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Proud Papa III and each and every one of his beloved Meliora Ghouls. <3

*psst* maybeI’llprintposterstosellifenoughofyouwantsome?*psst*

Yeah, so guess which Faction I’m in. Everyone is so different and there’s personality, and they’re such a mess that I love it so much. No hating on the other groups but I’m all aboard this messed up train!

They may have become old men, but it’s as they say: Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional~

Also whoa I finally posted something!! I haven’t been sucked into a black hole I’m still here!! On the planet!!!

Enjoy the Grunks :’D 
I had fun with the lighting on this one!

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NO I DEMAND YOU FLOOD MY DASH that tag is nooo, i like seeing new notifications from you im sure other beans do too ^.^

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Nawww bean. I don’t know how many people actually have notifications from my blog haha

Al+Coda vorefic/braindump 1

((A.K.A. the “1 AM sin show” please enjoy under the cut

Featuring; safe vore, similar size vore, semi-unwilling vore, Allen(human) + Coda(snaketaur?)))

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I wanted to make my own animal kung fu master, so naturally I picked my favorite animal! So what if platypus don’t live in Asia…she’s…a transplant…

Master Platypus wears metal barbs on her feet and uses her tail for balance as much as she does a weapon. Only the foolish dare fight her in water. It’s rumored she carries poison darts for emergencies, but no one alive can confirm it…