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Moonlit Rose (Derek Hale x Reader)

Valentine’s Day Imagine

Meet me at the lookout point over Beacon Hills at 10PM - Derek’

You picked up the note, reading it over again, slowly tracing your fingers over the words. It was the only thing left behind from Derek after he pulled his vanishing act.

Although you had spent the entire day together, you still weren’t sure how he was able to disappear to quickly. Perhaps it was his werewolf skills. Despite being in a relationship with him for so long, the things he did still surprised you.

But it made the relationship all the more fun.

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Unsent (Kenji x Alex, Playback outtake)

Note: Uhhh, I don’t even know why I’m posting this, but it’s been written anyway, so have an angsty outtake from my other fic, Playback, maybe?

Kenji sits on his lookout hill, a can of beer in his hand, his phone in the other.

He dials the same number he’s been calling for months now, his thumb moving of its own accord.

The line rings, and he waits for it – that familiar click he’s now grown accustomed to.


“Hey, this is Alex. I can’t come to the phone right now, but leave a message and I’ll get back to you when I can.”


And usually he would hang up by now. The sound of her voice enough to keep him going.

But tonight was different.

Tonight, he had words to say.

“Hey, Alex.

It’s Thanksgiving tomorrow.

And I miss you.

I was at the supermarket, picking up groceries for dinner tomorrow, but I realized that the one person I wanted to cook for wasn’t going to be there.

We invited Rochelle to join us, by the way.

… we’re setting up a place for you–

Just in case you can make it.

Ah, Kenji, this is stupid.

I promised you I wouldn’t cry.

Not while I still had hope. Not while you were still alive.

… but it’s hard, Alex.

This feels like giving up.

I don’t want to give up.

Not on you, Alex. Never on you.

Tell me how to make it stop. I want to keep believing that you’re out there.

Send me a sign. Something. Anything.

… God, Kenji, what are you thinking?

Of course she can’t. She can’t even hear you right now.

And for the first time since that day, Kenji mourns her, hot tears streaking his face.

He doesn’t try to stop them this time, months of pent up emotion breaking through, one resounding thought in his mind – she’s gone.

She really is gone.

He looks up at the evening sky, the tilt of his head slowing down the flow of his tears, but only so slightly.

“I still have hope, Alex. It’s just… hard.

Every day that you’re not here is another day that I have to think about letting you go.

… I don’t want to let you go.”

He takes a long pull at his beer, finishing its contents and crushing the tin can in his hand.

He pulls out the single rose he’d gotten from the supermarket and presses his lips to its petals, leaving it on the same rock which he’d sat on.

“Happy Thanksgiving, Alex.”


Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Dating Brett Talbot would include:
  • Him pulling you out of class just because he wanted to make out 
  • Wearing his lacrosse hoodie to his games 
  • He’d be very protective of you when you’re with his team mates
  • Midnight drives that involve off key singing together
  • And then going to the lookout in beacon hills and sitting on the bonnet of the car 
  • He would wrap his arms around you and hold you tight
  • And then tell you that he loves you
  • Netflix & Chill 
  • Cuddling
  • Lots and lots of cuddling
  • Neck kisses
  • Collarbone kisses
  • Hickeys where you can’t hide them, so everyone would know you’re his
  • He’d get jealous whenever you spend time with Liam
  • And end up tagging along with anything the two of you do
  • Being his anchor on full moons
  • Hugs where he would wrap his arms around you from behind and rest his chin on your shoulders 
  • He would probably have to bend down a little and everyone would agree that you guys are relationship goals
  • Movie nights
  • Throwing popcorn at each other and making a huge mess
  • He would try teaching you how to throw the lacrosse ball but you’d both end up flustered and sweaty
  • And who doesn’t love a sweaty Brett
  • Lot’s of piggy back rides
  • Picnic dates where you watch the stars
  • Helping out with his pack
  • And Satomi would love that you make him happy
  • Pretty much just being adorable and cute af

The Blue Ridge Parkway is managed by the US National Park System. It runs down the spine of the Appalachian Mountains, from Shenandoah National Park in Virginia to Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina. Driving the full road is a full day up and down hills, with great views of valleys to both sides. This time lapse catches star trails and the night sky over the highest part of the road. 

