lookout records


Day: 936
Shirt: Green Day - Dookie Asbury Park Photo
Color:  Tan
Brand: Good Time
Source:  Fucking crazy to think this was 20 years ago today.  February 1, 1994!  Mind blown now just as much as it was then when this came out and i was like WHUT??? Green Day is on a Major Label now?  we didn’t have the internet track then and shit like this just happened.  and you were floored.  nowadays you hear about it and can be prepared mentally for such a mindfuck.  Mind you in ‘94 Green Day was my shit.  me and Paul would go to Berekley almost every week to see them place one shit hole or another.  Gilman St, Berkely Square, Maybe Petaluma… I think I have seen Green Day more times than any other band.  Every show was fu, such good memories of that era.  

then this bomb dropped. no pun intended.  but Green Day which was mine and my friends little secret was about to get fucked up, turned on its head and blow the fuck out.  you heard Green Day every 15 Seconds on MTV, the Radio , grocery stores.  Jocks that used to beat kids up for having Green or Pink hair with fucking playing it out of their shitty Mini Trucks…  it was crazy.  this was a year where a lot of crazy shit went down and music never really was the same again.  Punk was no longer punk, and the Alternative music scene just ended up being regular music.  there was nothing much alternative to it anymore other than being an alternative to hip hop.  

I love this record then i hated it, i hated it for a long time.  and i wanna say it wasn’t until 5 years ago when i was able to listen to it again and appreciate it for the great record it is.  superfucking hits on this one. they are fucking huge now but they will always be mine…and Paul’s.  


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