I’m probably just stupid, to be honest.
But let’s be real, trying on and actually finding a purchasable item is an impossible task.

I just want pretty things to wear why it gotta be so hard

Some experts still think you can’t be autistic if you have friends, or are in a relationship. Well here I am, an autistic person, picking out the dress for my wedding in october!


Sultan’s Mistress

I log into this website just to make my blog look pretty literally what more did you expect HAHAHHAA

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The Sky family’s funds have been coming in so quickly lately that I realized how much I‘ve been slacking on updating the house! The living room and dining area were basically on top of each other with no room to be comfortable, so I decided to close in the front porch and use that space to expand the living room instead.

They also got a much needed laundry room, so they don’t have to keep doing laundry in the cramped downstairs bathroom! I guess dryers aren’t for squares anymore. ;)

I was at work yesterday and we got some new employees and one of the girls was sooo cute and I said to one of my co-workers “Omg she is gorgeous!” and she looked at me with the most disgusted look on her face and was like “That is so weird.” So I was like “How?! How is it weird to say someone is pretty?” and she is like “Oh its not but I think everyone is pretty.”……………………….bitch…………………………