Wild Part 3: Stiles Stilinski

Series Summary: This series is based on the song Wild by Troye Sivan. You and Stiles have been best friends since elementary school. So, when you two are stuck as the only members of the pack who haven’t had sex when the Darach is targeting virgins, you’re stuck making a decision that could change your friendship forever.

Read part 1 here! Read part 2 here!

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Warning: Smut in previous chapters and reference to smut

A/N: I love writing this series, so if you love reading it you should request another chapter. Thank you for all of you that requested Part 3 and thank you for patiently waiting for it. I love you guys lots! Thanks for being so supportive. Don’t forget to send in requests while they’re open! -rose


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“I’m queen of the world!”

Standing out of the sunroof of Stiles jeep was your favorite Monday night activity. Stiles always took you for long drives on days where you both felt like your mind was going to explode from all the supernatural activity of Beacon Hills. It was the activity that made you feel extraordinary in a town where, as a human, it was easy to feel ordinary. Stiles flew down the back roads at 73 mph, occasionally tapping the breaks to give you a scare of falling. Your hands were grasping at the air that ran through your fingers, your hair tangled in a million different directions, occasionally having a strand catch in your mouth. Your eyes were squeezed shut as you screamed into nothingness. In Beacon Hills, it wasn’t easy to have a private conversation. You and Stiles learned that the hard way after becoming friends with benefits in a town full of supernaturals. But on Monday nights, you got to escape. Often times, these drives would result in catching up on your weekly dose of pack drama, ranting about the suspicious Theo, the occasional jeep sex, and you falling a teensy bit more in love with your best friend.

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Hurting (Scott Mccall Imagine)

Request: Imagine coming back to Beacon Hills after Allison’s death. After a few days Scott notices you’re different, like a darkness around you. One night he follows you to the lookout point and confronts you about your behavior and you confess that’s it’s still Allison’s death and it still hurts real bad especially being back and seeing everyone except her. You tried to move on out somehow can’t. He promises everything is going to be okay and that the pack will help her move on but never forget her.

 A/n: enjoy!

 It’s been so long since I’ve been at Beacon Hills. Ever since that accident i couldn’t stay here anymore. How am I suppose to live in a place where i used to see my best friend every day. But now i can’t because she’s gone. 

 A week ago was when I arrived back in Beacon Hills. Everything around here seems different, it’s more darker and weird. It feels weird because there’s no Allison anymore.

 No one in the pack knows that i’m here again. I decided to surprise all of them. Scott, Stiles, Derek, Lydia etc. i finished unpacking and put everything in their place, it kinda feels good to be home but there’s still this hole in my heart that needs be filled. I grab my coat from the hanger and made my way to Scott house. 

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The Unrequited Love. (Part Two)

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“Y/N…” A voice said. You blinked hard and turned to Theo. You were currently in the library getting some work done as he had insisted. “You’re not focusing. What’s on your mind?” He questioned as he closed the book.

You let out a sigh, slumping in your seat. “I guess I’m just tired.” You answered.

“Bullshit, babe.” He rolled his eyes. You cracked a smile as you felt little butterflies in your chest. You’d grown accustomed to Theo’s flirtatious ways in the past few weeks which included pet names, close proximities and constant teasing.

Unlike Stiles, Theo was smooth. His entire aura radiated confidence and effortlessness. At first, all he did was flirt with you until one night you decided to actually talk to him properly and that’s when the barriers broke. He told you about his sister and ever since then, you felt closer to him. It was a great and refreshing feeling and you knew that it could, just maybe, be the beginning of something between the two of you. You only hoped this time; Theo would feel the same about you.

It’s been almost three weeks since you last saw Stiles and during the course of the weeks, not once did you hear from him. You thought about calling him the few Fridays that had passed as it was your day to study with each other but you always decided against it. You would occasionally see him in the hallways and reach halfway to talk to him but either Lydia or the bell would stop you from doing so.

As you were about to reply to Theo, your phone buzzed on the table. You picked it up and saw a text from Stiles. You eyebrows instantly knitted in confusion and surprise.

Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to have a study night. Since we haven’t had it in a while.

