here is his mouth:
fairy floss, sugar cubes,
mint chocolate.
here you are:
kissing him.
because it’s been so long
and you’ve almost forgotten.
because you just wanted to be reminded
that a mouth can be gentle.
he is all cherry pulp
and it’s better than all the candy
you ate when you were a girl— 
sweeter than those sleepovers,
softer than those marshmallows you
would stuff your mouth with.
so here you are kissing him.
and you call it love
you call it love
you call it love.
and everyone you know calls it love.
but you know it isn’t.
you know it’s something less:
a whole lot of missing
and no place to put it
except right there between his teeth.
somewhere to rest your loneliness
before you realise how much it has grown,
before you have to carry it around again.

OC Kiss Week - Sethlen (Sethras x Varlen)

Varlen Lavellan belongs to @thereluctantinquisitor!

Surprise! I had to draw one for The Original Ship, the Otterly Adaarible ship, the snowy boyfriends, Varlen’s personal pickup truck. 

You know Varlen can always count on Sethy for a good squeeze, cuddle and kiss. <3 

Also, throwback to their first kiss, at the OC Kiss Week earlier this year. 

so there are new pictures of colin for an interview of bridget jones’s baby in london.

source of pics is from CFAddicted on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

he looks good, right? yeah, until @harttwin decides to fight me by pointing out how his boots (fucking good boots) are brown and that his outfit is blue/grey/black. but she said again that his pants are brown instead.

but the point is, he looks good. and LOOK AT THAT FUCKING HAIRCUT. i feel like he’s been getting fashion advice from taron again.

okay sure i look away every time the couple kisses in the het romance but its just?? really gross?? i know im not a kid shush . its gross. theyre like, sharing spit n stuff. yeah ok sure i dont look away when its two girls but thats like? different? im being a Good Ally

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"How do I look, Bella?" Geoffy walked out in a black bikini, wearing a sunhat, and blushing madly.

Cerebella eyed him, blushing and winking at him. “You’re looking good cutie~” she said, tracing his jaw with a finger before kissing his cheek.

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Basorexia :)

Basorexia - An overwhelming desire to kiss

Send me a word and I’ll write a drabble.

Okay, so I still have quite a few of these word prompts to get to, and I will eventually. Thank you for the prompt and so sorry it took me awhile to get to this one, @thegirlfromoverthepond. Uh, yeah. I don’t know how to explain this one except to say it felt right to write it in second person??? I dunno. Forgive me if it’s weird. Book-canon compliant, Peeta POV…sort of. Ugh, just read it and try not to fricassee me over it. <3

A Thousand and One Kisses

I kissed Peeta a thousand times during those Games and after. - Catching Fire, Chapter 24

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when his girlfriend who is quiet and introverted super shy and that does not usually have many acts of love are in the date and the waitress is super hot and she dont want exo look the waitress so she begining hug him a kiss him sorry i am not english but thank you very much :)

Your english is very good. Thank you for sending in the request and thank you for being patient with the reply.


Xiumin: *loves the rare acts of love that he gets from you but nearly ruins the date with his corny lines* “kiss me one more time and I might just have to put a ring on it instead of looking around”

Luhan: *acts like he going to hand feed you but fools you* “that’s what you get for thinking that I’d look at that mediocre waitress when I have the worlds most beautiful person sitting right next to me” 

Kris: on the outside *total acting cool, like this is a normal thing for you to do with him on a date* ”what makes you think I’m looking at her? I’m too busy drinking this wine and looking at something more beautiful”

on the inside “Oh my god, Y/n is too cute, I can’t control myself it’s just too much cuteness, omg what has gotten into her?! I love it!!!”

Suho: *you don’t even have to worry about kissing him and hugging him to keep him from looking at the hot waitress because he’s too busy eating the sandwhich that he ordered as his appetizer* “hmm what? hot waitress? ehhh, whatever” 

Lay: “I wish you would kiss me more like you do now. You don’t need to be jealous, you’re the one I love”

Baekhyun: “are you sure you don’t want me looking at that waitress? are you jealous? I don’t know I don’t think I can keep my eyes off of someone as pretty as her unless you continue to give me those wonderful kisses of yours”

Chen: “I’ve only got two eyes sweetheart and they’re both too busy looking at you to be gawking over that waitress”

Chanyeol: *too busy adoring you since the moment you both sat down at the restaurant for you to have to worry about the waitress* “do you really how beautiful you are no matter where you are y/n? How am I so lucky to have a partner like you in my life?”

Kyungsoo: “I wish we could hug like this without jealousy or fear being the factor that begins it. Could we try this at home where there won’t be anyone but each other to worry about?”

Tao: *totally put in the “good” mood* “Once I’m finished with this drink and we get home that waitress won’t be what you have to worry about sweetheart”

Kai: “one more kiss, one more kiss y/n. lets do it together then we can leave if you want and go to a different restaurant if that will make you happy”

Sehun: *embraces you within his arms and won’t let you go until the food arrives* “do you know how long I’ve been waiting for you to hug me like that? I just wish that that peasant waitress wasn’t why you felt the need to hug me”

AU AU where Trey was a theatre teacher at Mara’s old school and they were besties. You can decide if they were just platonic or something else. <3

For day 3 of OC Kiss week, we have @slothquisitor‘s Mara Lavellan from her teacher AU and Trey being an amazing theatre geek. Also, since I get way too ahead of myself, the full letter is below:

Dear Mara,

I hope you’ve settled into your new school with little trouble. Everyone there had better be treating you well. Do not make me transfer over there…

As for your question, yes, Kasha is recovering fine. She was asking about you. I think…she still has hope for the two of us. I haven’t the heart to tell her yet, but if I didn’t know any better, I would say that you and I are thoroughly out of the question… Next time I see you, you must tell me about him!

I just wanted to thank you for coming to see my show! I know it means so much to all the kids too. We miss you here, Mara.

Hope you are well,



I’m losing sleep over this shit.
Spend the whole night dreaming.
Lying awake in the sheets
wondering what it would be like
with you here between them.
I’m caving in.
Heart and mind so connected
I explode
and implode
into my own black hole
full of galaxies
and starlight.
I’m sipping on you like red wine.
Like Sunday morning,
when all this beauty
would seep into the sheets
and I could see you
when it’s only me looking.
I am thinking about you naked.
Thinking about kissing you
– guess I could
but I’m scared
of losing what’s already there.
at the end of the day
I just want to be with you.
Preferably mentally, physically
and metaphorically speaking
but literally’s enough,
literally just there
at a table
drinking cocktails with you.
Telling you stories.
Making you laugh.
Literally just there
but I’m lucid dreaming I swear
– I don’t wanna wake up.
And I don’t.
And if I wrote you
a love poem
I would hold it
like a last chance,
like a breaking promise,
like a jumped gun,
like you are a pair
of feather wings
and I am flying
too close
to the sun.

“you are the most fantastic, fearless doctor in this entire hospital.” and serena looked at bernie’s lips. and bernie kissed her, a gentle hand on her neck, fingers in her hair. serena closed her eyes, shocked, but her body moved to accommodate bernie, a hand on her arm. bernie pulled back, to see serena’s face, and serena stared at her. she hesitated. and then she leant in and kissed bernie, with so much need it was bruising, embracing her and holding her like she was the only thing tying her to the ground. it was beautiful.

I wasn’t going to make a post about this because I feel bad that I won’t be able to participate, but I’ve actually had a couple people ask :o so I feel like I should say something after all! If anyone wants to use any of my OCs for OC Kiss Week, please feel free! I know the original post going around says you should check with the creator to make sure they’re okay with it and while that is a good rule, there’s no need for me! Have at it! Have fun! I’m incredibly flattered that people are interested in drawing or writing Elden for this, you are all so lovely! Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions~

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That anon said delusional about the kiss in the car she was blind ! Even estrada look at the back to confirmed that camren kissing . Blindly anon said that .