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Hey, I just wanted to add to the Ciel discourse - it's my belief that the Ciel Undertaker was seen sitting over in the bed was the dead twin - and that the reanimation we've seen in earlier chapters is Undertaker bringing that twin back to life

Hi. ^^ Yeah, it’s possible that this was the twin back then.

However, if that wasn’t our Ciel here it probably must have been Sirius (because the room looks like either Ciel’s room in the manor or Lord Sirius room in the music hall). But if it was Sirius why were his arms looking okay here when later we saw them looking like this:

And it’s also a bit weird that Undertaker is calling him “Earl”. He usually calls our Ciel like that and our Ciel is the one with the title, not the twin.

So it’s still a bit weird. Somehow it rather feels to me like this was our Ciel in that scene. I thought about it a lot but I don’t really have an idea what Undertaker was doing here, though.

I’m not even so sure anymore if Undertaker is really the person who’s behind Bravat’s sect. After what happened in the recent chapters I get the feeling there might be someone else since I don’t really think UT would want to harm our Ciel or take the side of the twin if the twin wants revenge on our Ciel. I’m sure UT has some role in this arc but maybe not in the sect like we all first suspected…

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alya and chloe 8 (but that might be a little bit weird looking unless you can make it look really gay so if not alya and chloe 10)

8- Reluctantly from the Cuddle Prompt list!

“No, I’m all gross and sticky!” Chloé said, trying to push Alya away from her, but it seemed her wife wasn’t having any of it.  

“I don’t care, I haven’t seen you in two weeks!” Alya reasoned as she continued to keep her arms around Chloé.

Two weeks! Two weeks of meetings and cocktail parties and socialization in the name of negotiations and her wife stuck in the city because of work.  Chloé would have been much happier if Alya had come with her to Amsterdam.  Chloé would have been a lot happier if the air system in the jet had been turned down.  There were a lot of things that would have made Chloé happier.

Yet she could help the small smirk on her face as she looked at her wife, just happy to see her again.  Still, Chloé put a small effort to try to remove her wife off her person once more.  “You’ll have me all to yourself for a long time now.  Can’t we get home so I can have a shower and change of cloths.”

Alya’s eyes light up.  “Yes, let’s get home!”

The smirk on Chloé’s face grew.  “Can we get home now is the question.”

Chloé’s driver wondered when the newlywed stage would end as Alya wasn’t even trying to be in her own seat as she snuggled up to Chloé.  He was just thankful they were only just cuddling in the back!


Luffy’s outfits through the series 

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