Your fingers stayed stationary above the keyboard of your phone as you didn’t know what to reply to him. Would it be weird? Of course it would be weird, (Y/N). What if he just babbles about Lydia again? I can’t handle that. You shook your head and placed your phone back on the table. You would text him a little later.

“Alright, Theo let’s finish this up. I’m looking forward to a free weekend.” You said, shifting your chair closer to him hoping that it’ll help you gain focus.

“Let me tell you something, (Y/N),” He started, his voice low and husky with his face inching towards yours, “a pretty girl like you, I’ll be keeping busy.” You bit your lip, refraining yourself from blushing too much. You kept your eyes locked with his and you found yourself captured by the softness and the colour of his eyes. His expression changed from flirtatious to a look of sincerity with a small smile on his face and you found yourself taking a shaky breath. You felt your heart skip a beat and that’s when you knew, you were in deep shit.

You had feelings for Theo.

Is that possible? Wasn’t I in love with Stiles less than a month ago? Is it the hormones? Maybe it’s because Theo’s hot.

You willed your subconscious to shut up.

“Would you like to go on a date with me?” As if you weren’t already overwhelmed with emotions, the question brought in more. Should you? Why not? Stiles has Lydia and you’ve been suffering for years. It’s (Y/N)’s turn to get a chance at love.

“Of course.” You smiled, “What took you so long?”

A smile cracked on his lips as he looked down and then back at you, “My apologies. So tonight at 7, wear something casual.” He got up, slinging his backpack over his shoulder and walked out.

You picked up your phone again and texted Stiles.

Sorry, I’m busy tonight.


“Close your eyes.”

“Are you going to kill me in the woods, Theo?”

“Did I tell you how amazing you look tonight?”


He chuckled and you felt the warmth of his hand engulf yours, intertwining your fingers. “I’m kidding, (Y/N). Now, please, close your eyes.”

And so you did for the next ten minutes. When the car came to a stop, you felt around blindly for the handle and before you can step out, Theo assisted you. With your eyes still shut, you held an arm out in case you bumped into anything and one hand gripping Theo’s jacket.

You didn’t know if it was your clumsiness or if you tripped on something but before you knew it, you were heading straight for the ground. Your eyes snapped open and before you made impact, strong arms wrapped around you. Your nose was touching Theo’s and your heart was hammering wildly in your chest.

“You really need to work on your walking.” He mumbled.

You cracked a smile and so did he. “I’ll just have to assign someone to catch me.”

“I’d volunteer.”

The moment got quiet as you stared into each other’s eyes. For a second, he looked down to your lips and you took the opportunity to place your lips onto his. The kiss was slow and full of depth.

When you pulled away and opened your eyes, you realized where you were. You looked to the left and there you saw the lookout to Beacon Hills. The lights of the town looked beautiful and you couldn’t believe you had forgotten how it looked.

“I haven’t been here in years.” You said, your breath taken away. As you walked closer you noticed a picnic blanket with two paper bags and a few candles. You looked back at Theo as he stood there with a smile and his hands in his pocket.

“I like your style, Raeken.” You said to him. He shrugged and held out his hand for you to take and he led you to sit.

About an hour or two had passed and everything was going great. For dinner, Theo had gotten McDonald’s which you thought was the best and for dessert, you both shared some chocolate covered strawberries.

You were currently comfortably lying next to him, looking up at the stars with his warmth radiating onto you. It was the best feeling you had in a while. The serenity was soon disrupted by your phone.

Stiles was calling.

You sat up and answered the call.


“(Y/N)! Where are you?” Stiles’ voice was frantic and it made your heart drop in worry.

“I’m on a date at the lookout. Is everything alright?” You asked, concerned.

“You’re… you’re on a date? With who? You need to get to Scott’s house right now.

“Yeah, I’m with Theo. What’s going on?” You glanced at Theo who had also sat up, his expression matching yours.

“You’re with Theo? Oh God… (Y/N), get the hell out of there right now.”

“You’re scaring me, Stiles. What the hell is going on?” The urgency of his voice got you more anxious and so you stood up.

“He’s-” Before Stiles could finish his sentence the call dropped. You teared the phone away from your ears and looked at the screen and then to Theo.

“I… I don’t know what’s going on. I think I need to go.” You told him.

