lookingforsusan asked:

yooo! 15,46,61,87,94, 95 extra question: What keeps you going in life?

15. That’s a tough one! I have to get back to you that, but to narrow it down I’ve been digging “Sandman” by Blueboy. 

46. I would say that I’m the hardheaded, elusive hermit type, if that counts.

61. I think I talk to myself a lot regularly than I sing to myself. 

87. I have too many of them, mostly notebooks. I lost track of how many I have, and actually just spent the last few hours organizing a bunch of journal related stuff. 

94. This is weird (and not a strength) but whenever I hear a song I’m always trying to guess the year it came out, and sometimes I get close. I always like certain years for some reason, 1996, 1991, and 1988 in particular. But, to fully answer this question I want to say that I’m confident with my writing as one of my strengths :) 

95. I’ll be honest and say not being able to stay motivated, being lazy, and not communicating/not fully expressing myself. I really don’t think I’m dependable as a person either.

Extra question : Music definitely keeps me going, especially ambient stuff and film scores. I was watching the most recent Superman film the other day, and it began with a track called “Look to the Stars”. The way it started up just stirred up some kind of pang in my chest, as if it were hitting me right in the soul. It’s moments like those that just keep me going.