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YES PLS. TELL US ABOUT YOU. Like your name, where you're from, what fandoms you're in, how long you've been writing, and your favorite content/characters to write! But tbh whatever you wanna share is fine! Also, would you mind eventually making your links available thru the app too? Thanks, looking forward to seeing your post! ❤



I dont feel comfortable giving out my name because of a long story that when i finally do tell yall, yall will laugh lol. Please call me mod, or whatever tbh. I wont care. 

Im from a “village” in Wisconsin, I don’t live there anymore I moved to an actual city when I was about 5. But the lil village I’m from didn’t have a grocer or a single stop light.. Granted the next town over which was like 5 minutes away had a grocer, a pharmacy but now that I’m thinking about this the nearest hospital had to have been like 25 minutes away maybe im crazy, anyways. We had like a dairy queen, a school that every kid walked to, a few other little family resturants (like the packer inn oh my god the food is so greasy but its so good i cry, or Binanti’s taste of Italy IM CRYING THEY HAVE THE BEST PASTA EVER)  I lived there with my Busha and my dad until my Busha died and we went to live with my mom and the rest of my siblings.

I’m a libra and I’ll be twenty in a month!!! I’m actually excited for once lol 

I’m in a lot of fandoms i suppose. I want to say im in the Haikyuu, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto and Tokyo Ghoul fandoms. 

My favorite characters ever are Hohenheim from FMA:B, Uta from Tokyo Ghoul (he’s literally my absolute favorite i’d die for him okay), Itachi, Orochimaru, Sasuke, Shinji and Grimmjow from Bleach, and Feitan from HxH

I’ve been writing for about 7 years now, the first piece I ever wrote was for the One Direction fandom,,, it was with Niall in case you were wondering. 

I work as a supervisor/pharmacy tech at one job and i work for a different company that deals with stuff online at night. I hate the first job lol, i hate every single person i work with and i can’t wait to quit there. 

I’m learning Polish, Japanese and Spanish. I’d like to say I’m fluent in spanish since i’ve been learning it since I was six but I don’t want to say that because there are still things I dont know. I don’t like knowing this many languages because I’ll somehow forget the word in English and I will only be able to think of the word in a different language. After I learn these ones I want to learn a dead language for the extra challenge. pls wish me luck.

I love playing video games. My favorite games are SSBB, LoZ: OOT, GTA, and Starcraft 

I like writing for every one at different times and i like all kinds of different content. 

If yall wanna know what I look like i dunno what to tell yall. I could post a selfie for .5 seconds and then delete it but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I hope this was enough info about me for yall, and again if you have a specific question don’t be afraid to send it in! 





Don’t laugh Bakugou, it’s a serious struggle

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hi Ally,,, as some one who's trying to get the hang of drawing expressions and faces in general I was wondering if you had any tips as to how to make it more natural?? like I find myself drawing the same expression every time on different characters and I feel like it's hard to change it up with out making it look strange :/

this is a very psychological barrier that i also face!! sometimes we’re in the mindset that oooo gotta draw our characters glamourous/pretty that dramatic expressions that stretch the face feels like it’s ruin that, so you have to start with an open mind and be ready to stretch that mouth a little longer, raise those brows a little higher, etc.

having a mirror beside you to reference from your own expression is very helpful as well! here’s my tag for expression tutorials and refs