looks better at a distance

I have this weird little headcanon that living as a civilian in achievement city isn’t… that bad? like,

the fahc are borderline insane with the heists they pull, stealing from every bank in the city and getting away in absurdly painted cars. decked out in weird outfits that are always so pristine despite the fact that they seem to wear it all. the time.

it becomes normal to hear laughter on top of the engines of motorcycles, or to see a helicopter swerving madly in the sky as it threads through skyscrapers while getting away from the police.

achievement city’s organizations, the little ngos that try to make it better, receive donations on the regular, any truly innocent person doesn’t stay missing for very long - always returned home with an unbelievable story to tell

(it was the vagabond, I swear - skull and all - he came for me)

you see the golden boy shopping at calvin klein and all he does is hold up two shirts when you stare, asking which looks better? before you hear sirens in the distance. he says I guess both is fine, shoving them in his bag and escapes out the back door, slipping a few hundreds into one of the retail employee’s jean pockets on the way

a mugger pushes you into an alley with a gun to your back and you barely get a word out before you hear a knock that shit off and they’re shoved off you by the jersey devil, more annoyed than anything else. the mugger gawks and runs off and you’re still frozen as the curly haired criminal brushes off your shoulders with a stern stay safe out here

you’re sitting under a tree at the park one afternoon and the kingpin walks up to you, asking mind if I join you? you nod meekly and he plants himself down beside you, pulling out a book of his own, occasionally asking what was happening in yours and leaving you with some recommendations when it was time to go heist

a job is pulled off near your work and roads are crammed with police and traffic, every person within a 100m radius being questioned. the next day you walk in to a fully catered lunch, a small note placed on top reading sorry about the mess - beardo

the self-proclaimed rimmy tim shows up to the bowling alley, cowboy hat and all, and smiles kindly to the teenager working behind the counter while paying for a game. he grabs the lane next to you, saying watch this, and throws the ball in the gutter

and it really was the vagabond breaking down the door that locked you in after what seemed to be like endless gunfire from the main floor, cutting off your restraints and letting you hold onto him on his motorcycle as he drives back to the city, stopping in an abandoned parking lot and offering to walk you home from there

because it’s an unspoken rule of the underground to keep civilians out of it, and you better believe that ramsey enforces it. the little boy who grew up watching the people he knew disappear, swearing on his heart that he’d do whatever he could to change that, even if his methods were a bit unorthodox

then when you post it online later, you get the expected amount of disbelief and yeah right’s, but then you get a comment - fun, but maybe let’s not do that again - v

I had a dream set during the Gerblins arc where Magnus kept trying to make awkward small talk and ask the others about themselves.

Taako was annoyed by it and sarcastically said “okay guys, how about we just stop the whole adventure and get to know each other better?”

Merle looked off into the distance and said “there used to be so much time for that.”

And the others were like “what” and Merle was like “what” and they shook it off and never mentioned it again.

And now because of that dream I have a headcanon that Merle “forgot his own last name, twice” Hitower Highchurch has a memory that’s already so full of holes and folds and blank spots that occasionally one of those holes works the other way around and he briefly has a thought like “this is worse than that mushroom planet” or “didn’t Magnus always used to wear red?” pass through his mind, only to immediately be forgotten again. 

On rare occasions while the thought is in his head he’ll make an odd comment that others brush off and forget just as quickly. 

And yes, he once called Taako Lup by mistake. Taako didn’t react and it didn’t stir any memories but later he looked down and realized he’d been clutching the handle of the Umbra Staff so tightly that the tiny raised pattern at the top had left a deep indentation in his hand.

they’re gay and in love

Edmund x Reader: That Lipgloss Tastes Horrible

Anon asked: request for some sort of Narnian seven minutes in heaven with Edmund? I just need more Edmund kisses in my life hahaha

(Y/n) was having a surprisingly pleasant time at the school party. She thought she would be alone or feeling awkward, since Edmund was accepted into the “cool group” since his…transformation. It was the last party of their senior year, so she only thought it right.

         She was just beginning to think that she would want to stay for the whole thing until Edmund suddenly grabbed her wrist out and dragged her away from the conversation she was having with her chemistry classmates.

         "Edmund!“ She complained. "I was having a serious discussion about helium and–”

         "Yeah, yeah, not now. My honor is at stake,“ he replied shortly. She frowned, noticing he seemed on edge.

         "Edmund, what happened?” She asked, stopping and forcing him to do the same.

         Edmund looked around cautiously. She followed his gaze and saw Alicia and Ryan smirking across the room…at them. Her eyes once again snapped to Edmund. “No way,” she growled.