“(Y/N), you need to calm down first. I’ll give you a ride to Scott’s house, okay?” He grabbed your hand and his thumb stroked your knuckles soothingly.

You nodded and began to walk to Theo’s car. Suddenly, as a thought came into your head, you stopped.

How did Theo know I had to get to Scott’s house?

“You okay?” Theo questioned.

You simply nodded.

Hey guys! I had gotten a lot of trouble to post this but it’s here! I guess this calls for a part 3? Lol, some shit ‘bout to go down, I promise. Tell me what you think :)x

Labour Pain

Hello My Lovelies,

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Labour Pain

Anonymous said to 5minutefanfiction:

Hey Im not sure if you’re talking request but if you are, I was wondering If you could do a dean one where the reader is super pregnant and they get in a huge fight this causing her to go in to labor? And maybe at the end TFW delivers the baby? Sorry it’s so long and crazy! Lol thanks! ps I lovvvvveeee your writing!

Authors Note:


Y/N looked at Dean in disbelief, she can’t believe that this was happening again. Another fight, this one worse than all the others. She couldn’t even tell you how it started, why it started or even who was at fault. This had just escalated so quickly.

She knew they were both tired, both stressed, both at the end of their tether but still, the rant he was going off on was just excessive.

She fought back tears, she hated crying. She hated this.

‘You know what?’ she said quietly, as she shuffled to the edge of the chair and pushed her very pregnant, very sore body up to a standing position. ‘I’m done.’

She felt a stab of pain as she stood up. She ignored it and walked out as fast as she dared, her stomach was that round she could no longer see her feet. Her back ached and her hips and pelvis felt like they were going to shatter any moment.

She heard Dean call out as she waddled into the garage, but she ignored him. She needed air, she needed time out and some serious sleep. This kid had better sleep once it was here.

The baby hadn’t been planned, sure they had been fooling around. Both knowing the risks. But they hadn’t even hit the one year mark in their relationship when Y/N found herself vomiting a lot and craving things she wouldn’t normally eat.

Dean had been great; he had taken it in his stride. While he had his moments. He had exceeded all expectations. But she knew the stress of the due date drawing near, the lack of sleep and worry in general was taking its toll on both of them.

She ended up at the lookout, well the hill that she went to whenever she needed time out. She slid out of the car and grabbed her stomach as it grew uncomfortable. She groaned, knowing she had moved the wrong way. Now she was going to spend the next few hours suffering because of it.

‘Maybe I got it wrong,’ she sighed, rubbing her stomach. ‘Maybe things between your Daddy and I aren’t going to work. The relationship was a gamble at best. Joys in being the complete opposite, I guess.’

She felt another bout of discomfort and she shifted wondering where the best place to sit was. She looked at the spot under the willow tree where she usually sat. If she got down, there was no getting up. She needed air so the car was out. She looked at the tail gate of the truck and groaned, she’d probably snap that off its hinges.

The discomfort in her stomach grew, her face screwing up as she once again grabbed her stomach. The ache radiated from her spine to the front of her stomach. She noticed as she ran her hand over it, that her stomach felt hard. She hadn’t noticed that before. She listened as her cell rang again and she pulled it out the front, seeing Dean’s number she sighed and answered.

She listened to the onslaught of frustrated, annoyance as he lectured for her leaving the bunker so close to the end. It was dangerous, she was too close to delivering. Rolling her eyes, she hung up as she felt herself getting worked up again. She doubled over in pain, dropping her cell.

She heard a distinctive pop, followed by a gush. It was the oddest sensation she had ever felt. There was no control over the fluid that was gushing out.  She could feel it leaving her body but that was it. She doubled over again crying out.

She realised then what was happening and went to call Dean, only to discover that her waters had broken over her phone.

Swearing she called for Cas, and kept calling as she started to panic. He arrived in front of her, frowning as he took in her appearance.

‘It appears your son is ready to join the world,’ Cas smiled. ‘Congratulations.’

‘Not congratulations. I need Dean,’ she cried.

Y/N broke down into a fit of hysterics as she realised she was having this baby on a hill in the middle of nowhere, alone.

Cas disappeared and returned a few moments later with Dean and Sam.

‘Cas, man what the hell?’ Dean growled.

