lookit their little faces

Yuri (o) on Ice Episode 8

I love the amount of backstory Yurio gets without any sort of narration. We learn all of these great details about him and his relationships with people.

First off, his fans. I love how he is so horrifically embarrassed by them.

I also love how his fans are like all young women who love cats. Him ignoring them will fuel their love for him. It’s how cat people work, as far as I can tell.

Then we get his relationship with his grandpa which is just the cutest thing. Judging by his grandfather’s car we can assume that his family is definitely not that well to do. The opposite impression I get with Victor, which could explain some of the resentment Yurio seems to have for him. It’s also very easy to tell he has a wonderfully warm and loving relationship with his grandfather. 

Lookit his little goblin face. So cute. 

I assume that his parents are no longer in the picture and he was raised by his grandfather alone, but obviously that’s not clear.

Then we get Yuri’s relationship with his two dads.

I love how Victor and Yuri are such proud daddies but Yurio is still convinced they are his rivals. It’s pretty clear their kind of touchy feely gushy love is different, not better just different, than what he has with his grandfather so maybe he doesn’t recognize it for what it is.

Everything in this image makes Yuri look like a dad lol. He has that happy anime dad smile, the camera angle, just everything. He is so happy to see his angry little son again.

The dads realize their little baby is growing up and they just couldn’t be happier.

Victor is the most embarrassing parent on the planet. Just waiting for him to spit on something to get some dirt of Yurio’s face.

This is his first year in the senior division so of course he’s just so nervous. So cute.

I love this camera angle. I love how it conveys both the difficulty of what he’s doing, the effort he’s putting in and just his concentration and dedication as a whole. 

They threw so many cats on the ice XD So this is where all those cats in the ending came from.

Side note: Rub Airline. Lol.

The ice tiger of Russia. Grrr. >:3

Someone needs to slap Jean. You leave kitty-chan alone!

Super tsundere mode activated.
Yurio:“I hate these ears. Ugh. So horrible. No I’m not taking them off. You can’t make me. If you hate them I’ll keep them on forever” 
Everyone else: “…I didn’t say anything??”

You can also see a lot of his relationship with his coach and trainer. To some extent they are probably embarrassed by the way he’s sitting XD, but when contrasted to how the others look when getting their scores it seems so cold. Hell would seem cold in comparison to Victor and Yuri of course


What I’m most looking forward to next ep is this, though.

Little braid. 

baconcheeseburgeryummy  asked:

What about pimms helping each other dress up for some sort of gathering with their friends it could also be a themed costume party or something maybe.

“Hey…lookit you.”

Jack turns, face a little flushed.  He feels ridiculous all dressed up like this, but…it’s for the kids.  Kent was the one who talked him into volunteering.  His dad thinks it’ll be good press anyway and it wasn’t often Jack ever got to feel like a kid.  His memories of dressing up for Purim and parading round the stage for the costume contest were almost non-existent thanks to hockey.

But they have this one off.  No games, no obligations.

So Kent brought them a couple of shitty costume kits–ears and tails, with black, white, and pink make up to do whiskers and a nose.

Jack’s dressed in black trousers, and a white and black striped shirt which he found in the closet and has no idea how it got there.  It’s a little tight, and he feels fucking ridiculous, but Kent is looking at him with wide, almost desperate eyes.

Jack shuffles his feet.  “I feel ridiculous.”  He pokes at one of the fuzzy, black ears perched atop his hair and sighs.

Kent laughs.  “Come on, babe.  I went as a butterfly one year.  If I can do that, you can pull off a pair of cat ears.”

Jack huffs, but he smiles as Kent drags him close and kisses him before reaching for the little palette of make-up.  Jack tries to take it from him, but Kent holds it back.

“Let me,” he wheedles.  “This is the fun part.”

Jack sighs, like he’s put-upon, but really there’s something about sitting down and letting Kent dress him up and make him look exactly the way Kent likes that…does something to him.  It feels soft.  It makes him feel wanted.  It makes his constant anxiety dim down to a dull thrum at the base of his spine.

And the feeling of make up brushing along his skin is oddly soothing.  Normally Jack doesn’t like the feeling of stuff caked on his face, but the makeup is light, and when he scrunches up his nose he can barely feel it.

Kent draws whiskers, then little freckles, and he pulls back.  Jack looks at him, stands up, then turns them both side-by-side in the mirror.  They match, but they’re opposite.  Kent with his blonde hair a fucking mess under the black ears.  His light eyes, his freckles, his cocky grin.

Next to Jack, pale and plain, black hair resting a little long for his taste, but it works with the current look he’s got going on.  Jack’s taller by a few inches, and broader.  But he thinks they look nice standing there together like that.

“Do you think we can make out without fucking this all to hell?” Kent muses.

The way he’s got his head cocked to the side, and the tiny grin playing at his lips, Jack doesn’t seem to care.  In fact, he turns, he crowds Kent back up against the sink, and carefully cups his face.  “Worth it to start over?”

Kent grins openly, unabashedly, and grips the front of Jack’s shirt.  “Yeah Zimms.  But for you, anything’s worth it.”


Batchix Machina Transformers Sideswipe with repair/finishing/ect by Buff.

This guy and his brother are nestled between Alpha and the eventual Gamma/Episilon. The body definitely has an Alpha base, with the obvious transformer parts, which is just so cool. And lookit his face! Those adorable eyes and the little chinpiece just make my heart melt. The moment he arrived, I couldn’t put him down, just doing basic filling of bubbles, and working on the fit of the joints. I did some work on his helmet, making it fit flush. Then I dove into painting him with a scheme I found that I liked for the character. Batchix had magnet holes in his back, so I installed magnets and then made the little doors out of acetate, masking off the windows before I sprayed the acetate red. They are flexible and lightweight, so they don’t affect posing or balance. I had to make his eyes, but I’ll probably buy some that reflect a little better. I think working on artist casts is one of my favorite things to do, and working on Batchix machinas is on that list too, so to have them combined is a real treat!! 

Tomorrow, back to commissions.