       Alicia and Ryan were known for their “truth and dares.”

       "Oh, come on, (Y/n),“ Edmund whispered. She didn’t know why. The party was too loud for anyone to be listening. "They were so smug when they dared me and I want to shove it in their faces.”

         "Fine, what did they dare you?“ (Y/n) rolled her eyes.

       Edmund turned a deep shade of red. (Y/n) didn’t like where this was going, and could already feel her stomach twisting.

       "Oh goodness, what did you–”

       He grabbed her wrist again and shoved her into the coat closet, climbing in with her. He yanked the small cord and a dim light came on.

     "Edmund, I will kill you!“

     "They dared me to take you into a closet and…um…”

     "Kiss me for seven minutes?“ (Y/n) snapped, though she felt heat in her own face. With the closet blocking out the party sounds, she could hear her heart slamming against her chest. She wondered if Edmund could hear it too.

     She shook her head. Impossible.

     "They don’t need to know if we don’t,” Edmund said, as if he already had this planned.

       (Y/n) breathed in relief. Of course, she was just freaking out. Though she was annoyed by the slight disappointment she was trying to deny.

         She felt a lump in her pocket. She smiled and pulled out the lipgloss her sister forced her to take along. “Remind me to thank my sister later.”

     She smeared the tinted make up on her index and middle finger pressed together.

       "What are you–“ Edmund began. (Y/n) cut him off, pressing her fingers around his lips.

       He shoved her hand away and made a face. "What in the world! This tastes horrible!”

     "Don’t lick it off!“ (Y/n) hissed. "That’ll make it more believable when we walk out in five minutes.”

       "I don’t want to taste it, thank you very much,“ he grimaced.

         (Y/n) leaned against the side of the closet. She just noticed how close they were, even though the closet was fairly large.

       "The dares you accept for the sake of pride,” she sighed shaking her head.

       Edmund ducked his head. His eyes were fixed on the ground. He didn’t look guilty, (Y/n) noticed. He looked…disappointed?

       "You think that kissing me would be that painful, huh?“ He said with a laugh.

         "I didn’t say that,” (Y/n) blurted without thinking. Heat filled her face as she tried to stammer for an excuse.

         Edmund only chuckled. He turned and leaned against the door, making (Y/n) all the more aware of their closing distance. “What if I dared you?”

       He spoke it quietly as if not really wanting her to hear.

       "I would decline,“ she nodded firmly, finally getting her head back from the hazy mush it was in. She hated that he was so close. But she hated more that she could just push him back farther and she wouldn’t.

       "Truth or dare,” Edmund asked suddenly.


         "Just answer!”

         "Truth,“ (Y/n) obliged. He was so strange sometimes.

           "Okay, I really want to kiss you right now.”

           Edmund’s sudden boldness made (Y/n) jump. Did he…but…

       It took her quite a few moments to clear her throat. “Uh…” She began, her hands shaking. “I thought–er–I was supposed to ask, um–”

       She saw Edmund’s eyes grow wide before he slammed a hand to his forehead. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking and I just–”

     He reached for the doorknob, obviously attempting to escape the embarrassment.

       Out of instinct, (Y/n) lunged for it, her hand covering his. Her head rammed into his chest. “Ow,” she muttered sorely.

         "What’re you doing?“ Edmund hissed.

         She looked up at him. He was so tall now. Did he grow again? "I…” Her words trailed off when she glanced down at his lips. She mentally slapped herself and brought her eyes back up to his. “You don’t want to lose the bet.”

         "The dare doesn’t matter,“ he said quietly.

         She felt his hand freeze under hers. They were still holding the doorknob. She hoped he didn’t feel her shaking fingers. She looked down at their hands and slowly pried his fingers away from the knob.

         She felt something soft brush his cheek. It took her a moment to realize he kissed her.

         Her head snapped sideways to look at him. They were nose to nose.

         (Y/n) once again glanced at his lips. Her heart was pounding, and her mind was screaming at her to stay still. But she couldn’t.

       She tilted her head slightly causing their noses to brush. Edmund made the next move, closing the distance between them.

       (Y/n) was confused initially, when she felt stickiness. Then she remembered she had smeared her lip gloss all over his mouth. She let out a small chuckle, breaking the kiss momentarily, before cupping his face and kissing him again.

           They were hesitant at first, and (Y/n) could feel his hands barely touching her waist. But a few seconds passed, and he pulled her close to him. Their lips moved smoothly against each other.

       (Y/n)’s brain shut down and all her thoughts turned to Edmund.

