Life in the fast lane

School just started but I’ll be on another mini vacation next week for Chuseok. Say what?! How absurd is that? I have so much to look forward to. I feel like next week will go by fast since I “technically” only have 3 days to teach. That’s if I don’t teach my third graders next week. The 5-2 teacher asked me to take pictures next week. It gives me comfort that the 5-2 teacher feels comfortable enough to ask me to help take pictures. He has his own camera but I’m sure he’ll be pretty busy helping the students and monitoring behavior issues. Instead of having English classes, my students will use that time to make their boats. It’s the same project as last year but this year only the 5th graders are taking part. Essentially the boat will be made out of wood and plastic bottles. Basically, I’ll take pictures of my students making the boat and while they’re crossing the river. I get to be on the emergency rescue boat. I’m pretty excited. The 5-2 teacher wanted me to take pictures of the projects they’ve been doing this school year because he will give a big presentation. I don’t know all the details about his presentation.

After my mini vacation, my school will have our sports day. The teachers have been busy planning the event and have had several meetings. I swear everything is happening so fast. With all the mini breaks and public holidays, at most, I’ll have only have 3 full months to finish the book. The second half of the school year goes by really fast. I can’t believe I’m half way through my contract already. My anniversary is just right around the corner! In just a few days, it will be my third year in Korea. I still remember my first year in Korea and honestly, I don’t know how I survived but I’m still here. I’m also looking forward to December/January. I recently backed some projects on Kickstarter and I’ll get my products in December. I think it’s a worthwhile investment. Can December come any sooner? 

Lastly, with my friends’ help, I think the phone situation has been resolved for now. I’m glad and thankful I have good friends who are able to help and trust me. I asked my friend in the U.S to buy me another Iphone and I’ll reimburse him. My new phone is on its way to Korea. Why not buy a phone in Korea? Well, it’s a lot cheaper to buy from the U.S and I don’t like that I can’t take pictures in silent mode. Of course, I can always opt out and use apps to resolve this issue but I don’t want to. 

ready for Iceland backcountry!

I safely arrived to Iceland - leaving the American continent behind…
Very fun encounter on the second day here on the island: I see friends from Luxembourg check in to Iceland on Facebook and we end up meeting Reykjavik downtown, fun stuff!!! :)
[ merci Dany an Duc fir den Top Owend! ]

next step will be a several day hike from Skógar to Landmannalaugar, really looking forward to the nature (even if weather is a little crazy right now….hmm)
[ thanks Bob www.bobbamberg.tumblr.com fir d'Organisatioun - hoffen mer dass mer net zevill am Niwwel setzen hehehe;) ]

let’s go!! :)


Still practicing a couple hours before the departure. There will be lots of cool bass part on the recording I have in #Budapest, but of course I need to nail them!

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  • 초대형 창작 musical <Dorian Gray> preview D-4!
    우리 모두가 성남에서 행복하게 만날 수 있기를 기도합니다…

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    Ta-da! The #preview #day of the #musical#DorianGray has #come D-4! Keep #lookingforward to meet #KimJunSu on the #spectacular#performance from Sep 3rd! 

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