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🌻🌞 Hideweek, Day 2: Near/Similar 🌞🌻

“Kaneki, where are we going?” Hide asked, looking around at his surroundings curiously.

“It’s a surprise. Just hold tight, okay? I’m sure you’ll like it.” Kaneki replied, excitement ringing in his voice.

The street lamps were flickering on behind them as they continued walking down a quiet, residential street. Hide carefully adjusted his and Kaneki’s backpacks on his shoulders so as not to accidentally burst open their stuffed bags. Kaneki snuck a sip of his Big Girl soda before looking back at Hide and smiling. Hide cracked a wide grin, a devilish look in his eye.

“It’s so nice to crack open a cold one with the boys. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Kaneki’s smile frowned in minor agony at Hide’s meme, while Hide grew smug before chuckling heartily. Kaneki shook his head and kept his eyes up ahead.

“You’re grounded for that terrible joke. 0/10. Would not recommend ever again.”

Hide only began laughing even more. Kaneki scratched the tip of his nose with the hand that held their burgers. He couldn’t wait to take a bite out of his eye-watering meal. Now that the weekend had arrived, they both deserved it.

“The surprise is just up the road. You ready?” Kaneki turned to look at Hide, the bleach-blond nodding with the same enthusiasm Kaneki was feeling.

“Just fuck me uP!” Hide called up to the heavens, receiving a shush from Kaneki after a nearby dog began barking in response to Hide’s sudden outburst.

Kaneki quickened his pace and stopped at an open gate to his left. Whatever it was Kaneki had wanted to show Hide was obscured by trees. Kaneki turned to look at Hide with a sheepish smile.

“I’ve been meaning to take you here for awhile, but we’ve gotten so busy having to study for exams. I just hope you’ll… I hope you’ll like where I’ve taken you…” Kaneki nervously shuffled his feet, a small blush rising on his pale cheeks.

“Don’t worry about it, man! I’m sure I’ll like wherever it is you’ve taken me for our regularly scheduled weekend date.” Hide replied with a wink, making Kaneki blush harder and glare.

“Anyway…” Kaneki cleared his throat and beckoned Hide towards him. “Come on.”

Hide did as he was told and was greeted by a children’s playground. The blond felt lighter than a balloon being set free. He took in as many sights as he could see from where he stood, eyes growing in size. Hide had been quietly looking around for so long that Kaneki had started to get worried that Hide hadn’t liked the surprise. Kaneki was just about to apologize and offer them another place they could hang out when Hide suddenly screamed, “I LOVE IT!” The dog from earlier away barked even louder.

“Really…?” Kaneki asked hesitantly, a small sigh of relief escaping his lips.

“Yeah! This is so fucking cool, Kaneki! Lookit the swings! Lookit the see saws! Look at the little dinosaur wobbly seats!”

Hide wiggled around on the spot in utter joy, motioning to each attraction in the park as their backpacks bounced around with him. Hide suddenly gasped and ran forward, Kaneki giggling and following behind him. Kaneki would’ve reminded Hide to keep his voice down since it was late now, but Kaneki thought it was ridiculously endearing how much Hide looked like a kid in a candy store right now.

“LOOKIT THIS MOTHERFUCKING WHALE!” Hide screeched, looking up at it with stars in his eyes. Hide quickly turned to Kaneki and then to the top of the whale. And then back to Kaneki with the biggest shit-eating grin the blond could muster.

“I’m gonna climb the whale.”
“Hide, no.
“Hide, yes.
“Hide, you can barely climb a tree!”

Hide spat on his hands, clapped them together, and carefully began his ascent on the round mammal. Kaneki watched his friend with knots in his stomach.

“Please don’t show off like you usually do.” Kaneki called from down below, holding his breath as Hide’s foot struggled to balance itself halfway up.

“I got it, Kaneki! Just relax!”

When Hide slipped once, it was enough for Kaneki to change his mind. Kaneki was about to say something when Hide finally reached the top, swinging his legs over. The blond smiled triumphantly and set their backpacks down before pointing at their meals. Kaneki seemed hesitant, but Hide gave him a thumbs up. Somehow, that was enough. Kaneki tried his best to throw straight, and Hide caught the paper bags with ease. Hide took off his school jacket and instructed Kaneki to tie his own to his. Together, the jackets were tied into a basket of sorts for their beverages to be safely pulled up. Kaneki placed his foot into their jacket basket, and Hide hoisted him up.

The view from the top of the whale was breathtaking. Hide and Kaneki both sat down and stared up at the darkening sky for what seemed like hours.

“This place… is amazing, Kaneki…” Hide whispered, at a loss for words for once.

“I’m really glad you like it. It’s pretty near my aunt’s house.” Kaneki felt Hide gently place a hand on his shoulder a beat later.

“Near our house.” Hide corrected. Kaneki smiled and nodded. Hide’s house was 4 blocks behind Kaneki’s aunt’s house.

anonymous asked:

I know that a lot of people think that is it Uta that attacked the Yasuhisa house, but I am putting money on father Donuts. The reveal of his character at the start of this story arc always struck me as suspicious and I always thought that the side view of the ghoul that attacked the family looked more like him than Uta to me.

DUDE. I would put my money on it being Donato holy shit.

That would mean that with all his inside information and guile, he may secretly have been working for the CCG. How about this: what if he’s providing information back to investigators via the Washuu/V to maintain “harmony”. 

Donato may have worked out a deal with the CCG to allow them to “repress” the Clowns. Their defeat in return for a cushy spot in Cochlea where he can possibly– eventually– ruin them from the inside out. Arima may have known, which means Take would have known (the operation where he was finally promoted, by the way), which means puts a whole new edge to the Hirako/Uta rivalry beyond their first fight back with Yomo.

Plus, isn’t it kinda weird the CCG hasn’t gone to Uta’s shop and asked for a customer list? I mean, someone’s providing masks to the ghoul masses.

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