     The moment was only broken when the door swung open and the loud music flooded the quiet closet.

       A girl yelped. "I was just–er–getting my coat.”

         Edmund let go of her suddenly and took a step away. He looked red as a tomato when he grabbed the girl’s jacket and handed it to her.

           Judging by the heat in her cheeks, (Y/n) probably looked no better. The door closed again and the two had made a distance between them.

       "Oops,“ Edmund said after a long awkward silence.

         (Y/n) couldn’t help bursting out laughing. Edmund, uneasy at first, joined her.

         "Well, Edmund,” she breathed. “You were right about one thing.”

         "What’s that?“ He smiled at her.

           "That lipgloss tastes horrible.”

  They started laughing again before joining the crowd again. It hadn’t been seven minutes, but neither Edmund nor (Y/n) cared about the dare anymore.

Title: Learn To Do It
Character: Danny Rand
A/n: I loved this request sO much, thanks to the lovie anon who asked for it :)

You stared blankly out of the large window in Danny’s apartment, a fluffy wool blanket wrapped around your shoulders as you watched rain trickle down the window. Your finger reached out and began to trace the intricate patterns the drops left on the glass before you sighed.

After the whole situation with Madame Gao, Danny had worked himself into a paranoid when it came to your safety. He was worried that what Gao said was only a warning of future events if he wasn’t careful.

So, from then on Danny followed you everywhere, holding on to you in some way as his senses were on high alert wherever he went.

You understood where all the concern was coming from, he thought you had been murdered by some mafia-like, secret organization, hell that was more than enough to drive someone up the wall.

You also understood the potential danger you were in, but you longed to take a walk on your own. But Danny refused to let you travel anywhere if he wasn’t there, or with enough convincing, one of his close friends to keep an eye on you.

Danny saw the toll it was taking on you, you missed your bookstore and your house. He had arranged for Joy to drop off a good bit of your books from your place, but you missed your store the most.

It was just too dangerous to go there, Madame Gao’s informants had found you in that place, if you showed up now it wouldn’t end well.

Danny was still in bed when his eyes fluttered open to find your side empty and neatly made, he slowly sat up, rubbing at his eyes before staring at the open bedroom door.

Ever since staying at his place, you found yourself being more antsy, causing you to wake up early just so you could do something. First time it happened, Danny nearly had a heart attack before sprinting out of the room to find you laying on the floor next to the couch down the stairs.

He tossed his legs over the side of the bed and stretched, blindly grabbing a sweater from his dresser before tugging it over his head and going to look for you.

Danny’s eyes squinted a little at all of the natural light streaming into his eyes, when he saw you standing next to the window all swaddle up in a blanket he couldn’t help but smile.

“Morning.” He called out to you, giving you a small wave when you turned around.

“Good morning,” You replied, moving from the window and going into his arms when he outstretched them to you. “Sleep well?”

“Just fine,” Danny looked down and noticed something was off. “You’re troubled about something, what’s wrong?”

You removed yourself from his arms, folding your arms under the blanket. “Internal confliction, I guess.”

“Do you want to talk about it?”

You looked up at him, rocking back and forth on your feet. “Well, recently I’ve been thinking,” You paused for a moment, seeing Danny’s expectant look. “That if you taught me how to defend myself, maybe I could go out on my own again.

Danny’s hands rested behind his back, and his expression became unreadable. “What’s the conflict part?”

You sighed, wrapping the blanket tighter around you. “I don’t want to hurt anyone, even if they’re evil. I just hate the thought of it.”

The one corner of Danny’s lip curled into a soft smile, his hand coming up to rest on your cheek. “I’d be happy to teach you, but you don’t have to if it’s not what you want,” He gave your nose a small peck. “I’m more than happy to remain your watch dog.”

You smiled and shook your head. “Nah, I at least want to try.”

You huffed whenever Danny knocked you to the ground on your back again, you both had pushed all the furniture in the living room out of the way so you had more open space.

Danny watched in amusement as you turned onto your side instead of getting up.

“Can I surrender?”

You heard him chuckle. “Surrender out there and you’ll end up dead.”

You shut your eyes, your entire body felt like it was on fire and your muscles ached. The two of you had been training for hours.

Well I say training, it was more like Danny attempting to show you how to block attacks and getting hit several times because you forgot what to do.

That and you kept making stupid jokes when he showed you certain moves. There was something with the name “scissor” in it so you stared making snipping noises and doing scissor motions with your hands, causing Danny to laugh so hard he forgot he was supposed to be training you.

