lookit how pretty they are!

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Pssst… Happy Birthday, Len. <333 More John for your dash.  Ah ha XD <3

OMG JEN!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAA!!!! This is fantastic!!!! More John is always the best thing to have for my dash, you’re the greatest <33333


LOOKIT HOW PRETTY HOBBESYHOBBES IS. He used to be very fearful of people & jumpy (he was a stud at a feeder breeding place, so he wasn’t handled a whole lot), but he has gotten much nicer ever since the baby boys moved into his group. He is a bit lazy & loves watching people from the nests he builds.


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six selfies, as tagged by pandaeggroll because she wrote in the tags how much she wanted me to do this :3 

Someone bought too many rats at the pet store. (hint: it was me.)

This guy is #1 of 3…I WAS JUST SUPPOSED TO BE GETTING KALEY A RAT!!! but it is okay, I have a better-paying job now & I knew I wanted my group of young boys to be around 8-10, & they’re gonna be too hormonal to introduce to anyone new soon, so it worked out well, timing-wise.

I don’t normally get rats from the pet bin, but he was way bigger than the others in there & I was watching him for a while & he reminded me soooo much of Jameson. He’s a big boy, probably around 7-8 months old (he’s much larger than he looks here), & he was in the tank with a lot of little babies. They had a little 6" wheel in there that was presumably for the babies, but this guy started running on it with his head tilted to the side watching me the whole time with this total “I’M SO PRETTY! LOOKIT ME LOOKIT HOW PRETTY I AM!” expression, & then he fell into the water dish when he came to investigate my hand.

I think I am going to name him Turnip because he seems like he should have a silly name.