Some people have asked me for some tips for AP Stats so here they are! Had to bust out my folder and look through it because I don’t remember much anymore. This won’t really be helpful right now but you can always look back when AP exams are near.

  1. Look for keywords to know what concept is being tested. Finding out what test or process to do is harder than actually doing them.
  2. Remember the things you need to talk about when describing certain concepts and answer in the context of the question. Describe the shape, center, spread, and outliers of distributions; strength, direction, and type of the correlation coefficient; etc.
  3. Don’t put calculator syntax as your whole answer. It will only earn you some credit or none at all. Instead of writing binomcdf(8, 0.2, 4), you can write out the whole notation or what each number represents like binomcdf(n=8, p=0.2, r=4).
  4. Use the notations correctly. Don’t mix up the symbols for parameter and statistic, intersection and union of events, etc.
  5. Know your calculator like the back of your hand. This will save a lot of time since some tests/graphs take a while to do.
  6. Watch out for your vocabulary. Use the word ‘significant’ carefully and do not describe a distribution as ‘normal’ if it is symmetrical or is a bell-curve unless you are sure it is normal. Use ‘approximately normal’ instead.
  7. Know how to interpret things like the confidence interval, critical value, and p-value. There are some templates that you can memorize to interpret them.
  8. Not all formulas are going to be provided for you so familiarize yourself with the ones that are not on the sheets. Also, know how to use the tables that are given.
  9. Know all the components needed to answer the free-response questions completely about topics like confidence interval and significance tests.
  10. Leave enough time to answer the last free-response question because it is worth more than the other five. The last question combines statistics concepts and requires more thinking to do.

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I was looking through a folder of all the preproduction designs I did for my short film from last semester and I thought to myself, “wow, these look pretty stiff D:”. So I decided to do these really quick draw-overs on my character expression & pose sheet to see if I improved at all from the last 5 months that I drew the original. And I think i did improve quite a bit :> The reason for this is because animating the film really drilled the principle in my head that exaggeration/push&pull is key. 

(full res: expressions| poses)


Jonathan Crane and his Strawmen

Last week I posted an ask where I talked about Scarecrow and possible henchmen. Unfortunately, I completely forgot about this particular one-off comic where he had two “Strawmen” who used to be his students! Their names are Otto and Raymond. ( @mortalorder​ This makes your headcannon–cannon! ;) I thought you’d like to know that. )

The only thing I don’t like about this particular comic is the super realistic art style, making Scarecrow’s mask seem more like latex than burlap. It verges on the edge of uncanny valley at times.

All comics posted are scanned by myself at 300dpi or higher

ivani3raginsky  asked:

i was looking through a box of old stuff and found a folder of yours from an art class we shared in high school. i think you didn't want it and i did for some reason? anyway i just wanted you to know i found a rough draft of a bunch of peppers in different colors and styles for this one project. the final one in the series was just straight-up the red hot chili peppers.


im gonna look through my overwatch screenshots folder

i dont actually take screenshots, PrtScn is also my keybind for lightshot which is what i use to take little snippet images like w/ gyazo or puush but like. in game. nice and quick, can paste into discord chat easily

but when i press it it also takes a screenshot because thats the ow keybind for screenshots so. lets see what the folder has

Lookit what two years of barely doing anything amounts to!

In all honesty I was just looking through my gamedev folder to see where I was, because it’s been a while since I actually did anything and I am forgetful, and I saw this two year old gif. Decided to compare it to the newest and see how much things have changed.

Then I decided to share, because why not.


Peter Capaldi meeting fans by Leanne Roberts. Okay, this was pretty amusing. XD There’s a smaller version of the TARDIS sitting on the grass across from the Fields House. In fact, it’s this one that you see with Pearl in this photo by George Baker:

So my guess is Peter is *trying* to get some photos in the doorway of it with some kids, but he’s way too tall to fit! What’s cool about it is I’ve been looking through GIF frames of Flatline at the moment and cleaning out my folders to get memory back. so I just GIF’d this one from the DW Extra special:

Too funny of a coincidence! :D

wanglizardxwangpuppy  asked:

nicole!!!!! i was wondering, do you have any high quality pictures of jae that i can draw for his birthday? I'm away from home right now and google won't work, so i can't use google images ahh,,,,it would be so appreciated, thank you! ❤

Hi!! Of course!! Finally my massive Jae folder has come in handy!! These are all my all time favourite pictures of Jae, I hope at least one of these pictures will help you with your drawing :)) <33

and to all of you who just want to see 24561431 pictures of this beautiful, beautiful boy, ENJOY and I hope all of you will cry as much as I did while looking through my Jae folder. <33

Also, none of these pictures are mine. All photo credits go towards their rightful owners. :)

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