Stevie: (posts a thoughtfully captioned Instagram pic of her and her gf for their 5th anniversary)

A few commenters: is she gay

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Do you have any marvel/dc blog recs? Bonus points for original content

in terms of blogs in general, you can check out my blogroll and my blog recs tag, because i live in fear of accidentally forgetting someone yikes

for original content, though, some great blogs for edits that i love are: @sergeantbucky, @daisyridlay, @poedameron, @stcvcroger, (actually i’m an admin of @mcugraphics, so that blog in general and all of the other admins are great!!!) so also @montgscotty, @steverohers, @buchunan, as well as @oldbrooklynsoul, and @maymelindas and @eirklehnsherr for aesthetics!! also @eldiablosantana has looovely dc graphics and @titanstogetherr makes great comics edits!!! 

i can’t think of any more off of the top of my head, anon, but i hope this helps you! and honestly i’m so sorry if i forgot anyone i’m so scatterbrained, yikes!!!!!

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Am I the only one who likes better the Manga's art then the anime? Maybe it's bc the anime made Mika look so young lmao

Do not start with me

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How do you make it look like you're drawing with crayons? I absolutely love how it looks.

i use a regular pencil brush on paint tool sai and set its mode to multiply, which gives it its shiny look!

art asks

i’ve gotten quite of few messages recently (art techniques related…mostly) so i thought i’d just answer them altogether here. i’m not an expert so don’t take me too seriously!

what brush do you use in your recent works for outlines?
i’ve been using the very basic one - the round that comes with every drawing program

how do you know how to draw a character in a pose you want? like i want to draw fanart but i never know how they would look like in a pose i dont have a photo of.. thank you!
i think this has a lot to do with what you actually want to draw. a fanart of what? what would that character be doing? are they interacting with another character? answer those questions and go from there. also, don’t be paranoid about making them look like the original actor/character

do you have any advice on drawing backgrounds? i never know what to do
i think the most important thing when it comes to backgrounds is to not think of the background as something separate from the main figure, but as something that works with the picture as a whole. also maybe practice drawing backgrounds as the main subject

how did you learn how to draw bodies/poses?
practice practice and studying other people’s art

whats ur opinion on the spone lad. u feel or you dont feel
i feel moderately

also, thank you to people who have been sending me such lovely messages! i read all of them all the time!!

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What are your thoughts on the concept of "peak TV"? In twenty years will this really look like an era of particularly high quality television? And what do you think is driving this?

not watching a ton of TV myself, i kind of speak as an outsider. but i’ll talk anyway! couple of things are going on

1. “prestige” series are existing outside of limited areas like HBO and such, and getting TV outside of basic cable is now increasingly cheaper/more normalized with the advent of streaming. as the need to fit a certain ‘acceptable’ mold to be broadcasted is reduced, television writers and directors and so on are more and more free to try more daring things that’d normally be reserved for a movie format for fear of losing money on being too ‘mature’ (however you define that) for prime time or the like.

2. “prestige” series are also actually extremely predictable in a lot of ways and what makes “good” or “great” television to a lot of people is often checking off a lot of boxes that we’ve had coded to us or canonized as making for “great” storytelling. often, this takes in the mode of the Anti-Hero Male Doing Bad Things With Good Intentions And Sometimes Has Internal Struggle Over It. you find the same sort of checkbox “this is great” approach in literature or comics too, where being a Sad Fucked Up Guy or Sad Fucked Up And Also Horny Guy, with the right aesthetics, with pulling the right sort of smooth presentation, kind of automatically makes you a shoe-in for being considered great, because these are the kinds of stories we have been told are great, that have been canonized as great. that there’s all this focus on violent drama as “great” television is telling here, and not nearly as much praise for great comedy, great romance, or so on and so forth. we already have an unconscious bias towards elevating the Serious Drama above all else due to a wide variety of factors and history with media, so this being “high quality” television is also down to some degree of built in bias.

often i point to indie comics Sad Fucked Up Horny Boy comics as a great example of checking off boxes to be considered Great media, but with TV, my mind more jumps to stuff like The Walking Dead which i already dislike as a comic, but trades on aesthetics and false ideas of “Realism” in order to sustain a positive reaction. that its flaws still show through to a lot of reviewers helps kind of make the point i try to show about this brand of “prestige” media. you get your violence, you get your sex, you get your appeals (well thought out or not) to some kind of human condition, you have a high enough budget for slick presentation, and you get a very repetitive protagonist, and boom, there you are, you’re in the running for greatness.

although the fact that people continue to heap praise on Game Of Thrones as it makes less and less any kind of sense - thematically, plotwise, or really anything - might be the best example of all.

what i think is driving this is increased budgets, relaxation of what you can and can’t show on TV format media, the advent of streaming, just overall better actors in many ways, and, as i went on a big ol’ tangent just above here, appeal to unconscious aesthetics of what makes something “great” or not instead of actually investigating greatness of story wholly.

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i really think taehyung and jungkook didn't notice the recording camera and when taehyung did, he decided to ask jungkook what is he doing there. and is it just me, but taekook moments would happen in the most random times. it's like they'd get all touchy when they think no one is looking. LIKE WHEN TAE KISSED KOOKIE'S ARM AND DO YOU REMEMBER THAT MOMENT WHEN TAE KISSED JUNGKOOK'S EAR? i think he thought they would cut the scene out during editing.

They are so natural and spontaneous. I feel very blessed to be able to see their relationship :’)


Prompt: me doing something I do a lot at night

Word Count: 500+

Pairing: Avengers x Reader (Sam, Natasha, Steve, Tony, Bucky)

Warnings: cracking of joints? mentions of neck snapping

A/N: why am i like this it’s one in the morning

The first time you did it, you scared the shit out of Sam. From his angle, it looked like you were trying to break your neck. Most people just do a stiff ear-to-ear movement to get it to happen, but no, you pushed your chin up at an angle while pushing your ear to your shoulder.

“Holy shit- are you okay?” Was his response, you gave a hearty laugh and nodded.

The second time you did it, you concerned the famous redheaded assassin. She displayed these concerns, but you were one of her closest friends so she had almost no trouble showing these feelings. She had given you a weary look, what were you trying to do?

“Are you good?” Natasha asked with a raised eyebrow. Why wouldn’t you be okay? You gave her a look and waved away her concerns, you told her you were fine.

The third time, Steve nearly rushed you to the little hospital they had at the tower. Why were people making such a big fuss about it? You knew that people did this with other parts of their body, had they never seen this before.

“You’re going to be okay, I promise!” You had to shout his name a couple times, get him to put you down and tell Steve that you were okay.

The fourth time, Tony was the victim. The two of you were hanging out in the common room together, everyone else seemed to be out today. He was blabbering about some new tech that he was working on, you wanted to relax, so you did it again. He looked horrified.

“You’re not dead right?” Why did everyone think you died when you did that? You just gave him a look (one that asked, are you crazy?) before listening to his ramble again.

The fifth time you did it, you realised why everyone got so concerned. You like to crack elbows, your knees, your knuckles (all of them), your toes (sometimes), and then your neck. After that, you’d collapse into the couch, it was almost like something that helped you automatically relax. You guessed that when you went limp(in reality you were just relaxing, it became a habit) people thought you snapped your own neck or something.

The fifth time you did it, you did it to Barnes. His first instincts were to make sure you weren’t dead, but the observant assassin side of him realised that you weren’t. It was just your way of relaxing. He went back to reading the book he had started.

“No concerned remark?” You asked quietly, your head lolled to the other side to look at him. It was still supported by the back of the couch. Barnes looked at you for a second, looking to see if you were serious. When he figured out you were, he piped up.

“You were only cracking your neck…right?” Barnes was unsure, he was almost positive that’s what you were doing. When he heard you laugh, watched you nod, and look back at the TV was when he realised that he was right.

Why were people making a fuss about it? You were only cracking your neck after all.

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Amy did you inspect this bear? Is it real or could be knock off?

the face stripes are in the same color order so yeah…looks like the same 

(but do you understand that even if it was a different bear…the implications of RBB returning at a little mix show in his old clothes? because if not, you’re missing the point)

Mmmmmmmm Komahina fans get more annoying by the hour.

“Boo boo muh shiiiiiip they’re not gonna pander to me and muh shiiiiiiiip”


Please just
Shut the fuck up already.
You’re making the reasonable Komahina fans look like trash along with you. We want nothing to do with you pissbabies.

LOL the world doesn’t fucking revolve around you. Get a grip. Komahina isn’t going to be cannon. Hinanami isn’t going to be cannon. Chiaki is going to fucking die anyhow.

Grow up.

I’m so tireeeeeeed of seeing this shit over and over again.

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Me: eh, not really romantically interested in men. Or sexually. Friend: So what do you like? Aliens?? Me: *looks into the camera like I'm on The Office*

when will the str8s learn that they aren’t the only people on earth

*Kodai remembers that webcams are a thing.

“Glad you’re feeling better, Caddy. c: It’s amazing what some good food and good company can do for a person, right?”

Caddy: “It sure is… and both are important for monsters to stay healthy, body and soul. I’m sure the same thing can be said for most humans.” 

“And I’ve never seen anyone do that gesture before, but look! If you do it this way, it looks a lot like one of our Souls, heh… ”