lookit thems

So Jacob and queenie are cute. Really, they are! Love em, sincerely. But wouldn’t it be neat to break free of the not-conventionally-attractive-guy-lands-bombshell-girl trope for just a sec?
What about newt’s sidekick as a sweet, chubby, sorta bumbling and certainly golden hearted little brick house of a woman? Maybe, instead of a baker, let’s make her a shoemaker. Something worthy and productive to do with her hands that isn’t the drudgery of her job at the textile mill? Idk. Saved up her whole life to petition for a loan, hard working, probably navigating the politics of being a single bluecollar woman in her 30s at that time and doing great alone thankyouverymuch–

But then, see, Tina Goldstein has a brother.

and oh, man. This brother. A stunning younger brother with a head of golden curls, seraphim, so good looking that if woman-Jacob didn’t think she was dreaming before she knows beyond a doubt that she is now. He’s every inch a legilimense. You know the drill: gorgeous, floaty-breezy sweet-as-you-please, got Tina griping at him go put a shirt on when they get back to the apartment cause his bare chest is making their houseguests-cum-conspirators sweat under their collars. “You hungry, honey?” sweet and low, the brush of his one hand so grounding on the shoulder of this poor no-maj woman; the fact that his touch makes more sense than the last sweaty 24 hours put together should worry her but it doesn’t. He’s– he just– he’s lovely, and she has no idea why he’s leaning so close to her across the dinner table. He dabs his mouth with a napkin and her heart skips??? Doesn’t make sense.

“I’ve never met a no-maj like you before,” he says, eyes open, heart open, cradled in the fragrant-fresh steam of the strudel he whipped up right then and there, which also happens to be the best strudel she has ever fucking eaten and she’s a sensible woman but mercy Lewis

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Theo and Tadashi

in the AU where some travel between dimensions using Portals,
where the space pirate Tadashi crash-lands on D37 
behind the farm of a little girl,
where he helps her with her inventions and she helps him fix his ship,

where four years later, he receives the coordinates to a Portal on earth, but decides to stay,

where his enemies catch up with him and kidnap the girl,

and where Tadashi goes after them to save her.