I want to normalize everything, I want to normalize men in dresses and women in sweat pants and a large top. When I was 12, gender roles fucked me over, I was a big gaming fan and a ‘tomboy’ as people used to put it, I used to think girls who gamed and wore make up were fake, because I thought you had to pick one or the other. I used to say shit to them like “You’re not a real gamer” or “Learn to actually play the game”.

I want to change all that because it’s fucking stupid. If you wanna look like a princess and kick ass, you go for it! Or if you wanna play sports and wear make up, you do both, man! Nobody is stopping you but you. If you fake and pretend to be someone you aren’t, it’ll show.

No matter what context you put it in, whether you hate your body size, or if you hate your looks, or the way you act, it’ll show. I want you too look into the mirror and be able to truthfully say “I’m fucking fabulous.”. If you believe you’re something, you’ll become it. Don’t shame yourself or somebody else for being them. You do you.


Wow, it’s been a whole week since I posted this blazer! I’m obsessed with this new skirt that features two things I NEVER wear: pleats AND tiers. But, I got it here in Chicago at the Urban Outfitters Surplus store for only five bucks, so, it’s probably going to replace that blazer as the most worn thing in my closet. Y’all already know, the jacket is from H&M, skirt Urban Outfitters, scarf and plain black tee underneath from Akira. Shoes (in that lovely shot of my messy floor!) also from Akira.