Looking around he saw his girlfriend, doubled over grabbing her stomach.


She looked up, tears in her eyes, panic written all over her face. This then set Dean off, something was wrong. A million bad thoughts went through his mind, from witch to demon.

‘Your son’s coming,’ Cas explained.

‘My son’s coming. No worries,’ Dean said relieved.

Sam looked from Y/N to Dean, ‘Give him a moment,’ he said quietly, smirking at Y/N who was staring at Dean in disbelief.

The moment seemed to drag forever as Y/N doubled over again crying out.

‘Oh, crap! My son’s coming!’ Dean cried. ‘Y/N, you’re having the baby,’ he grinned.

‘I…AAAAHHHH!’ she sobbed.

‘Dean, we need to get her to a hospital,’ Sam warned.

‘I do not believe there’s time,’ Cas explained, watching the situation.

‘That’s fine we can just do it right here,’ Dean grinned.

‘No, no we can’t,’ Y/N cried.

Sam and Dean proceeded to get into an argument about where to lay Y/N. On the ground or the back of the truck. Y/N looked up at the two men, grabbing stomach again as another wave of pain hit.

‘Really? You’re going to fight now?’ she screamed.

Dean stopped and turned to her, looking Y/N in the eyes. He’d never seen her so scared and so upset. He walked over to her and cupped her face with both hands, leaning down he kissed her deeply.

‘You’ve got this, we’ve got this,’ he whispered, kissing her again.

In that moment, everything stopped. Y/N was so distracted by Dean’s kiss that she forgot about the pain. She started to nod when another wave hit.

Dean helped her to the back of truck and the boys helped her into the back.

‘I need to push,’ she panicked.

‘That’s good,’ Sam told her. ‘Right?’ he asked Dean.

‘Not when you’re standing at the business end of my girlfriend,’ Dean pointed out.

‘Good point,’ Sam mumbled, climbing into the back of the truck.

He held Y/N’s hand as Dean helped her take off her underwear.

‘Ahh, Babe I think he’s coming,’ Dean offered, looking at the head that was starting to crown. ‘I think you can push now.’

‘Oh God, he thinks?’ she whispered, sobbing.

‘It’s better than he has no idea?’ Sam offered, brushing the hair from her forehead and taking her hand.

‘Push, Sweetheart,’ Dean encourage.

‘I can take her pain away,’ Cas offered.

‘Bit late now,’ Sam sighed.

‘No it’s not!’ Y/N screamed.

Y/N pushed, and cried out with the burning sensation that tore through her.

Sam cried out as she squeezed his hand, complaining that it hurt. Another contraction hit and Y/N pushed again.

‘Keep going,’ Dean encouraged, grinning from ear to ear as his son’s head came into the world. He watched as the baby turned and Y/N pushed out one of his shoulders and then the other. The rest of the baby slid out and into his Father’s expectant hands. Dean looked down at his son, tears in his eyes and laid him on Y/N’s chest.

Sam pulled the shoelaces from his running shoes and handed them to Dean to tie the cord off.

Cas disappeared and returned with a blanket from the nursery. Dean finished with the cord and cut it with the swiss army knife he pulled from his pocket. He climbed in next to her and watched as she struggled to hold him from the cramping in her stomach.

‘The placenta,’ Sam suggested.

He helped her deliver the placenta and climbed back into the truck tray and kissed her.

‘You are amazing; you know that right? So amazing,’ he cried, kissing her again.

He ran a hand over his newborn son and smiled. He had never seen anything this perfect and never did he think he could love someone as much as he loved his son and Y/N.

Sam took the baby as Dean helped her back into her underwear so Cas could transport them to the hospital while Sam went back to the bunker, and grabbed the impala.

Dean sat in the arm chair of the hospital, looking at his sleeping son in his arms. He looked up as Sam came in with Castiel, moving quietly not to wake the baby or Y/N.

‘Does he have a name yet?’ Sam asked, putting Y/N’s bags and the baby bag down.

‘Daniel John Winchester.’

‘He’s pretty perfect,’ Sam smiled.

‘Yeah, he is. She did a good job,’ Dean beamed.

‘She did. You didn’t do too bad either,’ Sam chuckled quietly, taking his nephew.

