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Anonymous said to buckykingofmemes: Ok but talking about salsa and swing I gotta ask if Steve’s done any dance sketches, it is in my contract as a social dance nerd

steve actually has a ton of dance sketches. he used to come with me when i wanted to go dancing and use it as life drawing practice. said it helped him get the unusual poses better. 

anyway, this sketch  is a really old one, from back before the war. that lovely lady im dancing with is my baby sister becca. becca and i used to do swing competitions together, and we were an unstoppable team, since we’d been dancing together since before she could walk. we danced with other people a lot, but when it came to competitions becca and i were pure magic. i was a pretty big guy and she was always tiny, so i could whip her through steps and lifts like lightning. and she always trusted me to catch her, since id been tossing her in the air for as long as she could remember, and never once let her drop. the two of us would invent lifts nobody else in brooklyn would dare to try. 

sometimes we roped stevie into helping, because he wasnt much bigger than becca, and we didnt have mirrors to practice with. so if we wanted to see how a move looked, we’d teach stevie becca’s lift and she’d watch and figure out what needed changing. steve had no rhythm at all, but he was usually game for the lifts. later, in the star spangled show, they tried to make use of some of those, but he still didnt have the steps down, so it never worked out.

after i got drafted, becca kept dancing. by the time she was thirty, she held the title of brooklyns longest-running swing queen, with fifteen consecutive wins. 


another assignment for the class I’m doing! They told us to grab any two characters from a game/movie/series and insert them in another game/movie/series. I first thought of choosing reaper and soldier and adapt them to dark souls because i rly love them but i didnt have any idea on how to adapt soldier and his rifle. And then. I thought of mccree all of a sudden and my friend suggested bloodborne, where you can carry guns! Because reaper isn’t reaper without his huge guns and mccree isn’t mccree without his pistol. So Yep. Mccree and reaper in bloodborne. (open the bigger pic in a new window if u want, it looks better bigger)

emoji review: cactus

some apple emojis look better bigger; this is not the case. strange spine composition and overuse of pillow shading, coloration feels a little off as well. 2/5, mostly for it’s #iconic profile in smaller size

google is trying something new with coloration and i can appreciate that. unfortunately, it feels a little drab here. the white stripes, while minimalistic, also throw me off. 2/5 would be stronger with a better color palette

now see??? THIS is what i’m talking about. bold colors, bold outline, simplified yet recognizable spines… i LOVE this. 100% the type of cactus emoji i can get behind. 5/5 masterfully done

all samsung emojis look like something you would find on a 2006-era messaging board, and the cactus is no different. boring coloration with uncreative black/white pillow shading. shape is off as well. 0/5 looks bad todd

now see, i really appreciate lg going out on a limb here having a prickly pear instead of a saguaro, but the execution is somewhat lackluster… again, an over-reliance on pillow shading, not enough spines, a little boring. i do like the color gradation, however. 3/5 creative concept execution needs work

a pretty good cactus! lovely coloration, iconic profile and minimalist design. the spines are lacking, but overall an emoji i would proudly incorporate into my conversations. 4/5 lovely but spines look like clothing stitches

oh man… nothing objectively bad about this jumping out at me, but still not one of my favorites… the colors feel boring i guess, also maybe the size/resolution is throwing me off. 2.5/5, i dont really like it but cant define why

ugh… hoo boy… i like the bright colors here but that’s where the list ends. poorly executed cell shading, exaggerated shape that looks shitty, DOTS instead of spines. recognizable as a cactus but only barely so. looks like a shiny fruit. 1/5 not representative of the plant

ugly. bad. gross colors, dots for spines syndrome, i hesitate to include it in my twitter bio. poorly done. 0/5 i expected more from you twitter

ok, not bad! again, the colors are not my favorite but this is a decent cactus. spines along the top look uncomfortably like cartoon hair but i can let it slide. 3.5/5 very decent design compared to others

again, not bad! the spines seem to be what trips everyone up, though. profile seems slightly off as well, but in relation to some other emojis this one gets the job done. 3/5 alright but try not to make it look like the cactus is wearing a pinstripe suit

i KNEW emojidex was going to be shitty but somehow i did not expect THIS. i hate it. would never use. -3/5 looks like a fucked up balloon

As promised, the fic update is here! And I swear I uploaded it before 12 so I still kept my promise! It’s over 15k of words, and i hope you guys like it! <3 

Click here to go to it! 

If you want a summary, just know this is Keith’s heart for most of the chapter.


“Often the humble kind, but he can’t deny, he was born to blow your mind…or something along those lines,”
The Obi-Wan Kenobae Mixtape

Tracing everything from smol lil padawan era to oh dear god please let him be happy.

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The infamous clothes swap is finally here!
When you start off with dressing up D.va all cute and things escalate and you get a Junkrat in a thight suit and a Lucio that, just like in comp, just fills whatever role is left.


“I’ve served 4 commanders as fleimkepa.  None of them half as wise or strong as Leksa kom Trikru.  The truth is, she was all these things even before ascension.”

Title: Leksa kom Trikru

Music: Time, Hans Zimmer

Fandom: The 100


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