So I was trying to find a scene to paint just now and as I was looking through my folder I - 

They could have taken that out of shot. They could have taken it down. Heck, they might have put it there themselves but THE FACT IT IS THERE IS FACT ENOUGH - THE FACT IT IS CENTERED EXACTLY BETWEEN THEM ABOVE A FLIPPING FIREPLACE IS TOO MUCH.


Someone take my tablet away from me.

There was a post floating around, idk where it went, that had The Rock as Marik and I died, so I did this. Big Samoan spandex wearing wrestler Dwayne as tiny little Egyptian midriff showing card playing Marik.. I am totally all for it.


“Message Received” thumbnail sketches

While looking through some old folders, I found some of the “thumbnail” sketches I made for Message Received

A storyboard usually goes through several stages before being considered “complete”. When I can, I like to do it all tiny first, so I can really step back and look at it as a whole. You’ll notice there’s some slightly different dialogue and scenes here and there…because its sort of a midway point between the first and second pitch. Some notes from the writers, board artists and Rebecca have been incorporated. Others are in the process of being worked out. 

Because of the way I write them, they’ll probably make the most sense if you start at the top of each column and read down. 

I’ve omitted page 3 from the above because of Tumblr’s 10 photo limit. It probably doesn’t need zooming in like the others so I’ll just post it down here: