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No. It’s not a good plan. When you completely deny yourself the things you are used to, knowing that the willpower to completely give them up is not there, it won’t work. What you should do is moderate your meal sizes.

Meep. Thank you for your input! You’re right, though. It’s more possible for me to have smaller intakes than none at all. The thought just crossed my mind when it worked for some people I know.

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Umm Nikkirose might be my next favorite thing!

Neth Bellins is a stronger thing for me but I’ve liked writing the couple Nikkirose prompts that I’ve gotten. And I’ve seen it done in a couple  of fics that definitely got me interested in reading more of it.

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Honestly, been there and tried that and failed. What worked for me was Sensa and the techniques it teaches you. Eat half of what you normally would with a big glass of water. If you’re still starving in a half hour, eat some more.

Oooh. Don’t think we have Sensa here. :c But yeah, it took me 20 years (see: my whole life so far) to realize that it was water that made me feel full and not the amount of food I ate. fml