lookout for yourself


Dean x Reader

Requested by @thewolfpackkingdom

Warnings: Smut, Sex, Car Sex

“You know you can’t resist me.” Dean teased as you walked with him to the café where Sam was waiting.

“Shut up Dean.” You sighed playfully, greeting Sam when you sat down.

“So, get this guys…” You stopped listening to the boys as they discussed the case, more focused on getting something to eat.

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xsirenitax  asked:

my best friend of about 10 yrs; shes white has started dating/talking to some guy she met on a dating app who voted for trump. he is a conservative + probably a racist among other things. i know this based on the things she's told me that he says/does. she also knows that i strongly disagree with racism, sexism, xenophobia,etc. i've told her that i cant be her friend if things get serious with him. i just need advice on how to deal with this bc idk if im being harsh/selfish. im mexican btw. thx!

Nah, especially if she’s excusing his racism in any way. You gotta lookout for yourself and your mental health.



Cover of Julia Nunes’ “Lookout for Yourself” by Robert Borden.

This is my favourite song off of Julia’s newest album (even though the whole entire thing is great.) Let me know what you thought of my cover please thanks and stuff balls

I have to remind myself every hour of every day that if someone forgets you, replaces you or makes you feel as if you are not needed than you need to stop loving them. You need to lookout for yourself and accept  that they are not who you thought they were. However that does not mean everyone is the same. It does not mean you should never try for anything again. It means you should be more careful with your heart and not give it out so easily.


Decided to do a very quick, unedited cover of Julia Nunes - “Lookout For Yourself”. There are way better covers of this song on YT, but I just love this song. I’m getting over a cold, which I’m sure you’ll hear, but I hope you enjoy it regardless :)