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Hello there I'm new to your blog and I love it. I'm fairly new to fanfiction and I'd love to follow more Harley and Joker fanfiction blogs can you suggest some?

Hi! Welcome new friend! 

Thank you! I’ve answered a question like this before, but I’m always up for sharing the love! 


@crystallinee-waters is a beautiful writer. Her fanfics are truly works of art. 

@murderous-manipulative-angel is a great writer who has fanfics, she doesn’t update often but she’s great. 

@batsy-batsy-batsy is fantastic! Even though she doesn’t post many fanfics, you better be sitting down when she does because they’re always great! 

@mabelmadnessss is a very active writer that is also fantastic. 

@royal-flush-gang is a new writer I’ve found that is fantastic. 

@cvioleta is another great one that I just discovered! 

Here’s a speed round from different sites: 

Pygmalion by AnimeAries402 

Therapy and its sequel Resurgence by PuddinFreakyStyle

Laugh Like You Love Me by the_reluctant_nerd1701

The Bright White Jackets series by BloodonUrsuline (highly recommend) 

PunchLine by SibilantWhisper

My Weakness by This_Twisted_Mind_Of_Mine

The Art of Seduction by  MaggieBee

All The Comforts of Home by alittlegreenrosetta

Idk if you know this but I also make fanfiction that can be found —> here 

Thanks! If anyone else writes fanfiction, make sure to comment because I want to read more too! 


Team Finland in the Normal Hill Individual Competition | Lahti 2017

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Alright I gotta know how is poking fun of your slogan "Don't write down, Print up" Racist?

It’s my given indigenous name. Making fun of it is racism. Making fun of native things make you a racist. It’s Printup. Not Print up. 

Also nice making a whole new accounts to get around my anon block right now. 

Making fun of the name of my forefathers and these men:

Let me make a comparison for you there is an account of a black girl who’s name is Sharquida and uses, “Remember it’s Sharquida” in her tagline. If you were to make a parody account of her and say “Remember is Sharkqueer,” it would just be as racist as making fun of my tagline that you can’t even get right! 

Lol have fun on my growing block list!

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Makkachin the Extra-Ordinary (and his extra-extraordinary owner)


Third Wheelin’ with Jaha

YOI fandom post ep 7: Okay, but they can’t possibly make the next episode gayer than this, can they?

YOI production team:

Listen, listen. The fact Eliot Spencer’s response to Parker being upset and asking if they could kill the guy who upset her was a shrug and, “Yeah. I mean, I could.” will never, ever not be important to me.

V: I’m gonna post this to the group chat! 

Guess who both suck at taking selfies now