maybe in a happy and stable relationship with someone else (maybe they have a family or something)? (bonus if the s/o's body was never recovered so the bros might think there's a chance their s/o could still be alive)

Oh man, why do you guys do this to me? You’re all so freaking clever with these prompts that my tragic-loving self eats right up.

Okay, anon, remember that you asked for this sadness— so the angst queen delivered. Giving these series of drabbles a title like my “The Day Insomnia Saw the Dawn” because it’s gunna be epic.

Note: [I’ll be uploading each guy in parts (and linking them together) as I finish them, but right now I only have Noctis done— in which everyone but him has died and the s/o somehow traded her life for his]

Read at your own risk. Ow.

{1,603 words}

                           A World in Which You Don’t Exist


“I’ve… I’ve never been good at these things. Moving on.”

It was cold. Eos had experienced its first snowfall in ten years. Noctis shuffled his feet as he stood beneath the willow tree that marked your grave. It was just on the outskirts of Duscae, near the lake that the catoblepai frequented. You had loved it here. It was your favorite place to visit during your travels, always begging Ignis to stop the car when you drove near, if only for a moment to appreciate its beauty.

“I can’t help but think that you… that you would know what to do, how to make this easier—“ Noctis’ voice failed him as he pursed his lips and tried desperately to swallow his grief. He shoved his hand into his coat pocket, procuring a ratted carbuncle doll. The one he had given to you as children. The one you had held on to after all these years.

“I brought you something. I found it at Hammerhead after…” he crouched down beneath the willow’s weeping leaves. They stirred around him, icy with snow crystals. He bowed his head as he carefully laid the torn doll upon the frozen ground. He ran an idle hand along the granite that was used as your headstone for a body that was never found.

“You left it behind,” he croaked as the tears finally fell. “You left it behind— all alone.”

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Pro-tip for reader insert writers

Just because you use the term (y/n) in your imagines/fics/reader inserts/whatever you want to call them, doesn’t automatically mean all of your readers will be able to insert themselves into the story.

I know the new popular thing to do is include gifs of what the “reader” is doing/what the “reader” supposedly looks like, but guys. That literally defeats the purpose of a reader insert.

A reader insert means that the fic is supposed to be neutral enough so that the many different types of READERS can INSERT themselves into the story. If all of your gifs are of a white brunette girl (I pick this example because that’s the most common one I see) then you’re essentially alienating everyone who isn’t a white brunette girl that looks exactly like the one in your gif.

“But I mix it up! I just want to enhance what the physical actions look like!”

Fam I appreciate what you’re trying to do, but I have yet to see a fic with gifs of girls that aren’t skinny and white.

And the worst thing I’ve seen is fics that claim to be gender neutral, yet the gifs are still female. I understand that the vast majority of these are written as female readers because 1. The audience is majorly made up of those who identify as female 2. It’s difficult to write things with gender neutral pronouns. But it sucks for the person who FINALLY finds that gender neutral fic they’re looking for, to see that surprise! It’s actually still about a chick.

This isn’t the “fandom police”. If you want to keep using “reader gifs”, then go for it. Nobody is stopping you. And by no means am I speaking for everyone. I’m sure plenty of readers don’t mind it. It’s just some food for thought.

explain to me how tomorrow robyn rihanna fenty will be 29 years old when she looks EXACTLY like she did when she was 19 you’re telling me this bitch hasn’t aged in 10 years

melted (or, how motor milkshakes got its groove back)

melted (or, how motor milkshakes got its groove back) by greencacti

Author: greencacti

Pairing: Frank/Gerard

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: No archived warnings

Length: Medium

Summary: The AU where they all work after school in the neighborhood ice cream shop, Motor Milkshakes, and everything’s going great until one day a creepy baby doll that looks exactly like Frank shows up, Patrick breaks the soft serve machine, Mikey hijacks the store sound system, and Ray manages to start a flood in the back room.

How come Pidge was able to sneak into the Garrison so easily? I’m not talking about the whole hiding her gender either, like she literally looks exactly like Matt.  Matt who attended the Garrison.  Matt who was launched into space by THE GARRISON.  Why wasn’t anyone like “Hey, isn’t that the kid we sent to Kerberos? The one that died? Why is he back and also de-aged?” Why wasn’t anyone like “Pretty sure that’s his sister we keep kicking out of here.” I just don’t get it, I want answers, everyone is so damn unobservant.