‘Maybe, but she did the hard part.’

Dean watched as Y/N stirred and walked over to her, kissing her head. Life right now was pretty perfect.

Prompt: summer camp. You’re my cabin mate and you’re kinda cute wanna take you to make out hill


Eren is a boy of many opinions, but Marco is a boy with a huge crush. At 15, one almost always outweighs the other—feelings over reason.

Marco doesn’t answer truthfully; just gives a shrug and a half-smile as if to convey he was being fanciful.

But he’s oh-so-serious.

It all started when Sasha Braus asked Connie Springer via handwritten note to meet her on Makeout Hill.

Officially named Lookout Hill, everyone knows what that really means.

Connie had chickened out; then, he’d found Sasha sulking on the steps of the girls’ bunk, and those steps had become Makeout Hill Lite.

Registered trademark: Jean Kirschstein.

“You were just messing with him, right?” someone else asks Marco the next day, after the note passing incident during canoeing lessons.

Marco does the half-smile, shrugs, lets whoever’s asking assume the worst.

“No, seriously,” Armin Arlert says again, strapping on his life vest firmly, “are you messing with Jean?”

“No,” Marco admits, strapping on his life vest at the same time, his eyes immediately wandering over to Jean who’s on his own, waiting for a canoe partner with his life vest clearly already on. “I like him.”

Armin’s clearly not expecting the blatant admission, and he blinks.

There are a few beats of silence—the laughter of other campers around them, waves of the lake lapping at the shore, the call of gulls above them—and then Armin rolls his eyes.

“He’s there alone.”

“Is it okay if—”

“You know a canoe can fit three, Marco,” Armin corrects, raising an eyebrow as he inspects the canoe they’ve been given. “But he has to sit in the middle, because I already said I’d be the rudder.”

Jean doesn’t argue with anything when Marco walks over, awkwardly staring at the ground as Jean answers an enthusiastic yes, followed by hands shoved in his pockets and a comment about how stupid life vests look.

= = =

“The name of this hill is so fucking stupid.”

“You don’t have to kiss me if you don’t—”

In the twilight of crickets of Makeout Hill, Jean Kirschstein’s lips are far more skilled than Marco first expected.

He exhales hard, and Jean smiles a little; but it’s not smug, so much as pleased, and almost shy.

Marco smiles a little in return before pressing a kiss to Jean’s lips, and replies, “I’m okay being here with you.”

“Does that mean you want me in your canoe all the time?”

“Shut up, Jean.”

A sigh, press of lips, and fumbling hands against shoulders.


Public Affairs Chapter Five 

Also available here on archive

Shout out to @mademoiselle-arel for listening to me go on about my plans for this fic and her support too, which really helped push me to get this chapter done. 

I feel like I went full out with the fluff in this chapter with Marcus/Abby/Clarke family time on the beach and just general kabby fluff on the beach. And these two really need to be more discrete with their affair. No regrets whatsoever. 


Nine Years Earlier…

Sometimes Abby tried to remember what life was like before Marcus entered into their little family.

Abby half stood and floated chest deep in the ocean, watching Marcus and Clarke emerge from the crowd of trees and onto the wooden-deck lookout high up on the mountain, when she realised. She couldn’t imagine a family without Marcus. He was the brother Jake never had, the cool Uncle Clarke had always dreamed about, and the best friend that Abby never knew she needed.

Since when had Marcus become such an important person in her life?  

Abby breathed out a small laugh when she saw Marcus scoop a bright faced and giggly Clarke into his arms, lifting her high up so her tiny hands could reach the edge of the wooden railings surrounding the observation deck. With his hands wrapped securely around her body to support her, Clarke poked her head above the railings and searched for her Mom. She waved down when she spotted her, yelling something that Abby couldn’t quite hear. Abby smiled and waved back from the ocean nonetheless, laughing once more when she saw the silly tongue-tied puffy-cheeked faces Clarke and Marcus were pulling at her.

Abby suddenly wished that she hadn’t left her camera – her waterproof gopro no bigger than the palm of her hand - back on the beach. Abby wanted to snap a shot of Marcus and Clarke up there, grinning and waving like a couple of goofballs, and make this memory last forever.

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