Walt Disney Studios D23 Updates

Here’s what you missed in the Walt Disney Studios portion of the D23 live action movie panel. 

The Finest Hours:
-Will be released in January 2016. 
-Chris Pine talked about shooting on a soundstage and being drenched with cold water over and over again.

The Jungle Book:
-Discussed the technological advancements that allowed them to create a movie where “the CGI disappears,” as Director Jon Favreau put it. 

Alice: Through the Looking Glass:
-Showed a bit of footage introduced by Mia Wasikowska. 
-Will be released May 2016. 

Pete’s Dragon:
-Bryce Dallas Howard and Robert Redford kicked it off with a clip and discussed their characters. 

The Queen of Katwe:
-Directed by Mira Nair. Stars Lupita Nyong’o.
-It’s the story of a young girl from Uganda who becomes a chess champion.

 Beauty and the Beast
-The cast is still filming, but there were clips of Gaston’s theme shown. 

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales:
-Orlando Bloom is confirmed to be returning as Will Turner. 
-Johnny Depp, in true Johnny Depp fashion, showed up as Captain jack Sparrow and ate grapes on stage. 


Last night, a teaser page showed up in the Twitter feed of OtherSide Entertainment, a small studio led by Paul Neurath — co-founder of System Shock creator Looking Glass Studios. The page linked to a countdown clock that’s currently got five days left, but another page seemingly reveals the surprise. The name’s all we know for now, but that’s still a huge deal for the game’s fans.

is there like a thief community on tumblr or anywhere, for that matter? normally i really don’t go looking for fandoms but i need to know they exist or something

reblog or favorite if you post or like thief, i guess?

by thief i mean thief 1, 2, and 3, none of that thi4f hogwash here

The guy on the left: Garrett, the Master Thief, the One True Keeper, he truly needs no introduction. Known for his sarcastic wit and his mastery of the art of stealthy thieving, saved the world from a trickster god, a religiously fanatical madman and a power-hungry centegenerean hag, because, what good are super thieving skills in a ruined place with nothing to pilfer?

The guy on the right: A stupid annoying, make-up wearing fucknugget amnesiac petty thief with appalling and impractical fashion sense, colloquially known as Gorrott, who steals pens and forks and fucking scissors and can’t be stealthy to save his damn life. Didn’t save but instead tortured the world with a very cliched, dry, boring storyline full of groan-inducing and sometimes ham-handed dialogue and very forgettable characters, to say the least.

Learn the difference. It may save your life from awful games that completely miss the point of its franchise’s spirit and made by people who wanted to make the original games seem bad in the eyes of modern casual gamers who don’t know any better

The player can respawn via the Quantum Bio-Reconstruction Machines in System Shock 2, but at a price of 10 nanites (the in-game currency). While very useful to play, the price placed on their use kept tension high throughout the experience- players could afford to make mistakes, but only so many times, and each mistake may leave them worse off than before, with no money to buy much needed ammunition and supplies.


Finally! A self-installing version of System Shock 1 with texture and sound upgrades, optimized for modern machines!

System Shock 2 - while a masterpiece - gets a bit too much credit, in my opinion. The original System Shock was released in 1994. 

Fucking 1994!
Its unique hybrid of stealth, RPG, survival horror (two full years before Resident Evil, by the way) and FPS within a cyberpunk framework was both massively influential to games like Deus Ex, Bioshock and Mass Effect… and an absolute technical revelation at a time when full 3D was still a relative novelty. 

This game should not be overlooked. Now that there exists a downloadable version (at all of 60MB in size) which both circumvents the need for DOSBox (it’s actually included in the actual game launcher, sidestepping that annoyance entirely) and makes major graphical and technical upgrades to the core game, definitely give it a whirl.