Wanna know why third party voting this year is so dangerous?

If there’s 20 people in your state, and 9 vote for Trump, 8 vote for Hillary and 3 vote independent, Trump wins that state.

Now take that logic, and apply it on a larger scale. If you vote independently, Hillary has to make up TWO votes for every single one casted.

This “Bernie or Bust/Never Hillary” rhetoric will lead to Trump getting elected come November. Any other year, I’d say do it. But this year? We can’t. The stakes are far too high.

We cannot let that man have any more power than firing celebrities from within a fake boardroom.


i don’t colour over my lines as much as i used to, but i wanted to see how much my colouring has changed over the years ~_~ can’t say i improved much recently since i barely practice this painterly style anymore, but compiling this really makes me want to practice more often…!


Swole Cait requested by @melonkollie and @notactuallyaduck