(゚∀゚≡゚∀゚)イ I was looking through my old painting folders and remembered that these were actually my first embarrassing dark souls 3 fan arts that I actually didn’t want to share…. haha.

*shares anyway and hides in cave*

I love looking through a folder with ancient sketches because I find shit like this

yeah, it’s Dipper and Stan in Treasure Planet crossover/AU setting :D now I actually regret not finishing this because it would make an epic AU and holy shit, all those parallels between Jim/Silver and Stan/Dipper relationships

We'll Be Okay (Barry Allen X Reader) (Smut)

Fandom: The Flash
Pairing: Barry Allen X Reader
Word Count: 5,736
Prompt: “Today was the first family gathering I’ve been to since we broke up and my little cousin (niece, in my fic) that absolutely adored you asked where you were and I had to lock myself in the bathroom and sit in the tub for a half an hour and look through a folder on my phone of pictures I took of you to feel okay again¨
For: myself lmaooo
Author’s Note: this is EXPLICIT!! contains (pretty poorly written) smut!! don’t read if you’re uncomfortable with that!!

You fidgeted anxiously with the sleeves of your sweater, mentally begging your family to understand that Barry wasn’t coming.

Luckily for you, they seemed to get the message when after ten minutes had passed, you remained alone (Barry was never more than ten minutes late, and since he hadn’t shown up yet…well, they knew what that meant).

Unluckily for you, one member of your family didn’t seem to get the memo.

“__y/n__! __y/n__!” Your youngest niece, Maddie, tugged at the hem of your shirt until you picked her up, settling her on your hip.

“What’s up, munchkin?” You asked, trying to press a kiss to her nose and frowning when she pulled away from you. She wrinkled her eyebrows at you and peered over your shoulder.

“Where’s Bawwy?”

Your mind went blank. What were you supposed to tell her? “He broke up with me, you’re probably never gonna see him again” would break her little heart.

“He, uh, couldn’t make it today.” You offered up reluctantly.

Her lower lip quivered as she pouted. “But Bawwy never misses my birthday!”

“I know, honeybun, I’m sorry. He had work stuff to deal with today.” A total lie.

She looked like she was about to cry for a moment, and you panicked internally. If she started crying, there was not a doubt in your mind that you would cry too. And you really didn’t feel like breaking down in front of your family members, not today, of all days.

You hadn’t wanted to come today, it would’ve been your five year anniversary with Barry, but your sister had begged you to come, for Maddie’s sake.

“Can I spend the night with you and Bawwy this weekend?” She asked hopefully, and you didn’t know what to say.

Barry had moved out of your apartment two months ago, after he told you that he had to “get away from you”. He didn’t even give you a reason aside from that, and instead gave you one last, lingering kiss before gathering up his stuff and leaving the apartment.

You didn’t go to work for the next week, unable to do anything but wallow in your misery. Barry, the love of your life, the man you were so sure you were going to marry, had broken up with you without a second thought.

“Of course you can, sweetie!” Fuckfuckfuck, that was not what you meant to say.

“Yay! Thank you, auntie!” She squealed excitedly and scrambled out of your arms, running over to her mom and telling her the good news.

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>gets famous
>makes millions
>is respected in my field
>sets aside extraordinary amounts of money
>won’t answer any questions concerning my plans for it
>privately assembles a group of prestigious animators from all across the world
>invites them to a business meeting on my 5 million dollar yacht
>sits down to a world class meal by a famed sushi chef, surrounded by my new team
>“I realize you don’t know why I’ve assembled you here, but it’s really quite simple.”
>The paneled wall behind me lowers to reveal a flatscreen television.
>With the click of a button, an image of Alpha Dave and Rose appears behind me.
>“Are you aware of who these characters are?” I ask. “If not, I’ve provided the necessary materials in the folder before you.”
>The animators look through the folder. It’s just the 5 canon pictures of Alpha Dave and Rose.
>When they glance back up I look all of them deep in the eyes.
>Click another button.
>“I Want It All,” as performed by Sharpay and Ryan from High School Musical 3, begins to echo across the boardroom.
>No one moves.
>“You’re beginning to realize why you’re here, then,” I start, slowly.
>“I’ve secured the rights to this song from Disney by no small measure.”
>I narrow my eyes.
>“Your task: to animate the rise and fall of Alpha Universe Dave Strider and Rose Lalonde, and subsequently the Alpha Universe as a whole, to the beat of it.”
>“To a song from High School Musical 3?” a foolish, mocking animator asks. He will soon be thrown to the sharks.
>“Yes,” I say. “To ‘I Want It All’ from High School Musical 3.”


Title: CAGED

Chapters: Unknown at the moment. I don’t even know if I’ll continue this, it depends on how much you want this story to have more than one part.

Genres: mafia!au Yoongi, smut (later on if I continue this) 

The transparent sound of silence that falls over the mansion is slightly suffocating. But what’s new? The place has been like this since its owner moved in.

Always quiet, always intimidating, much like Min Yoongi himself. He is the man who owns this imperial mansion among other things. He is like a dimly lit room when the sun is up and shining. He’s surrounded by darkness but you can still see a light inside him and that’s only because he chooses to show it.

His aura is always the same, even now while sitting at his desk, looking through files and folders and trying to take care of things that most people would find shocking. As soon as the serious atmosphere in the office is broken by the creak of the enormous yet elegant door Yoongi clicks his tongue. Not because it bothered him, he just doesn’t want to see or talk to anybody.

The person that entered the room, a blond man in a somewhat casual suit and not older than 25 years old, silently made his way to Yoongi’s black polished desk. The man behind the desk did not move an inch, still focused on reading some of the files he was busy with.

Despite the leather seats in front of him, the guy who entered the office chose not to sit down. And he stayed like that for a good five minutes until he heard a sigh coming from his boss.

“What is it?” Yoongi’s voice broke the silence, his tone as calm and gentle as a sea breeze. No one can really tell what he’s feeling based on his voice and no one tries anymore. He’s impossible to read.

“We found one more.” his visitor replied shortly.

“Just one? I think you should explain why you’re here with just one picture. Do I look like I have time to check out just one girl every five minutes? Just leave the picture on the desk and I’ll look at it when you come back with more options.” Yoongi’s words were firm and the man in front of him bowed, left the picture on desk as he was told and turned to leave. He did not try to explain why he showed up with just one picture even if he was asked to do that. He knows that request wasn’t an encouragement for him to actually explain.

As the guy who disturbed his boss got closer to the door, Yoongi picked up his papers, ready to go back to work not even realising that he let his eyes wonder for a split second.


The blond stopped completely, hand on the door’s handle. For some reason the guy turned his head around despite the fact that he wasn’t told to look back. To his surprise he found the picture he brought in his boss’ hand and his eyes were glued to it.

“What’s her name?”

At that moment the guy knew that he doesn’t need to look for girls anymore because Yoongi found her. He knew that solely based on the question he was just asked and that’s because Yoongi asks questions only when something or someone truly interests him.

“It is Y/N, sir.”

It’s been said already but Yoongi indeed owns a lot of things and it looks like he just found something else he wants to own. You.

He won’t care about your family, your friends, heck, he won’t even care about your boyfriend if you have one. He will find you and if all hell breaks loose just because he wants to have you then he won’t care about that either.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this. Also, don’t think this is a full chapter. I could’ve made this longer but I don’t know if people will take a liking to this story or not so I didn’t want to write a lot and then find out that it was for nothing. Please don’t hesitate to correct me on any grammatical mistakes you find though. I try not to make mistakes but I’m not a native english speaker so yeah.. Anyway, please tell me if you want more and I’ll be happy to oblige.