Looking for the following sculpts :3

Once in a while I post this around just in case someone is selling one of them :3 !

So my upcoming round of boys I am looking for its this one

Keep in mind that depending on the dolls price I might need a small layaway :3 !

Heads could come with or without faceups :3 !

Heads :

- elfdoll vivien

- Migidoll Cho ( any resin) ( would consider it wth the migidoll body ( the new one or as a hybrid )

- migidoll jina ( male ) - could consider a body of it comes with one )

- Doll Leaves Emily (head )

-Migidoll Vampire Ell ( Ws)

-switch waseon

-Migidoll shion

- switch taeho

- switch shiho

- switch minwa

- ️Soom saiph

- ️Soom shard


- Zaol Luv

- aileendoll seed

- aileendoll lapis ( 1st version )

- aileendoll rot ( 1st version )



- doll Chateau msd body ( y -02 or y-11 ( would consider Amos body and Elizabeth’s ( body only )( yellow resin )

-Doll chateau adult male body ( 60 or 72 cm one )

- Dollzone female body ( small bust 56-58 )

-Fdoll v2 boy body ( normal or pink skin)

-Spiritdoll elegance body ( NS or tan )


Dm me if you have any of these up for grabs :3!


Around manila or malapit sa u-belt. Pahiram naman pong intermediate accounting na book, or anything na may shareholder’s equity or about corporation, and basic accounting na rin po or anything na may adjusting entries, reviewers na rin if meron. (HAHA!) Wala kasi akong makuhang resources sa school e, wala akong kakilala na higher year samin. I love books, so i’ll take good care of your book po. Please pahiram po :( Vacation niyo naman na po ba diba? :(

PM me na lang po or answer below :(

  • Looking for a female shiny Eevee, a shiny Shaymin, a shiny female Espurr/Meowstic, and/or a shiny Mudkip.
  • I don’t care about the levels. I’d like decent Ivs but nothing special. Gender only matters for Eevee and Espurr/Meowstic. No nicknames preferred, but if they’re cute and short and not offensive or anything that’s fine.
  • I’m willing to offer: Reshiram, Zekrom, Meloetta, Shiny Beautifly, Shiny Milotic, an Eevee with Pokerus, or Jirachi. I didn’t obtain a few of these myself, I’ve got them through wonder trading/GTS/reddit so if any are hacked (I can’t tell but I suspect one of them is) and you have a problem with hacked pokemon, let me know. 
  • You can contact me here
Looking for Shiny Legendaries
Looking for shiny…
  • (Timid) Articuno, (Modest) Zapdos, (Adamant) Ho-Oh, Regirock, Regice, Registeel, (Jolly) Cobalion, (Timid) Uxie, (Timid) Mesprit, (Adamant) Groudon, Regigigas, (Timid/Naive) Thundurus, (Timid/Modest) Landorus, (Timid) Manaphy and Phione.
  • Deoxys Speed and Defense Forme’s.


  • No hacks! Please don’t make them shiny or in impossible pokeball’s.
  • No nickname’s.
  • Please don’t feel deterred from offering pokemon without my noted preferred natures.

For Trade:

  • Arceus, Darkrai*, Manaphy, Genesect*, Moltres*, Entei*, Raikou*, Suicune*, Azelf*, Mew*, Virizion*, Terrakion*, Lugia*, Latias*, Latios*, Kyogre*, Victini, Shaymin*, Deoxys Normal Forme*, Keldeo, Victini, Meloetta, Dialga*, Palkia*, Heatran*, Giratina*, Cresselia*, Tornadus*, Reshiram*, Zekrom*, Kyurem*, Jirachi*, Yveltal and Diancie.
  • * means that the pokemon can be shiny, if you prefer not shiny pokemon, let me know.
  • Ask me about what regular shiny, rare ball or competitive pokemon I have.
  • The pokemon will be cloned. I don’t have a problem with cloning - if you do, this is not the trade for you.

You can contact me here or here. If you want to offer me other shinies, please understand I will get to you after I finish trading for any legend’s.

Looking for!!

Hi! I’m looking for a shiny

Driftloon-female, lower level with no nickname
Milotic-female, lower level with no nickname
Froakie-gender doesn’t matter, lower level no nickname

I am willing to trade a shiny Darkrai level 100, or shiny Groundon level 70 no nicknames for any of those or if you had another trade in mind I’ll be open to it! If anyone is interested please message my blog!
Thanks 😘 adreamstateofmind

Looking for shiny Pidgey

-Preferably low leveled (less than ten)
-No gender preference
-Nick-named Scratch preferably, or something else cute
-No iv/ev whatever required, I just want them for sentimental reasons ;v;

-Dream ball Shinx, male/female with various natures and Rivalry/Intimidate

-Shiny Charmander, can’t be nick named. Male/lvl 10/careful/Solar Power/Pokerus

-Shiny Zoroark, named Zorofart (not my doing lol). Male/lvl 100/timid/Illusion

-Heal ball shiny Gardevoir, can’t be nick named. Female/lvl 100/lonely/Trace

-3 different Hoopa, levels 50, 53, and 100

-Mespirit, Latios, Heatran, Terrakion, a couple Phione, Registeel

-I also have male and female Eevees with various egg moves

If you’re interested in any of these guys and don’t have a Pidgey but have a different shiny you’d like to offer, hit me up as well!!

I’m on mobile right now, but shoot me an ask on mother-amanita.tumblr.com or preferably drop me a note on deviantArt (mosspaws.deviantart.com) if you’re interested in helping me out! Thank you so so much! ❤️