lookit his hair

it’s Shiro Day!

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  • Carlos: Cecil!
  • Cecil: *from another room*..Hm? Yes!?
  • Carlos: Where's my lab jacket?
  • Cecil: Your WHAT?
  • Cecil: I, uh...Put it away! What do you need it for?
  • Carlos: For science, dear!
  • Cecil: ...Science?
  • Carlos: Yes, science! There's this old oak door I found, and I thought that if I we-
  • Cecil: But we've been planning this dinner for a MONTH!
  • Carlos: But Cecil, this is for the greater good of mankind!
  • Cecil: ....Carlos,
  • Carlos: ...?
  • Cecil: I am your BOYFRIEND, I am the greatest good, you will EVER get!
  • Carlos: ..... ;>->

First off, we have some more Mul bc ayy, why not, he’s a lil goober.

At the bottom’s Mul and Thorne, djinnanddragons‘s Markiplier OC!! I didn’t do him justice though, I didn’t have a reference with me when I drew him. Like deng, lookit his hair.

He’s also a lil goober too, tho.