“Maybe it’s for the best,” You said, dramatically tossing your arm over your eyes. “I do a lot more harm than good, it’s not worth the trouble.”

Danny frowned, leaning down and situating himself on top of you. “Hey, don’t be like that,” He said, balancing himself one arm so he could tap your nose. “You’re not going to be perfect the first day of learning.”

You removed your arm and looked up at him. “You think I’ll ever be able to fight?”

He smiled, hopping up to his feet and bringing you with him. “If you keep up your training, I’d think so.”

You weakly let him pull you up before he dropped your hands and put some space between the two of you. “Lunge at me.”


“Just, try to hit me.” He said, motioning you to do as told.

“Are you just gonna hit me in the throat when I try to? Cause at this rate I’ll just take the hit to put me out to greener pastures.”

Danny bit back a laugh. “Do it.”

You sighed, positioning yourself like he told you to before trying to hit him. He moved out of the way last second with ease, face directly in front of yours while your fist remained outstretched.

He smiled, tilting his head down and grazing his lips against yours. “Look at that, Your form’s getting better.”

You flushed, placing distance between the two of you. “That is not fair.”

“What’s not fair?”

You frowned. “You probably think you’re real charming don’t you?”

Danny placed his hands around your waist and pulled you towards him while his lips went after yours again. “A little bit.”

You looked up at him, and saw his gaze focused on you before you shoved him away right before your lips made actual contact, causing Danny to let out a slight whine as he watched you walk away from him.

“Yeah? Well you are!” You told him, putting on a displeased frown before climbing up the stairs to the restroom to wash up.

Danny fell back onto the ground. “No, you see that is unfair!”

“You deseve it, I have at least seven brusies on various parts of my body!”

“I said sorry like ten times!”


Drabble Requests: “Marry fucking me” + “Just shut up and kiss me” || for anon and everybody

Characters: you x Jimin

Words: 4.3k 

While this can be a standalone, these events are primarily related to Facade (and Catharsis). Please check them out! 

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A/N: OMG IM BACK. I hope you guys liked this and if you did I truly would love some feed back. love you all - maddy



Y/n has been away for so long. I feel like whenever I am working or away she is off and sitting at home but whenever she has work or has to fly somewhere I am always home alone. I just miss her a lot and feel like we both haven’t had a proper time to really be with each other in months. Ever since y/n’s modeling job really got going and she got more important roles we really haven’t seen each other. 

I’ve been trying to contact her but every time we do reach each other she is always busy working and can’t talk. I just want her back home and back in my arms where she truly belongs. We have been together for so long almost 3 years and most of it we were seeing each other till 6 months ago she starting to do some modeling for teen vogue and ever seen then she as been everywhere modeling with so many different companies. 

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Wanna One Kang Daniel - Latte Art

✽ suggested by: anon

✽ featuring: kang daniel

✽ genre: fluff

word count: 1,589 words

✽ summary: latte art was your specialty. with your steady hands and being in core arts, you couldn’t help to send a tiny message over to the guy you liked with it. your eyes widened as you heard these words over the counter, “so, who drew a heart in my latte?”

Originally posted by emperorhwangs

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Trying out different horizon skylines for Arianburh. I love Criquette’s original one (below) best in NH view, but from lots, I think the other ones offer more interesting details. They also retain the hilly look better when the hills in the terrain fall outside of viewing distance.

(I took out all of the deco houses and farms on the other side of the river too, save a couple hidden surprises, so the settlement is now completely surrounded by forest and mountains. It was my first time using Criquette’s trees and I like them!)

(The terrain was originally inspired by the Norwegian landscape, around the Lofoten islands, although I might have used a little too much woodland to be able to claim that connection any longer ^_^)

anonymous asked:

how do you pet with your eyes? - a confused human looking to do better

simple: remain at reasonable distance from cat, keep hands at sides, look at cat and make petting thoughts with eyeballs. very very easy

In The Name Of Love: Part Three

(gif reference to this part of the story)

“..He squinted to you out of annoyance and anger, taking a deep breath - he removed the knife…”


Bonus: Bucky dresses up as a 70s man:


You lived a life much different than any other married couple on the planet, it was full of action and mystery. But the only mystery that was unsolved was your marriage. Stuck in the boring routine of the lifeless marriage the both of you were caught in, Tony and Steve make plans to get the two of you back together - with the help of Bruce Banner. You had three weeks, and each session you noticed a change in your love life. But things could get far more messy than the both of you intended.

Notes: Bucky x Wife!Reader, Tension. Let me know what you think, and let me know if you want to be tagged. :)

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