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hi evan, what do you think about zerrie?

Happy birthday to this nerd

idk if this is why they cast Richard’s head but I was curious to see what it would look like…

F I G U R E M Y. H E A R T. O U T.

Your Grandma Thinks You're A Lesbian
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Izzy is proud to present Your Grandma Thinks You’re a Lesbian
A true story about how one blogger figured out her sexuality

So, I had my required Senior Reading yesterday and I read this piece. It turned out to get a lot more laughs than I thought and I figured “why the hell not” so I recorded it so you guys could hear it. I apologize for quality, when something is fifteen minutes long something has to get sacrificed in the name of posting.

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As an ignorant american, what are some resources that you might better inform us on the situation? I'm genuinely interested in the situation, but there's no media about Russia in the states.

i think the number one resource i’d advise is actually talking to russians! ask them their opinions on current issues and how they feel about them–just know that being from another country doesn’t make one the end all be all source, and that the other person is by no means obliged to give you their opinion, especially if it’s on an issue that’s close to heart for them

also, don’t ask any russians/ukrainians about the war going on in ukraine right now unless you’re certain they’re okay with talking about it. it’s a very sensitive issue for many and i personally don’t like to talk about it, as someone whose entire family lives in ukraine and is affected by what is going on

as for resources, this post is a good one that talks about putin and memes and what is actually happening

a quick google search provides many news websites such as this one and this one that are written by russian people but translated into english while still providing the russian view on the issues

i honestly don’t know what other resources are out there beyond individual articles that talk about russian culture and politics, so google things like what putin has done for russia, what russian economy was like before and after the fall of the ussr, rural poverty, expanding middle class, and other things like that, which will help your understanding of russia

just remember to keep an open mind and be very critical of bias found in the resources. compare russian sources to english ones, and never settle for just one side of the story

I’m suddenly remembering this Jehova’s Witness guy today d r i v i n g up to the bus stop to prosthelytize to me as the bus was literally rolling up, and I couldn’t help but wish I had an Orphan Black DVD set with me so I could be like “okay that’s very interesting, but have you considered Tatiana Maslany? Daughter of the Sun? The One True Queen? Humble Savior of Mankind? Here just watch this.”


I’m making a lyric booklet for my Art Exam, it’s for Vessel and these are the first five pages

I was cycling home from work earlier when a man in a van shouted, ‘oi sexy, pedal that ass’ at me. We then both awkwardly stopped at the same red light. He then said, ‘oi love, your zip on your backpack is broken. Careful not to loose your stuff’ (I know its broken by the way so don’t put any stuff in that compartment). Who are you? What is wrong with you? Do you actually think you’re flattering me or caring for me? I just gave him a dead-eyed stare & cycled off. 

I got an idea from bh6-au-ideas (post here) and no one stopped me from descending into BH6 hell. So have a traditional doodle of them in WWII-ish clothes xD

Tadashi is wearing a Japanese WWII aviator’s uniform. And I added Hiro in clothes roughly based off of WWII civilian uniform, because I can.

Sorry for historical inaccuracies, because I’m certain there are some (references are hard to find or make sense of, and I don’t understand Japanese very well ( ´△`)).

Also, I apologise if this is offensive to anyone! I understand WWII can be a sensitive topic, and I’m probably not the best-suited person to draw this idea but I really wanted to orzzz

To the anon who just sent me that last mpreg prompt…


*sees the Batman fandom reacting to the new Joker image*
*sips my tea*

pyladespunk replied to your postSorry I’ve been a bit scarce for the past few…

stay strong, friend!

I have graded nine exams so far today! I can do this, probably! Now I just have to decide whether it’s a better use of time to try to grade more, or to put some words into my prospectus.

(What I am currently doing though is taking a break after grading five exams to work on Bossuet’s cockade. That is the last piece I have to do! I can almost certainly take photos and ship him off tomorrow! This is very cheering, even if I will miss him.)


Hidden cities. Mysterious codes. A dangerous 0-8-4. SHIELD needs help.

With the Doctor gone, UNIT sends in the best they’ve got, two companions, one past, one present, the Woman who Walked the Earth and the Impossible Girl. But when Clara’s echos make a reappearance and Martha finds something that really shouldn’t be there, all hell might just break loose.

agentmarymargaretskitz , this is partly your fault

2005: sad emo. the music is great but there are lots of sad band members, future hiatus’s and difficult years to come. 

2015: rad emo. the music is still great, and though members have left and bands have split up, they have found more happiness in their new paths and some of their darkest times have passed. things are still hella emo, but no longer hella sad.


Video: Always by HeichouSWAGx || Music: No One’s Here To Sleep by Naughty Boy ft. Bastille
I’ll keep mine and you’ll keep yours. We all have our secrets, we all have our secrets. Behind every door is a fall, a fall and no one’s here to sleep.


The story of Skye’s birth, as told by her parents